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  • One grandma lives in town and the other one (my mom) lives 2-1/2 hours away. He has no way to go, and my mom would have told me if he showed up there. He lied.
  • Geez....why would he want to lie? I thought he wanted this?
  • I honestly think he has a mental condition. That's the only explanation. He claims to want this Navy thing, and believe me, that's the ONLY thing that will get him out of his current situation.

    When he gets here, he's going to explain it. If he can't, he'll have to pack up and go. I don't care if he has to sleep under a bridge, he won't be here. I've had it.
  • No one could fault you for this decision, Kathy. I'm sure you aren't making it lightly. He's had a bunch of chances. Maybe he has a good explanation. I'll be praying for him. He sure has messed up.
  • Thanks, Vick. He's sure gonna need it (me too!). I might have to stay up all night to wait for him, and this sure isn't the week for such issues.

    On a better note, though, I stopped by Kohls and found a pair of black pants and some tops. Two of the tops were clearanced to $7 and the third was $3. The pants were regular price but that's okay. At least I have clothes to finish out the week.
  • Well everyone I gained 1 1/2 lbs tonight. I am so bummed. Thought I had done good. So I guess I will have to try harder for next week.
    Hubby's appt went so-so. Did up the blood pressure med. But I still dont think they should. Be we will see. So have to take him back to that Dr in 4 to 6 weeks. Said that the inflammation in his chest could take some time to clear up.
    Well I am going to get off here for now. Just wanted to check in for a few. I have a headache. It even hurts to blink my eyes. So will check in tomorrow.
    Hope everyone has had a great day. And I hope everyone has a great evening.
  • Froufie At Sea!
    No time to read posts - but hope all my favorite chickies are fine and well!

    I am now sailing the ocean - weather is fantabulous - gorgeous warm and sunny today as we cruised by Cuba. Had some fun in the pool but very careful in the hot sun!

    Just had formal night dinner - lobster tails, cherries jubilee - lime daiquiris and whiskey sours too at the captain's welcome reception. Met SO MANY nice people and cruise buddies. Little ds having a blast at the daycare - having a big party tonight (and slumber party too) so the mommies and daddies can have a nice time. Off to the the show now and then the r rated comedy hour!

    I am getting fat but loving it!


    Froufy at Sea!
  • Morning Everyone
    I hope everyone had a good night.
    The weather here today is dreary right now. Rain trying to sleet. But the sun is suppose to shine later today.
    Well I am still bummed about my gain last night. I was really wanting to get to goal this year. But at the rate I am going I dont think I will make it.

    FROUFY So glad you are having a great time. So enjoy!!

    Going to see if son will work on the kitchen sink. Having some trouble with it. So hope I can get him to do that. Not sure what else I will get into. But I am sure I will do something.
    Well I will get off here for now. Will go ahead and clean out from under the sink. And then when son is ready. It will be done. And no excuses.
    I hope everyone is ok. Have a great day everyone. Will check in later.
  • Good Morning Chicks! I've been up for a while now but have been making some phone calls. Today is my last day of shopping before I start cleaning my house. I need it to be clean before I have my procedure since I don't know how long it will be after that before I feel like cleaning again. The house hasn't had a deep cleaning since before Christmas and it needs it again.

    Frouf! SO glad to hear from you and to know that you are having a wonderful time. The joy in your "voice" is obvious. I can't wait to hear all of your stories when you return. I'm really happy that this worked out for you.

    Coco, I think goals are great to set but just don't let it get you down when you miss one. Just set a new one and go for it! I wanted to be 100 pounds down by my 50th birthday. At the rate I'm going, I'll be lucky to be 50 pounds down by then. I'm disappointed too but I'll just have to keep trying. Let's try together. We WILL get there eventually and then we can celebrate with each other. I gained 3.2 this week and I KNOW how much it stinks. Try not to beat yourself up and just get back on track. That's what I'm doing. I hope your sink problems aren't too horrible. Lucky for you that you have someone to do that stuff. Jim and I are morons when it comes to home repair and remodeling. We always joked that we were lucky to have jobs good enough to be able to afford to pay someone to help us since we have no non-office skills!

    Angela, how's the strep? Did the DH and girls survive?

    Melissa, how was school? I bet you're tired this morning. Did ya get that application out?

    Time to go eat my cereal.
  • Kath, so what was Shaun's story? I'm hoping all went well, although the fact that you haven't posted may be bad news.
  • I'm finally here. So, I went up there and reamed him really good. He said he didn't tell the guy he was going out of town, he told him he was THINKING about going. Whatever the story, I asked why he needed to say anything like that and he said the guy was pushing him to go over and take the test and he didn't feel like he was ready. The guy told me he WAS ready though, he scored 89 on his practice test and that usually the real test scores a little higher, and that the average test score is in the 40s. I told him just freakin' go take the test and get it over with! Sheeesh!

    So I sat up there and drank some beer and ate some wings and came home and promptly got sick. My body isn't used to that sort of thing and it decided to reject everything I had eaten in the last four months. (Well, not really, but you get the picture. TMI, huh?) Now I feel like crap and it's gonna be a bad day.

    I'm glad to hear from Froufy! What fun she must be having ... now why couldn't the rest of us have gone with her?

    I have to catch up on some reading and do a teeny bit of work. I'll be back soon.
  • Oh, Kath, I know you weren't used to the food but I'm sure the stress made you sick as well. It must be SO hard to be a parent and watch your children messing up their lives and be powerless to make them stop. I would be frantic. I hope your day isn't too painful. I know you have all the important people in this week and have to stay. I hope you let yourself rest tonight. I hope you shocked Shaun into going and taking that darn test already. He really probably needs to get going on his life. Poor guy. He must be pretty tortured too.

    I'm off to shower!
  • Vickie, thanks for asking! I managed to be the only one with strep around here. We're all on the mend, and doing fine.

    I agree, it was great hearing from Froufie. Sounds like she's having a wonderful time...I'm glad.

    I need to plan my menu for the month today... I don't enjoy it, but it's got to be done.

  • Sorry I haven't been on in a couple of days. I ended up getting sick on Sunday that went though to Monday. Monday evening my mother called to tell me my brother found his youngest son laying on the floor dead by his bed. We are all in shock. I don't know what to say or do. I'm very worried about my brother. My nephew was trying so hard to kick his drug habit and my brother tried so hard to work with him and help him stay sober. He was only 27. The really sad part is that my nephew's son, Austin (7 or 8 years old), now has to live full time with his mother who is an alcoholic and doesn't really want him. She "dumps" him at her mother's house so she can go off and have a good time. This is such a bad situation for Austin. When he is at his maternal grandmother's house, that's not so great either because the grandfather is also an alcoholic. The poor kid gets picked on so much at school and at home. He would stay with my brother and nephew on the weekends. My brother told Austin that he can come over any time he wants, but we'll see what the mother says. I just feel so helpless. I'm so used to being able to help. I don't know what to say to or do for my brother. He may seem like a he-man, but inside he is one big marshmallow. He is taking it really hard. It was my brother who found him when he got home from work at around 4 pm-ish. He called 911, but by that time, he had been dead since approximately 6 am.

    Sorry for rambling. I'm just having such a difficult time accepting that this is really happening.
  • OMG! LeeAnn! That is just horrible! I can't imagine what you all must be going through! I will certainly put your brother and Austin in my prayers. Bless your heart ... I just don't even know what to say!