Thinking of getting the book...

  • I've never heard of the Sonoma diet before and after reading great reviews, it sounds like a great, healthy diet. I'm going to the thrift store to see if they have it, if not, I'm going to buy the new one for my ereader.

    For those who've done this diet, what are your results? How much did you weigh when you started and how much do you weigh now? Were you hungry at times? How much exercise do they recommend?

    I know, so many questions! But I have to, I've tried SOOO many diets and failed. I don't want to read something and then find out it isn't the diet for me.

  • Didn't find a copy at the thrift store so I went ahead and bought the Ebook. I bought the newer version. I'm going to read it this weekend.
  • I just started the Sonoma Diet
    I am following the program menu layed out for Wave 1 in the book. Everything I have made has really good flavor. That's what will keep me here. I don't feel like I am deprived of anything since I can still hav brown rice or quinoa, chicken and veggies. How are you doing? Did you finish reading the book already? Have you started the program?
  • I have not finished reading the book. I WANT to but I can't get myself interested in it enough to finish it... I will eventually though. I want to become healthy and I believe this will be the way to go. Since you're on it, it might give me the push I need to get into reading it
  • I understand.....
    I could not read all of the book because a lot of it is telling you how good certain things are for you. I skipped that part and went on to there she starts telling you how to proceed with the diet. I was not going to weight myself until the 10 days had ended but I gave in and today I was down 3 lbs. That's great as it has been a challenge for me to move any lbs lately. I am not throwing myself into tons of fitness routines because frankly with my weight right now, it's difficult, but I am doing yoga and pilates. I go to a class for pilates and may start one for yoga, but I subscribe to GaiamTV and can pick and choose what routine I do. I hope you get back with the book. I told my bf that I was giving it 10 days and if I didn't see something happening, than I was not going to continue with it. But here I am on day 3 and I am down 3 lbs. I am going to give t my best. I am going exactly by the menu laid out in the book. I usually 1/2 the recipe as it is just the two of us. Look forward to hearing about your success.
  • WOOHOO! Congrats on the 3lbs! That's awesome!

    That's exactly where I'm stuck, in the beginning part lol! I'm so bored of it that I couldn't continue reading. What chapter did you begin reading on? I might do the same.
  • I jut sort of skimmed through bits until the area right before the menu is laid out. Now all I do is refer to the menu for the first 10 days and follow it. When I am almost through, then I will look over the part for Wave 2. And if you really don't want to read anything about it, you could simply go straight to the menu and start. The recipes are really easy in my opinion, but definitely be aware of the time it recommends to prepare it. Some things you may be able to prepare in advance so you can just out it all together. I work from home, so I have a little easier access to the kitchen. I hope you give it a try because I think you will like the flavor of the recipes. You'll defintely be chopping a lot and sometimes I do the lazy chopping and put it in my food processor using the 1 Cup prep bowl. That works fabulous. Also when it calls for the homemade dressings I throw it all into the 1 cup prep and give it a few turns and there you go....