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Come on Spring!
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[I just decided to split today off the weekly thread. It looks like chat is picking up again. I do hope all new folks will pop in and share their daily lives. There IS more to life than dieting!]

Welcome, Mikesbridetobe. As well as the recipes, be sure to check out the FAQ, especially the revised Phase I food list!

Mmmmm the coffee tastes good this morning. We finally have some winter weather and it feels right. Now we need snow as the stuff we got Tuesday has melted away!

My darling dogs are home and zzzzing away in the back room. They enjoy the company of the other dogs at the kennel but are just exhausted from staying awake all the time when they are there. Today we go to Ottawa for our overnight with my friend Shirleyanne and her Doggage.

Christmas is still in full force in this house. I put up my tree rather late and leave it up until Epiphany most years. The Hyper Pypers are coming here for New Year's Day and we'll still be in holiday mood. My outdoor lights stay lit until after my birthday mid-month. Winters are so dark and we need the lights, IMHO.

Have a good fourth day of Christmas despite the noise from those hollering calling birds!
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Good Morning All,

When I first looked outside, I thought it had snowed overnight, but it's just a very heavy frost. Brrrr!
I've been having fun playing around on my new laptop, but am having a terrible time getting online. It detects my signal, but won't connect. I've been able to get online at times using another signal, but I can't figure out why I can't use my own. My SIL and even my nephew have been trying, and we can't figure out what the problem is. I'm not sure what the next step is, maybe calling in the Geek Squad? I think I get two free visits with my contract. Anyway, enough of that!
It's back to work today. Yesterday I took Audrey & Maggie, along with my DIL and Amber, to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. My DD met us there with Caitlyn and Carley, and we spent a fun afternoon looking at all the fish. Today we may have a playdate after lunch, but otherwise it will be an uneventful day. I think the girls will be content just to play with their new toys all day. For supper tonight, I'm still trying to use up all the leftovers, although I am being more careful of what I eat.
What's going on with the rest of you today?
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Good Morning chicks, it is cold here this morning, and still no snow. Everyone around us has it but we didn't get any. I took my scales out of the package but still have not got on them, not sure if I want to get depressed before news years. I just guessed for my ticker that is around what I was when I went to the Dr. I am just sitting here drinking my tea and doing laundry, only a few kids this morning and they are into a movie. I am trying to decide if I want to start putting some of the presents away. The girls have most of their stuff gone. It is so hard trying to figure out where to put everything. Plus the baby who has not bothered the tree is now dragging everything out. Well I have rambled on long enough, have a great day on the beach chicks.
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Default Good Morning

Lots of snow overnight, it's beautiful.........and will be beautiful until April when I'm so sick of snow and cold.

Doing better eating wise, but there's still too many tempting things around the house. Must purge! Family coming for a few days so hopefully they will get it eaten, if not it goes to the garbage.

Off to enjoy another day off!
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*Does anyone know how to get your profile picture to show on your responses? It's on my profile but not on my replies.*

I stayed OP yesterday and was well rewarded with a 1 # loss on this morning's scale. Just water weight I'm sure but it's great inspiration to stay OP today.

Today I'm going up to the gym I run (its a competitive cheerleading and dance facility) to make up some workout charts to email to the kids for their week off. We have a parent workout room there with a treadmill and bike and elliptor so I'll probably try something areobic while I'm there.

I tried the spicy taco chili last night and it was awesome! Even my picky DF loved it. He was a bit upset that I didn't buy any crackers or bread to go with it, but he'll live.

Have a great day all!!
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Good Morning Beachies!!!!

I am on track with food for a change.Lost 8lbs in Dec. Still need to lose another 10 to get to my lowest weight.Just had a delish scrambled egg with feta.
Nice to catch up with everyone here.
I slept 9 solid beautiful hours last night...yippee!!!!!
No plans today until 4:45( hockey). I plan on puttering and talking to a friend on the phone. Much new toy stuff laying about still.
I am still quite ill but am getting along with some meds.Yesterday DS played hockey at 10am. Playing extremely well. Better than all season.In the running for 2nd place. Then each kids went to their best friends at 1pm til 6:30 and I went back to the rink to work the "hockey mom" snack bar. I was exhausted after. Picked up the kids, came home, they played a bit. we were all in bed by 9pm. The big playoff game is on Saturday if the boys win today at 6pm. They get to be on the ice for the national anthem tonight.DS is just tickled.Very NHL for him. He has played the NHL Playstation game constantly while at home since he got it. Otherwise he watches sports news on the TV or computer. He certainly loves the sport.
DD is still sleeping right now. She is all about My Little Pony and puppies.
Both kids had a great Christmas. ( inspite of the rocky stuff with DH right before)
DS loves his acoustic guitar and is plucking out sounds and rythms. When hockey is done I will take him to a friend for a few lessons. My parents are talking about paying for music lessons for DD.Vocal and piano. Or maybe to an "arts" camp in the summer. Way out of our league cost wise. She is a natural. I think my mom feels compelled to make up for not doing the same for me when I was a kid.My creativity was an embarrassment. I was supposed to be something better.

