I think im in the zone!!!! swish!!!

  • well, been 4 days now. I'm eating healthy, and this morning i woke actually feeling pretty good! I've been lurking around this community this week,and although i havent' actually participated in here much ( having a little trouble with all the different forums. little overwhelming ), i have been reading many of the posts, and finding myself encouraged and inspired.

    Ladies, great community!!!! you should all be proud!!! Can't wait till these pounds start coming off. I have no doubt they will. ultimately, id like to lose about 50-60 lbs. but, i'm starting off with 10 as my little goal.


  • hi there, c. to the boards. congratulations on being in the zone. it's a great feeling, isn't it?
  • Whenever I go on Core, by my 3rd day I start to feel really good about myself. The first 2 days are killer for me, they're my weak points. I just keep saying to myself "it's the little victories Sarah" - like NOT having the cookies at work, and completely bypassing the junk food when I'm grocery shopping. Core is a crazy lifestyle change, when you think about it. So much of what we depend on is pre-made, processed crap.