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Default Fake hunger, HELP

Not sure its the section but this is my home so ill post it here <3

I am sure I am not the only one that has this problem and I thought maybe some people could help me here as I tried a lot of things and it all failed!

I noticed I eat a lot out of boredom. I kept a food journal and anytime I am bored at work or at home.. im hungry.

For example: when I am in front of the tv... I jsut want to eat!!! Now I do eat healthy things so I do not gain one pound.. but it is stopping the actual weight loss since even if it is good calories.. it is calories.

Ive tried so many things like eating celery and carrots instead of whole grains and fruits..

I tried going for a walk but then I come back even more hungry...

I tried not watching tv at all.. and it works! but... i like my shows :O

I tried drinking lemon water but then I just end up getting sick of it

I know its all about will power and mind control since theya r enot real hungers... but the thing is, i have been loosing weight for the past 10 months.. I never had willpower I was doing it to be healthy and sonoma is so easy you dont even feel your dieting...

The reality is that the last 15 pounds are a nightmare to loose and I know its because of my snacking but I just dont know what to do...

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Zofia-this may just be me (although I have found a few other people that that say the same thing). I seem to need to eat a certain amount of fat per day to not have that constantly nagging hungry feeling. I don't know if you keep a food journal or not but I find if I have more than a day or so below 30% fat, I start to get that constant urge to snack. I can eat 1200 calories a day and if at least 30% of it comes from fat, I'm happy, if not, I'm constantly looking for food. Of course we're talking healthy fat choices here like peanut butter, nuts, seeds, avacados, etc. This is something I just recently put all together so its not obvious but you might want to think about it.
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I'm the same way, and I'm still struggling with the eating when I'm bored. I just have nothing else better to do! So when it happens, I drink a glass of water, right away. Sometimes, the hunger will stop. Sometimes it won't. So I start reading, or I'll start drawing, or I'll go take a bath... something that takes a while and that requires me not being in the kitchen or dining room.
I stopped taking food to work. Now when I'm bored I have to do something else than nibble on stuff. Like drink some more water...? Most times.
As for eating in front of the TV, thats what I'm still trying to get over. I'll usually put a bit of food in a small bowl and bring it to the couch, but I make sure it's healthy. I always keep dried fruit, nuts, and yes celery/carrots/pepper/cucumbers.

But see, I ate a WHOLE pound of fresh black grapes while watching TV the other day. I said "OMG THIS IS HORRIBLE", but my boyfriend said "It's nothing, imagine if that would've been a bag of CHIPS!"
So i see it that way now, and if i can't stop the hunger I try to limit the damage.
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I am also a boredom eater. Try chewing gum or drinking a cup of tea - it works for me.
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Thank you guys!!

RienQueNny: wow I never looked at it this way!! your bf is so right! Better than a bag of chips!

What I did yesterday is I bought baby carrots and a nut mix and I sat in front the tv with just a little bow of it. It worked! After I went for a 30 mins walk. my mom asid, if you cant reduce the amount you eat anymore... if you love your healthy snacking at night... then increase the calories you are burning.

DAH! So true! So there you go. Now not only I do an hour at the gym but a walk at night. Hopefully these 15 pounds WILL come off one day!

petra: I read that somewhere actually! I think I eat 30 ish % of good fats... I try to have a little bit in every meal but Ill be more careful see if its the problem

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