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  • LeeAnn, I am so sorry to hear about your family's loss. It is always doubly difficult when a small child is involved. I don't know if it helps, but I have seen a lot of children with substance-abusing parents. The thing that makes a big difference is if there is someone (at all) in their lives who are stable and love them. You, your brother, and the other more stable members of your family can make all the difference to that little boy. But I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. Bless your heart. You'll be in our prayers as well.
  • Hello everyone. Would you believe that I have only been up for 45 minutes? Yes, it is almost 2:00!! I got up this morning, felt SO tired and just generally crummy, and decided that I was not going to work. I called my boss (yes, she has us call her at home when we take a sick day, isn't that weird?) and went back to bed. They did have to call me once to ask me a question, but other than that I slept until 1:00! I think that I was just exhausted and needed a day to myself. I'm supposed to go to a bday party tonight for a girl in my bible study but I think I'm going to just have DH deliver my drinks and stay home.
    Class was really good last night. It is this much older guy who has written 27 books. Can you imagine? We actually used one of his books in one of my classes at Gardner-Webb. It was sort of boring, but so much good information. The class is called "Theology of Religious Experience." Very interesting. Since I'm home this afternoon I'm going to try to start on some reading and also work on that Hospice letter (no Vickie, I haven't sent it yet! ).
    Well I'm going to go read or something.
    BTW, Angela I can't believe you plan your menus a month in advance!! I'm so impressed.
  • LEEANN I am so sorry for your family's loss. I cant image what you are all going through. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I wish I could do something for you. Dont worry about the rambling. We are here for you. You need to let it out.
  • Hey, I have a random question for you guys. Another "is this food okay?" question. I had some burger frozen for several months. I defrosted it and cooked it up. How long do you think burger is okay in the freezer? I assumed quite a long time. This was frozen before I got more organized, so I don't know how long it's been in there. But no more than a year. I don't know, what do you all think? I may just have to taste it and see. I was going to put it in some chili.
  • leeann this is such sad news. i am so sorry.

    it was good to see frouf on here. sounds like she's having a great time, doesn't it?

    vickie, you're sounding more and more like your old self. that's good.

    melissa, i hope you're feeling better. i'm glad you stayed home.

    coco, how are you doing today? i hope your spirits are better than yesterday. remember what they say omohod at a time. i'm here with you with some ups and downs. we'll get there eventually.

    kathy, did he go take the test? i hope so for all of your sakes. i know he's scared but he needs to just do it, doesn't he?
  • Melissa, from the USDA ...

    Length of Time
    Because freezing keeps food safe almost indefinitely, recommended storage times are for quality only. Refer to the freezer storage chart at the end of this document, which lists optimum freezing times for best quality.

    If a food is not listed on the chart, you may determine its quality after defrosting. First check the odor. Some foods will develop a rancid or off odor when frozen too long and should be discarded. Some may not look picture perfect or be of high enough quality to serve alone but may be edible; use them to make soups or stews. Cook raw food and if you like the taste and texture, use it.

    Freezer Storage Chart (0 °F)
    Note: Freezer storage is for quality only. Frozen foods remain safe indefinitely.

    Bacon and Sausage - 1 to 2 months
    Casseroles - 2 to 3 months
    Egg whites or egg substitutes - 12 months
    Frozen Dinners and Entrees - 3 to 4 months
    Gravy, meat or poultry - 2 to 3 months
    Ham, Hotdogs and Lunchmeats - 1 to 2 months
    Meat, uncooked roasts - 4 to 12 months
    Meat, uncooked steaks or chops - 4 to 12 months
    Meat, uncooked ground - 3 to 4 months
    Meat, cooked - 2 to 3 months
    Poultry, uncooked whole - 12 months
    Poultry, uncooked parts - 9 months
    Poultry, uncooked giblets - 3 to 4 months
    Poultry, cooked - 4 months
    Soups and Stews - 2 to 3 months
    Wild game, uncooked - 8 to 12 months
  • Wow Kathy, thanks. You're always such a big help. I figured it wouldn't taste fabulous, that's why I was going to use it for chili instead of by itself. Thanks, I feel like I can serve it without fear now. Thanks!!

    Sandra, what are you up to today?
  • I aim to please.
  • Well at least you know that someone appreciates your help! Are you feeling any better?
  • No, and now I'm getting ticked at someone here. This guy wanted to look at a particular graphic, so I went out to the lab, got the boot disk, booted up my graphics station, pulled up the graphic, and went and told him. He acted like I should be bringing it out to HIM! Uh, sorry dude, that's not the way it works! So I waited and waited, then went back out and told him it was ready to be looked at. He said okay, then came in from the lab, went to his desk and started talking on the phone. Then went BACK to the lab, and has never come over to see it. I'm about to power the whole thing down and tell him tough luck, he waited too long.

    And my throat is sore and I have a slight fever! What's up with THAT???
  • Kathy! I think it's time to go back to the doctor and yell at them. And while you're at it, yell at that other guy too.
  • kathy, i'm sorry you're still not feeling well.

    melissa, i've been working today readying flyers to send out across the state advertising the montana senior olympics--archery event. i also made a core spaghetti pie. i'll have to post it later. it's awesome!!! how are you feeling now? better i hope.
  • Hello everyone, I am just now catching up on posts from yesterday.
    Kathy, I am not surprised that you said thinking of Shaun being there forever made you sick. I love my daughter but sometimes I just plain do not like her. She can make it very hard to like her even just a little. She is much better than she used to be but she still has her moments. I hope all works out with him soon.
    Melissa, I hope you had a good time in class. Good luck with the job search.
    Vicki, I hope you are feeling better soon.
    LeeAnn, I am so sorry to read about your loss.
    I hope you all have a good evening, I am really tired and my neck is really hurting. I am going to go see if my hubby will massage it for me (did I mention that he is also a massage therapist?). Talk to you all later.
  • Sandra, sounds like you have been busy today. Did you make up a new recipe for the spaghetti pie?

    Paula, a massage therapist on hand at all times sounds great! Hope your neck feels better quickly.

    I'm going to try to work on that cover letter while I watch "Anna and the King." Have any of you seen it? I always wanted to but never did. I DVR'd it off AMC.
  • Evening Everyone
    I hope everyone is doing ok.

    SEPTEMBERSGOAL I use a seal a meal thing. I put alot of my meat. Its like a vaccum seal thing. And it lets you keep the meat longer. When we get any kind of meat. I seal it in that. And it keeps the frost from getting on the meat. One time I did a test. I put a pack of burger back. And a year later. Took it out. And it was still as good as when I had put it in.

    KATPO Really sounds as if you need to go to the Dr. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    ONTARGET Thanks. It was just I had a good week. And then to gain. That was what was upsetting me. I am hoping it shows next week.

    VICKIE Hope you are ok. I need to start getting some major cleaning done. Keep thinking about it. But that is as far as it has gone.

    Well son got the sink fixed. Just needed the trap cleaned out. Now the sink is working fine. It has been dreary here all day. Nothing exciting went oh here today. kinda quite. Well I am going to get off here for now. I hope everyone has a great evening. Will check in tomorrow.
    I am thinking of all of you.