Starting the Mediterranean Diet!

  • And i'm very excited! I've never followed a specified diet because i never felt right about cutting certain things from my diet (even though i still was not eating the way i should!!). However, i really like what the Mediterranean Diet has to offer. I also really like mediterranean food

    I really like the whole grains, the veggies, and the fruit. What has suprised me, after my first day, is the AMOUNT of veggies and fruits. I admit, i never got in my recommended servings of either. Reading it is one thing- the visual is amazing! For lunch 2/3 of my meal was veggies/fruit. It was a huge eye opener compared to what i usually eat.

    I'm very excited! I want to be healthier and i believe this is the road that will help me the most!

  • Welcome Kat. There are few things on this diet you can't eat except junk so not much to cut out. I have found the food to be extremely enjoyable and much to my surprise and even learning to enjoy cooking. One of the other things I love about this diet is I will never run out of new things to try! The possibilities are almost endless.