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Default Friday's Chatter

It was so hard to get out of bed this morning! I would have loved to lay there another hour or so, but Cindy asked me to come early today. Maybe she'll let me leave early, too.
Today we don't have anything special planned. It's going to be mild enough for the girls to play outside, and maybe I can get them to go for a long walk with me.
Anything exciting happening in your part of the world today?
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Nothing exciting here. No specific plans today!!!!!!!!! Not sure how to spend my day either. I am definitly less sick!!
I would like to go shopping but doubt the kids will coooperate since it is not all about them.
I could see if the sitter will come...........or I could clean the house really well and do laundry.
I will wait and see how DD is feeling. She was whiney yesterday, mild cold. She did not get as sick as DS or me....hmmmmmmmmmmm what to do.

I had a mini binge last night. We ate supper, chili and salad at 4pm before hockeyt. At 9 I had another bowl of chili. Then I consumed a bunch of crackers. Felt gross. I am sure I will be bloated from the salt.
No more of thta nonsense. It is still mild here. Hovering above freezing, overcast.Too mucky for the kids ot outside much.hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Holly - I'm glad you're feeling less sick today. I hope your daughter feels better today. It's hard dealing with sick kids.

cottage - I got a good night sleep. Almost 9 hours. Brian stayed up with his dad getting Zoo Tycoon installed on his old computer (seems to work) and I went to bed. Then he let me sleep until almost 8 this morning.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do today. It is weird having a day off work. It's almost like I don't know what to do with myself. I AM going to make it to the gym today. And maybe the animal shelter. We'll just have to see.
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Default first timer on chat

Good morning -

I have another lovely day off with DH gone, sadly I was woken early by a telemarketer. I was probably less kind than I would normally try to be. So I am going to spend my morning with a pot of tea and a book.

I have been trying to be good - darn holidays - and then last night we went with another couple to a nice restaurant and I splurged - one slice of bread, some polenta with my entre, and the four of us shared dessert. I felt miserable last night for my indulgence, but it was yummy and a place we go to rarely. If I can just get through New Year's Eve, I can get back OP.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

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Morning gals!

Barb I bet your body didn't know what had happened with 9 hours of sleep. You certainly need it. Enjoy your day off!

Cottage Hope that you get off early! I didn't want to get out of bed either- it was raining here this morning and it was the perfect setting to stay in bed. The girls have been sleeping in some (7:30-8:00), so that was still nice.

Holly Feel better!

Ally Just get right back on track today- you can do it!!

Me- I had my first completely SBD day yesterday in a very long time!! It felt great to go to bed knowing that I had been good to my body. I am not happy with myself that I have gotten back into the 160s, especially when I went back to school in August at 154ish. BUT, I am determined to stay OP. We don't have much junk left from the holidays and only have plans on New Year's Eve in which I plan to not drink, b/c I will be driving and will have my kids and also plan to take a couple of SB approved snackies.

Okay, day 4 of cleaning, purging, and organizing. Amazing that a little house like myself can take so much time!
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morning chicks, the house is back to normal the kids are all done their holidays and are into the game box one of the boys brought and I am trying to keep the baby from playing with it, typing with a wiggle baby is not so easy. Put all the christmas gifts away yesterday but left the tree up for now. Getting ready for dd 16 birthday she is having two of her best friends over for the night. And DH and I are going out for a bit, he has his surgery on tuesday so we will not over induldge, plus he is sick with the cold and we are trying to dr him up. Which is worse sick kids or hubbys. Well I would love to stay longer but the baby is on the move to the game box again. Take care chicks.
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Come on Spring!
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Quick Hi from Ottawa. We are having a marvellous time - right now four big black dogs are having a barking competition! I'll check in later this afternoon when I'm home.
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Default Hiya

Just a quick drop in. Went to the dentist this AM for a cleaning, no cavities hooray. dd had 3 however.

dh is putting new carpet in my bedroom. Woohoo.

Get to work the weekend in the ER, but look forward to having the 1st off. Also purging the house of temptations. Doing some shopping today.

Hope all of you enjoy your weekend!
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Hey gals!

LC It is so good to see you back and posting in the dailies. Have fun with DH this evening.

RN Enjoy the new carpet- our house needs it badly. We are hoping to eventually pull up the lineloum in the kitchen and carpet in the front room and replace it with hardwood or laminate flooring. Gotta get one kid out of daycare first!

Barb Did you go out in this rain today? We have been home all day- the girls aren't even too stir crazy which is suprising.

Dinner tonight is a big salad with a steak. DH brought home 4 yummy looking steaks, so I am going to cook one of those up for myself. YUM!

Later girlies.... it feel so good to be back and posting. Love ya gals!!
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Hey Chickies! I'm finally home from work. FINALLY. Today took forever! Getting ready to eat dinner and meet some friends out and socialize for a bit. I need that once in awhile or I go crazy!

I think I must be fighting an illness. I've averaged 12 hours of sleep the last 4 days which is ridiculous, even for me. I'm usually a 9 hours a night kind of girl, but getting 9-10 hours and then napping too is a little much. I had a headache last night and my neck is stiff today. I know that 4 of my employees have been sick, and now my mom has had the flu for 2 days. I don't want the pukeyness!!!! I hate that!

Hope all is well with all you girls and now that Christmas is over, it's easier to stay on track. It's been a lot easier for me, that's for sure. I want to lose 5 more lbs in 15 days.... hmm. I don't see that happening but you never know! Probably not though. I won't hold my breath. Incidentally, 15 days until Key West!!! WOO HOO!

You girls take care and have a fabulous weekend, in case I don't get a chance to pop in!

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Disappointed in self. Had planned/hoped to lose 4 lb in December. I'm sure I've gained that and more. I've been so self-indulgent even while knowing that I'm not doing self any good. Time to get back on the beach. Can't face Phase 1 though. I'll start with Phase 2 and see how it goes. It will be good to feel clean again.
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