dumplings for your soups and stews :)

  • So, I bought some garbanzo bean flour from bobs red mill today at whole foods... decided to make dumplings for my chili and I think these will be extremely versatile...

    1md egg
    1/4c garbanzo flour
    salt, pepper and other spices to taste depending on what you are cooking!
    used garlic today for mine in the chili and they turned out good!

    I got my chili boiling and then plopped in small(about dime sized) balls of dough. Cook for at least 10 minutes.(They didn't taste too good till they cooked a while) Also, they could have used a bit more flour but I wanted exactly one serving.

    I could see this being very useful for many things~! I think you could almost make garbanzo "rice" by making the dough very dry in the food processor... something for me to try later! I am loving how this diet is making me more creative in the kitchen!!!
  • Could you add a bit of baking powder to make them a little fluffier/lighter?