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  • Morning Everyone
    VICKIE Thanks for the web site. I will try and get into after bit. Sorry to be so dumb on this stuff. I would like to get a new computer. That may even be some of my trouble.

    Well it is pretty windy here today. Was raining. Suppose to clear up. But looks like it is ready to pour again. Then tomorrow. The temp is suppose to start dropping. And we are to get some snow. Not sure how much. Hope just some flurries. Hoping the roads arent bad Sunday morn. Cause that is when I have to take hubby for the MRI.
    Well I'm not going to stay on here long right now. But just wanted to check in.

    ONTARGET Good luck with the shooting match. Will be thinking of you.

  • Afternoon chickies,,,
    Im not hiding,,down with a cold and feeling lousy. Catch up with you all later.
  • Vickie, thanks for the warm welcome. I am not currently going to meetings...I did WW before and I still have the material. I am probably going to rejoin because the accountability of having to go weigh in every week is a great motivator for me. Since my mother pays for all of my bills I am going to have to talk to her about writing a check for WW. My entire family is originally from Chicago (River Forest). Some of them still live there, but most moved to Florida (my mother is one of 8 children, and my father is one of 3 children, so I have over 30 cousins, 15 second cousins....etc.) It is such a beautiful place up there. You are so lucky. I am thinking about moving there when I graduate in little over a year. I am not sure I could handle the snow though. We will have to see about that . Also, congrats on losing all of that weight so far!! How long did it take you? Thanks for telling me about the recipes and the bios, because I do cook, but obviously I haven't been cooking Core food up until this point. You also hit the nail on the head...I am an emotional eater. I hope to get that under control.

    Katpo and Itryharder, thank you for welcoming me too. I can tell that this board is just what I need.

    Katpo, it says in the beginning of the bios that the people who stop posting and are not active will be deleted from the list. It seems like a lot of those people no longer talk on here (by looking at their ticker and amount of posts). If you get a chance, can you please delete the people who do not talk anymore, so that I know who is going to be chatting. TIA (lol, that means Thanks In Advance.....some of you were calling me "tia" on the thread I started). My name is Sheridan, by the way.

    Talk to you ladies soon.
  • Sheridan (so glad to have a name for you besides "Senior"!) -- welcome again. You'll really like it here, we promise.

    I'm deleting a few of the posts in the bio thread, but you'll definitely be able to see who the current members are by watching who posts in these chat and menu threads. Some of the inactive members still lurk though, and so I'd hate to think we booted them out altogether!

    Don't forget about the server move tonight, everybody! Don't start to panic if you can't get in for a while.
  • Whoa, how did I get SO behind?? Eek!

    First of all, Sheridan! We're so glad to have you. You'll love it here, everyone is super. It's great to learn more about you. Be careful, coming here is addictive.

    Kathy, Why don't you just move to KY? Then you can come hang out with me. And I can eat your fried chicken.

    Vickie, can I just say THANK YOU again for your help with the letter. I'm putting the finishing touches on it and your suggestions were a big help. Thanks for wondering about me. I only go to class on Monday nights. Last night I was so exhausted I napped on the couch after dinner, then cleaned house because IL's are coming over tonight for MIL's bday celebration.

    Sandra, My friend! You sound so sad. You are going to figure this out gf, don't worry. I think journaling is a great idea, since you have such obvious reactions to the food that you eat. I don't think you will have to hold out on losing weight. You are on a roll and you're going to keep doing great!

    I need to go finish up some work but I'll BBL. Hopefully!
  • Katpo, what is the server move?

    Septembersgoal, thank you for the welcome. LOL....I rather be addicted to coming on here, then to be addicted to food (which I currently still am). At least when I am typing (or scrolling) that is less time for me to be eating .

    You ladies seem so nice! Well, that was pretty sexist of me, given that there may be men that are posting on here. Are there any males that come chat on here? I am going to go look at the profiles now
  • They're shutting the board down tonight to move to a new, larger server. We've been having quite a bit of additional traffic lately and it's just going to increase in the coming months due to new diet plans, the 3FC book that's due out soon, and swimsuit season right around the corner. This move will help us out tremendously but might take 24-48 hours for everyone to get back in -- mainly it will depend on everyone's individual internet provider and how quickly they update their DNS records. There's a post about it. Here's the text of the post so you don't have to go look for it.

    Many of you have noticed a variety of technical problems since the beginning of January. This is due to increased traffic, sometimes as high as 2,000,000 hits per day! We love the new traffic, but our current dedicated server has had problems keeping up with us. We're moving to a more powerful server which should carry us through without any more errors.

