On Doctor's recommendation: looking to try

  • Anyone currently having success with this diet? Any pointers/challenges?

    I am awaiting some books I ordered through our library before beginning in earnest, but do hope there is someone on here that can tell me their tales of trying this. From what I read, it sounds like something that can work in my family, however the use of fish more often will be something new for us.

    Look forward to your insight. TIA!
  • I eat a variant of the Mediterranean diet or Norwegian diet or whatever you call it. Essentially I eat a ton of fish, lots of veggies and olives/olive oil with limited dairy and very limited processed carbs (but still carbs with fruit, dried fruit etc.). I find it fantastic. It is really hard to put weight on with it regardless of what I eat and easy to lose. It also has a lot of health benefits. My cholesterol and blood pressure are in great shape. My eyes shine. My skin is great and so is my hair. And it fuels my exercise really well and I get good muscle and joint recovery from it.

    I love it. But I guess the devil as always is in the details of what you eat under it.

    A typical day for me would comprise eating about 1.5-2.0lbs of fish/seafood with kale, argula, olives, feta, balsamic vinegar, almonds or walnuts, tomatoes, mushrooms, hummus or guacamole, onion, dates or figs or Turkish apricots, dried cranberries, garlic and sundried tomatoes. With coffee. And red wine.

    The only challenge is that this is good, tasty food that is expensive.
  • What is a typical breakfast? I am still awaiting the books I ordered. I did get one but I'd like to take a view of a few others. In this book he states one hardboiled egg, one piece of whole wheat toast and black coffee. Which is fine, but when I do that I also have one piece of string cheese and from what I can tell you need to limit the dairy you are taking in, am I correct?

    I hear you on the food costs! I thought the same thing when doing the GD diet during my last pregnancy. It'd be nice if the food that is good for you was actually more cost efficient then what it is, especially if they want to focus on what people are putting into their bodies.

    Do you have a fish type to recommend? I am not a big fish person so have never been tempted to hang out in the seafood section of the store. Are there some more palatable to children? I will admit, I am a mom who does not do short order cooking for meals - what one has we all have.

    I just recall what we served when I was in Italy for two weeks, and yes there was a lot of fish and a lot of fruit at the end of meals for the dessert/sweet of the meal. Another question I ran into while reading was the use of pasta in recipes? I'd think that was counterintuitive to the weight loss process. I know all in moderation and such, but I just found that a bit odd to add carbs into it in this form. But as I said I am just beginning reading on it, so forgive me if I sound crazy with my questions.

    Thank you for your help with this! I am glad there are people on here who can help on the recommendation front.
  • You can do eggs however you like, poached, scrambled, fried. I typically have two or three. It goes nice with some smoked salmon. Or try oats. You can do endless things with oats. I typically skip the toast because of the processed carbs.

    On fish, I eat a lot of canned. Most people cannot stomach it. Salmon is the best all-round fish and generally kids like that. But you cannot really go wrong with any fish or seafood - as long as it is not fried - and the list is endless. I go for maximum variety in my fish and seafood. You name it, I eat it. Frozen fish works well too.

    I generally skip pasta as well because of the processed carbs. A lot of Italians disagree with me on this. I guess whole wheat pasta would work.
  • Thank you for your help Ian!
  • I just started seeing Dr. Sarwar at Lethbridge Medical Clinic and in the few times I’ve seen her so far she’s been really nice and helpful. Several doctors at that clinic are taking new patients I’m pretty sure
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    please Thanks Rain, I'm always looking for 'new' things.

    Yes, chocolate has phosphorus in it but from my understanding, it can actually be higher in ....postassium