Tomorrow is Day one :)

  • I've decided that tomorrow I am switching to the core program. I've been doing flex for two weeks now and it's not doing me any good! I was EXCELLENT for the first week... but then I slipped up and started eating trigger foods which led to binging... so I haven't lost anything in the last week, just stayed steady (and it was a fight to do that!)

    I'm thinking that having a list of foods that I "can" eat will greatly help me!

    So I hope you all don't mind me joining you here
  • Come On In!
    Glad to see another new face! WE all love core here so you've come to the right place.

    Feel free to visit and post on our Coreporate profiles thread (and read about us too)...and then come chat with us on Core Board #43!

    Good luck!
  • Welcome! You'll find all the support and help you need here, and then some! We LOVE talking!!

    So what have you tried in the past besides WW Flex? Oh and don't forget to post your menu every day. That's where I get all my ideas.
  • Thank you for the warm welcomes ladies!!

    Before the WW flex plan, I've tried just about everything! (Although nothing for more than a few days...) In fact... this past two weeks on WW was the most successful I've EVER been! (I just set my mind to it that I am going to stick with it this time!)
  • Welcome! We are very supportive here and wish you all the best of luck.
  • Thank you everyone!!

    So far, so good (of course it's only a quarter to nine!)
  • Good luck, this is my first week on Core and I am loving it.
  • welcome to the boards. we're glad to have you here.
  • Your archer is adorable!