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Default Can very-carb sensitive people do this diet?

I am far too sensitive to grains and legumes (type 2 diabetes, PCOS) to eat all the whole grains and legumes suggested in the diets. I already eat all the suggested power foods (with limits on the fruits), and am in the process of shifting to less protein (because when I eat too much protein, that spikes my blood sugar too, especially red meats).

I have been eating a Paleolithic diet, but I have added a bit of cheese back into my diet. I'm thinking I want to add full-fat yogurt again too. I don't have a problem with these foods. I eat a lot of veggies already. But the problem I've had is the big quantities of protein that just didn't seem to help me lose weight.

So, any other very-carb sensitive people out there finding success with a modified Omega/Mediterranean/Sonoma diet?
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I'm doing my own modified very low carb diet. I am pre-diabetic and gluten intolence runs in my family (celiac disease), so I decided to do a gluten-free, sugar-free diet. Coincidentally sugar and wheat are 100% carb so it makes sense to eliminate them 100%.

I don't eat anything with sugar--no dessert, alcohol, chocolate. I also do not use diet sugar products.

Gluten-free means no wheat, no rye or barley--I do not eat any grains at all. No bread, pancakes, bagels or pasta. (I think I miss bread the most.) I have tried various gluten-free products but I don't like the taste and also most of them substitute rice flour which is very high-carb. So I just do without.

In addition, I cut out high carb (starchy) foods such as potatoes and rice. Nothing like a baked potato or steamed rice to spike your blood sugar! I do have beans but only as tiny amounts in soups or chili--they have too many carbs and that interferes with weight loss.

What's left that I can eat? I have beef, chicken, seafood, eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables and salads, fruit and nuts. I try to have lower fat proteins because high fat equals high calories. Even though high fat doesn't affect my blood sugar, higher calories means I won't lose weight and that is a main goal right now. So I stick with lean cuts of meat instead of bacon or prime rib. I grill or saute meat and seafood--never deep fry in oil. I drink skim milk and have nonfat greek yogurt. I use lowfat mayo and part-skim cheese in recipes. I use nuts sparingly because they are calorie dense. As for fruit, I limit high fructose kinds like bananas and oranges, and instead have berries such as raspberries and blueberries. And of course I can eat unlimited vegetables and salads. My daily calories run between 1200 to 1600 but I don't count calories--I just look at ingredients.

I have been on this diet for 3 months and have lost 39 lbs. without altering any other part of my lifestyle. I lose 2-3 lbs. per week every week. My blood sugar has stabilized in the safe zone but I am still taking metformin. Eliminating carbs has really decreased my appetite so it's an easy plan to stay on. I need to add more exercise now to start toning up. Losing weight sure reveals more flabby parts!
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Yes, carb-conscious folks can tweak the Medite*rranean diet or Sonoma diet. They can prioritize* low-carb food, mix in good fats and proteins, smartly choose their dairy, balance* their protein consumption, and deve*lop a personalized plan. Always pay attention to your body's re*actions.
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