third day on Sonoma

  • I realize I may be talking to myself here, so I will just treat this as a journal in case nobody else reads it! I was McDougalling, but not losing weight, so I decided I had to switch course. Sonoma feels right because there are still some carbs, just fewer than on a low-fat vegan or vegetarian diet. I don't want to eat poultry, beef, pork, etc. but I do eat fish, so I am trying to do this as a pescetarian, which is darn hard. Still, I finally see a small amount of movement on the scale. I am eating potatoes though, even though they are not recommended as a carb on Sonoma. I have them and I believe it's a sin to throw food out. I don't put butter or sour cream etc. on them, and so far I don't think it's hurting me to eat unadulterated white potatoes. I also had a asweet potato with my dinner last night, just baked, no butter.
  • Fourth Day on Sonoma
    My weight was just exactly the same as it was yesterday - 172. For breakfast yesterday, I had leftover boiled potatoes, browned in a pan with some Pam spray, and two vegetarian sausage patties. My snacks were 11 almonds and a baggie of baby carrots. I turned down a slice of birthday cake offered to me by a staff member at work. I went out for lunch and had a Caesar salad topped with grilled salmon. My afternoon snack was a small baggie of red grapes. I also went out for dinner. I did indulge and have a glass of red wine, but just one. My dinner was another salad, this time with roasted vegetables on top.

    This morning for breakfast, I had the last whole-grain English muffin we had, with a bit of fruit spread on top, and two cups of coffee with soy creamer. For my snack at work, I have had a baggie of baby carrots and 11 almonds with a cup of black coffee.

    My lunch is hummus spread on a Lavash wrap (50 calories and low carb) with leftover grilled vegetables. I have a hard-boiled egg also, as well as a nectarine.

    I'm not yet sure what we will have for dinner. My husband is a vegetarian and eats no meat or fish at all, so it's a challenge to find things that we can have together for dinner. Sometimes I just have to make two entrees.
  • Hello!

    I am reading.

    But I am also a pescetarian. I have the Sonoma book, but I haven't actually tried the full one diet. I am still trying my best to count calories and I am having enough of a challenge with that! But thank you for posting. It gives me some idea for what it may be like for me.
  • I am so happy not to be talking just to myself any more!!!!

    My weight was exactly the same again this morning ... 172. We wound up grilling whatever vegetables were grill-able last night to use them up, and a vegetarian "chik'n" patty for me and two for hubby. We each ate ours on a "flat bun," those 100-calorie sandwich buns that Arnold and Pepperidge Farms and some others make. I had a touch of barbecue sauce on mine. Plus some red wine. It was a lovely, filling dinner, and we had a good time grilling together (it's usually me in the kitchen, him doing chores and calling him for dinner when it's all ready). I have asparagus marinating to grill for tonight's dinner and am not sure what I will have for protein. I'll also have to come up with a starch, and will probably try to use up more potatoes. I have some Yukon Golds and some russets that have to get used up before I can be completely on plan. And I just don't truly believe that white potatoes are all that horrible for most people anyway ... they have potassium and other nutrients and are filling and full of fiber. It's the sour cream and butter and gravy that people put on them, plus excessive oil, that makes them bad.

    My breakfast was a slice of my whole-grain bread, toasted, with some natural chunky peanut butter and a small glass of oj (not on plan). I had almonds for my snack, and packed a sandwich of whole wheat pita spread with hummus and stuffed with leftover grilled veggies. I have a nectarine also.
  • How are things going for you?
  • I was away for a few days but tried to stay on plan. My weight is just exactly the same as it was before I left, so at least I did not gain weight.

    Today I had an English muffin with Laughing Cow cheese spread on it with two cups of coffee with soy creamer. Snack was 11 almonds. Lunch was a salad with chickpeas and fat-free Italian dressing plus a nectarine. I'm still hungry but will sip water throughout the afternoon to try to get through.

    I wasn't sure what to have for dinner tonight, but my former boss stopped into my office and had some corn to give away that he had been given by a client (a farmer). He asked if I wanted any and I gladly took it. So the menu will definitely have corn. I know that's not an approved vegetable, but I am trying to eat seasonally, and who can turn down fresh corn? We also have snap peas coming out of our garden that have to be eaten. I will probably steam those to go along with dinner too. Most likely, I will grill veggie burgers and have those alongside the corn and peas and any other vegetables we have in the house. I have a head of cauliflower that has to be used up soon.

    I'm a little discouraged at how slow the loss is, but I have not been 100% on plan (even though no or cupcakes etc. have passed my lips - just good food).