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ThatGirl 12-17-2000 10:17 PM


1 30 oz. of frozen broccoli
1 10 oz. bag of frozen cauliflower
1 tsp. Of Cheyenne pepper (or red pepper)
1 tsp. Seasoning salt
1 largest package of Kraft Deluxe American Cheese slices
5 tsp. of granulated chicken bouillon (cubes are o.k.)
6 cups of water

Cook veggies, seasonings and water for 20-25 minutes on medium. Remove mixture from pot (some at a time) and place in blender to puree. Continue until all is pureed. Save a few broccoli florets and whole carrots for garnish.
Put cheese into pot one slice at a time until all cheese is melted. Continue stirring. Add back veggies. Simmer till
blended and hot.

ThatGirl 07-13-2002 05:30 PM

bumping for barefootgrrrl

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