Enjoying my coffee but could/should be doing something constructive.I need to tackle some business stuff today. My brain is inclined not to. COuld strip all the beds. Think i will call a friend instead. Very much in relax mode today!!

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Welcome, mikesbridetobe! We look forward to getting to know you!

Well, Bunna, sounds like it's a little chilly where you are! Our weather has been unseasonably warm this week. The wind is killer, though! DH had to get up on the roof in the middle of the night to reinforce a peace of tin that was threatening to take out the satellite dish! What a night!

My parents and sisters should be on the road here by now. I think they'll get in by 3 or so this afternoon. Bad news is that I may have to work late tonight AND work a half day tomorrow. We've got to mail out 800 or so renditions and the printer broke, so we can't finish running them until the maintenance tech gets here (he's 3 hours away) and gets it fixed, if he can! Oh well. That's life in a government office, right?

Ooop, here comes boss-man, so I'd better head out! Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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Morning gals!

We have been busy at work getting our house organized. My mom loves to come over and help me clean, purge, organize. Works for me and it always feel so good when our house is in order. I just wish we did a better job with the up keep!

Eating still not so great- today is a new day. I stocked up on some fresh veggies yesterday and plan to make a huge salad this afternoon to last me for a few days. I think I will probably need to go back to Phase 1, but am going to see if a few days of 1.5 will do the trick.

We shall see! Off to run a few errands and then my mom will be over for more slave driving.
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I was in the office by 7:30 this morning for an early morning meeting and I've been catching up on stuff ever since. I finally finished that training class late yesterday so I can now relax some. I think I'll work on some of my Wood Badge stuff if it stays quiet. Starting next year, I'll be in the office all the time except for rare days with doctor appointments. It will be a bit of a pain but I think it will be good for my eating. I snack too much when I'm at home and I just do it because it is there.

I'm enjoying having Brian home on vacation. Usually he would be in day care but this way he has been doing great on getting his Pinewood Derby car done and getting other things done that just get put off. And in the evenings we've all been playing games. DH hates to play games so I think tonight it will just be Brian and I. That's okay, we love it and we've been dragging DH in on the ones that are better with multiple players like Uno Attacks and Monopoly. Brian has been wanting to play poker so I think we'll do that tonight. I'm off work tomorrow and looking forward to sleeping in.
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I am working a full day today. Most of the time I enjoy working all day but yesterday sucked. I tried to comfort someone whose dad passed away three weeks ago and she took it all wrong and thought I was telling her "To get over it." Not at all. But we sent her home for another couple of weeks. The other employees were complaining about her attitude being soooo baaaadddd and so as the boss it is up to me to deal with things like that. I know it has been hard for her and we have all been patient. But no matter what is going on in your life you cannot be rude to the customers, they don't know what is going on. Anyway made for a stressful and unpleasant day.

Hoping today is better for all of us at work. Two of my kitties had shots yesterday and deworming and one of them still isn't feeling too good today, poor baby. She is hiding behind the tv.

Getting more weather alerts from weatherbug today, freezing and raining. We all had a good laugh at the company redoing our bridge, their equipment was under water cuz they didn't move it with the first flood warning. Hello!!! They post the warnings around here for a reason.

Trying to decide if I want to buy a workout video for home or continue the gym membership. Want to decide by January 1st so I can get a letter to them and get the three months paid for dropping membership. I don't seem to get motivated to get there. Is anyone doing home videos?
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Sounds like everyone is busy busy...

I am trying to get back on the 'wagon' of not eating what I should not. Today I did okay until we celebrated a birthday at work. Almond cake from Giant Eagle. I cannot wait until everyone goes on a 'diet' in Jan. Even though I am indulging I am still trying to eat healthy and not go back to my old ways.

Bunnababy Funny you should mention gym as my membership just ran out too. I've been wondering about my options.

Well thats all for now

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