    How will this affect you? During our move, you may have problems reaching 3FC, and may even think we're gone. But don't worry, we'll be back up within a couple of days, or even hours! We'll close the forum and journals on the old server, so if you get a closed message, this means you are accessing the old server. Your internet provider must update their DNS records before going to will take you to the new server. Some internet providers will update their DNS within a few hours, so you'll barely miss us. Other internet providers are considerably slower and may take several days. Most of you will be back within one day. If anyone is curious about this process, this page provides a great explanation of domains and how you reach them.

    When will we do this? We've ordered the new server and have several things we must do before we can make the move. We hope we will be able to move this weekend, preferably beginning after midnight Friday night.

    So go check out a good diet book from the library, or buy a new exercise DVD to stay busy during the move, and we'll all come back with new energy, speed, and motivation to start the new month right.
  • I forgot to answer the question about our token male. We DO have one -- DannyB. Come to think of it, he went on a cruise over Christmas and New Years with his family and hasn't been heard from since. Uh oh!
  • 24-48 hours!?!? It's worse than I thought!

    I gotta tell you all I still feel like my body is trying to be sick. I'm still SO tired and one side of my throat hurt. Ugh! And now it is supposed to snow this weekend, so I may not be able to go out with my family tomorrow night. I think I'll be doing a lot of resting, that's for sure.

    Going out the door!! Yippee!!
  • BTW Sheridan, The Office is hilarious!
  • Melissa, feel better. And it might not take that long to get everybody back in. Keep trying tomorrow afternoon.
  • hi there, chickies. my mood is much much better today. thank you all for your thoughts on my carb eating. i did a lot of soul searching and have decided to eat more carbs. i was eating oatmeal most mornings and having pasta or potatoes almost every day, too. my body was still "missing" something it needed for me to be steady. someone here in town suggested i might have had a drop in blood sugar. also, i was reading up on my heart meds. a side effect can be fatigue and shakiness. a lot going on in this old bod, isn't there?

    this am i waited till after we shot to take my meds. i also upped my carb intake. i shot like a champion again today. yesterday i shot like a beginner. there's a balance that my old bod has to have for everything to click right. i am not going to worry much about losing weight till after indoor season is over (louisville--mid march). after that shakiness won't matter. weightloss will be foremost.

    i am going to continue to exercise daily and build up my stamina. if i lose weight--hallelujah!!--if i just maintain--what a blessing!

    that may not be the best attitude, but it's the one i have now. i can't afford to jeopardize a year's training right now. i honestly don't think i'm making excuses. this is just what's going on. my priority right now is archery.

    my priority after louisville--weightloss.

    we have cancelled going to butte this weekend. that was my idea. my self-confidence plummeted yesterday. i am working to get it built back up. we'll probably train some this weekend here at the archery center. we only have 2 tournaments left--the NAA indoor nationals in salt lake and the NFAA indoor nationals in louisville. i am going to be ready for both.

    i hope ya'll are doing well today and are being successful in everything you're doing. i haven't given up. i have just switched priorities right now.

    got to go get on the treadmill. i'll talk to you later.

    hugs to each of you.
  • Hi ya'll
    Time to update, I had my weigh in last night, I lost another 3 lbs. Bringing my total up to 19.4lbs. in four weeks. I am so happy that I am doing well. I hope it stays like this for a while, makes keeping to the program so much easier.
    Thanks for the continued support! It's nice to have a place to come to get horrays on my efforts! Thanks again!
  • Wow!! That's just absolutely awesome! Keep up the good work, and you're so right about success being a great motivator to keep going!
  • Katpo, what is the 3FC book going to consist of? Do you have inside info on it? Thanks for warning me about the switch.

    Septembersgoal, I hope you feel better. I am so happy to hear that you love The Office as well. I never really laugh when I watch television, but during that show I am laughing the entire time. It's too bad that not that many people know what I am talking about when I mention the show. I am like their unofficial spokesperson....recruiting people to watch it.

    For those of you whom have never seen "The Office" it is a show on Thursday nights at 9:30p on NBC. I guarantee if you watch it once you will get addicted, like I did, and have to watch it every week. You will then come back on here to thank me. YWIA = you're welcome in advance . LOL.

    Amomoftwo, congrats on the weight loss!

    Ontarget, I may have missed something here, but why can't you eat right while doing archery?

    I was thinking maybe we can make a Core chatroom on Yahoo! and we can go in there to talk to eachother until this site comes back on. What do you guys think??