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  • Hi! Thanks for asking. It was okay. I try to be positive, but more than anything I just try to forget about work, period! I have to be honest, I feel stressed but don't know why. If I was really, really honest I'd tell you that I'm getting ready to have some popcorn and m&ms. But don't tell anyone else!!

    How was your day? Did you go shoot today? Congrats on walking 2 miles!!! That was so interesting what you wrote earlier about the competition in Louisville. I had no idea that it hosted such a big archery competition. Well, to be honest, I didn't know much about archery period before I started chatting with you!
  • No kidding, Melissa! I know more about archery now than anyone else I know! Sandra has made us all smart! And your popcorn and M&M secret is safe with me. There's nothing better than salt and sweet mixed, and hot popcorn and melting M&Ms is like food straight from Heaven, in my opinion.
  • Oh I know. A friend let me in on it years ago, and I kind of wish she never had. It's also Kroger's fault for having their Valentine candy 50% off.
  • With friends like that, who needs enemas?

    I put the popcorn and M&Ms in the same category as putting corn in your spaghetti. If you've never tried it, you'd better reserve judgement until you do. And until then ... stop rolling your eyes and gagging! It's AWESOME!
  • hahahaha
  • Hey Chicks! Just wanted to say goodnight. Jim is showering and when he's done, I'll be making some popcorn.

    I'm thrilled about AI. The twins are gone and Ace is HOT!!! I'm hating Brenna already and Kellie is a sweetheart. Okey dokey.
  • Ditto! I'm an Ace fan too -- what a perfect specimen!!
  • Having missed AI again tonight I sure feel out of the loop! Will have to try and catch it next week!

    don't worry melissa - I had an m&m fest today at work as I was so stressed - nothing going great - too many little problems becoming big problems! UGH!

    Sandra - forgot to mention my brother (the marathon runner) knows some ex-olympian runner as well - lives in Gainesville Florida too - I remember he was at my brother's bday party last July - and everyone was pretty impressed!

    Took dd to the orthodontist - braces ready to come off next month - unfortunateny no appt til april 5 - which was pretty disappointing for her - but that's the day!...then back the following week for a retainer (guess that will cost more big bucks probably?).

    Took little ds to see Nanny McPhee w/me tonight while dd was at art class - very cute and funny - had fun together - and just guess what that little teddy bear said when we got home? (How was the movie doodie? Did you like seeing Nanny McPhee!). Ds was quite shocked. Now to dream up something for bear to say tomorrow morning - hmm this is getting harder than I thought!

    Saundra - hope you have found something to occupy your time - and glad you are not in supreme pain!

    Well off to make a great big corn and spaghetti casserole so I can feed it to my enemas ha ha ha ha

  • Good morning, chickies! Frouf, I hope you enjoyed your corn and spaghetti last night!

    I woke up at 5:30 this morning instead of 6:00 and was a hungry, hungry hippo! I went ahead and got dressed, left the house and went to a little Mexican place and got two breakfast tacos ... one egg and bacon and the other bean and cheese. They were sure good but now I'm wondering how smart that was. I'll probably have to make it breakfast and lunch combined, and eat a light dinner, so now my menu is all goofed up for the day. At least the krab salad will keep until tomorrow.

    This is our last warm day and then it's supposed to get cold (you know cold down here means in the 30s) but we're going to get some rain too. I bought six very pretty red tulips at the store yesterday so I have to get them in the ground tonight WITHOUT FAIL in preparation for the rain. Otherwise it'll be Tuesday and they'll probably die in their little pots. Lookie here:

    Not much else going on though. Looks like it's nearly time to start board #39, huh?
  • Kathy you crack me up!!

    I have never understood breakfast tacos. I should probably never, never try one!!

    Vickie, I agree, I'm hating brenna and loving Kellie too. I guess that's tv though!

    Frouf, it sounds like you had a good evening. Thanks for sharing in my m&m issues. Good to know I'm not alone down here!!

    Well I am at work and good news--my boss isn't coming in today, I don't think. I haven't heard the whole story yet. I do have a very, very challenging afternoon ahead of me, but hopefully my client won't show. I'm terrible!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!
  • Oh and speaking of weather it is supposed to be in the 60's here today, and snow tomorrow.
  • Spice Question!!
    Morning Everyone
    Well I have a question this morning. Actually two. The first one is. I found a recipe that calls for CUMIN. But I dont have any. I was wondering what other spice I could use in place of the cumin.
    My second question is. At 10:00 pm. I have to take a pill. And it says to eat something. What could I eat that is core. Cause I would usually eat a couple of crackers or pretzels with it. So now not sure what to do. I didnt eat anything with it last night. So any ideas would be great.

    KATPO I love the hand held Yahtzee game. I take it alot with me when hubby has Dr's appt. And when he has been in the hospital.

    Well not much happening here yet. Today will be wash day. Dont know that I will get it all done. But will start it anyway.
    It is suppose to be warm here today. With some rain. then changing to snow.
    Well I will get off here for now. Just was wondering about the spice. Have a great day everyone.
  • Coco, what about a piece of lite bread or 5 saltines, each of which would only be one point?
    What recipe do you need the cumin for and how much? Depending on those things, you might be able to sub another spicy spice ( ) like chili powder or something.
  • Good Morning Chicks! I have a haircut and color today so I can't stay long.

    Oh Coco, I LOVE cumin! It's one of the spices I tried since I've been on Core. I highly recommend that you get some. But let me think go look at the bottle to see what else you could use. I thought it was a blend but it is it's own spice. It's for Mexican foods so I guess you could substitute a little chile powder instead. I'd buy the cumin.

    Kathy, I forgot about your question about your Dad. I love Yahtzee too. I used to play the game on my Palm coming home on the train at night from work. It's addictive. I'm SO glad you're going to have so much rain. You need it. I wish I liked to plant in the garden. Our soil is so hard and nasty. Not the most nutritious of breakfasts girlie! You're a better woman than me though, because I'd have eaten the tacos and gone ahead and eaten the rest of my planned food for the day!

    Melissa, M & M's and popcorn together....and Kathy, Spaghetti and Corn....ok, I'm in the gag club!

    Linda, 2 pounds a week is just AMAZING! I couldn't even do that in the beginning even with all I have to lose. I guess one just needs the right motivation, huh!

    Frouf, kids are just ridculously expesive aren't they?! You seem to be coping pretty darn well. And....Emily seems quiet lately? I'm SO happy that you've finally filled that slot (although temporary). Maybe your work stress will calm down a bit now.

    Well, I'm feeling ok in the kidney stone department. Still some gravel but not alot of pain. I am getting a huge cold though. I'm guessing that's why I was so exhausted for the last 4 or 5 days. I'd been off my vitamins for about 2 weeks. I started them up again yesterday. I'm cooking dinner and going out for my hair but not too much else today. This week seems to be going slowly.
  • Coco, I forgot about your pill. I'd eat a Natural Ovens cookie. It's real cakey and only costs 1 or 2 points depending on the kind you buy. I guess you could have a small bowl of cold cereal. Can you have milk with the pill?