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  • I can't believe we didn't make a menu thread today -- did anyone eat?

    I'm not exactly looking forward to hopping on the scale tomorrow morning. I'll bet I'm up a pound.
  • Good morning all, I hope everyone had a good night.

    Melissa, good luck with school today!

    Kathy, I think I must have missed something from old shaun your stepson? When I got married to my current husband, he and Melissa did not get along at all and she was so awful and hard to live with. He told her to either get a job, go to college or move out. I was so upset, she moved out for a year. In that year she remained very hateful but discovered she had to work to pay bills. After a year she decided to go to college, which we help with financially, and she is much better. She really grew up in the year after high school and now she and Craig are really good friends and really get along. I really thought for a while I would be divorced over it much fortunately it all worked out. I hope things get better for you.

    Well I am off to Franklin, NC to deliver our old car to my mother-in-law and to visit for the day. Have a great day everyone.
  • Good Morning Chicks! I just wanted to say hello before I go off to start my day. I was reading yesterday but just didn't feel up to talking. I've had a bad week and am in a really bad place emotionally. It took me a long time to convince myself to go to weigh in this morning. I've eaten a lot of Core food this week, including over my WPA's, and with no exercise I feel like a failure. My TOM is at least 3 days late and I feel like a bloated cow.

    Oh yeah, and I worked on my taxes all day yesterday and we owe $1100. I need to fix that with our withholdings.

    After weigh in we're going out to lunch and then to shop for TV's as planned.

    It seems like you are all hanging in there so I'm really happy to hear that.

    Talk to you all later.
  • Paula, no, Shaun is my son. I'm sure you're surprised to hear me say that it makes me sick to think about him being there forever. He's 28 and doesn't have a clue in the world. I'm sure that's partly my fault because I've "helped" him when he's been in jams. He did live in an apartment for the last four years but lost his job and everything else. Now he has no car because he had an accident and didn't have insurance -- so not only does he not have a job, he doesn't have any way to go find one and then get to work if he found something. We tried the college thing too. We sent him to Angelo State Univ. in San Angelo ... moved him into the dorm and everything. He didn't go to class and flunked out. We didn't, however, pay for it so he had the student loan to pay back himself, which he did. I'm just at my wits' end with him.

    Vickie, I'm sorry you're in a bad way again. I wish there was something we could do. Are you concerned about your portions? (Since you mentioned eating a lot of food plus over your WPAs.) I wonder if your leader would have any suggestions? Sorry I don't but just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and hope it all improves soon.

    I was up a bit, as predicted. 147.6. I'm not changing my ticker though; I'm going to believe it's temporary and I can get back on track. My goal was 145 so next Monday's goal of 143 seems a little far-fetched. However, I'll keep trying. I didn't have all my water this weekend.

    BBL. Happy Monday to all.
  • Thanks, Kath. My Leader will suggest Flex like she always does. Maybe I'll weigh and measure my Core foods. I say that and then I don't do it. I really think my problem is in my head. I just want to eat for comfort. I'm just in a valley at the moment. It's not any big slide or anything.
  • Morning...well, it's almost afternoon. I am here at work hoping that the day goes quickly.

    Vickie, I was worried about you yesterday. I knew it wasn't like you to at least say hello. A big hug! You have had such a difficult time and have been such a trooper. We're all here for you.

    Kathy, you are probably right about the gain being temporary. I think if I cleansed my system of all the salt and stuff that I would be down 3# or so.

    Paula, hope you are having fun and enjoying your vacation! I think I'm due for another one soon.

    Well ladies if I can make it through work today and class tonight I'll be doing well. Yesterday an ad came out for a Volunteer Coordinator at Hospice. I'm re-working my resume and will send it out (again!) this week. This is the first time that I am actually putting in for a specific position, in the past I've just been sending a resume. So this time I can call and follow-up, etc. like Vickie always tells me too.

    Have a good day everyone.
  • Thanks, Melissa. I know I'm emotional because your and Kathy's hugs made me tear up.

    Melissa, I hate to be stupid but is the Volunteer Coordinator and unpaid position? I hope you get it regardless since it would be great to get your foot in the door.

    I gained 3.2. It's not all weight but it's upsetting anyway.

    We bought a TV. We got them down to $3100 and got no financing, no payments for 18 months. I'll make payment every month and will be sure to pay it off before the 18 months. I'll just keep my money in the bank and use theirs for free! It's one of the new 1080p sets that is supposed to be spectacular for HDTV viewing. We decided to be ahead of the curve this time instead of behind it. Now for the entertainment center. The TV people said they can delay delivery until the entertainment center comes in about 8 weeks. Perfect. Now if it only all goes according to plan.

    I had a salad for lunch and just ate a banana. I'm going to try to be religious this week about my portions and weighing and measuring every WPA that goes into my mouth. It's hard though, because all I want to do is feel sorry for myself. Waaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
  • Very nice! Congratulations on the purchase -- you're sure going to enjoy it!!

    That 3.2 will be gone next week, I'm sure of it.
  • Afternoon chickies,
    not good news this morning, the strike is on. Dh isnt in the union so he will go to work untill they send him home.....its not looking good at all. I will not eat,,,,,I will not eat.....
    It was quiet at work this morning,,,alot of the participants belong to the local union so they are stressed out even more.... thank goodness the babies and young children are there so I can forget about things for awhile. Nothing like a childs smile to brighten your day. Back in to work again tonight, I think Im going to go veg on the couch for a bit.
    Vickie,,,(big hugs to you)) you are always there for us,,,,to make us feel good.....I wish we could be there for you!! I think your scale and mine decided to give us a jolt this week. Im kicking mine back into shape....want a kick for yours too?? \
    Ttyl everyone
  • Vickie, I don't want to make you cry, but here's another one! Kathy's right, that gain will disappear quickly.

    Patti, I'm so sorry to hear that the strike is on. You are doing great by not turning to food.
  • Oh Patti, I was SO hoping the strike wouldn't happen. At least I'm hoping that it will be worth it and that they get something good out of it. Try not to eat. I'm living proof that stress eating just makes you miserable in the end.

    Why does this have to be so hard for all of us?
  • I just posted a avocado and bean dip that looks great for potlucks.
  • kathy, i hope all goes well for shaun (and for you, too!) he really needs to get accepted for everyone's sake.

    vickie, i have been worried about you, too. i like your description (valley). you're right. we all have our ups and downs. i am hoping you get "up" and your weight "down" soon. you've been under a lot of pressure with your health. you are doing amazingly well coping without food. i am proud of you. you'll have that 3.2 off in no time. be sure to eat enough to keep up your energy. congratulations on getting your new toys. you and jim are going to get a lot of good use out of them.

    melissa, good luck on the job. i am proud of you for eating at home more. (again, we're alike)

    patti, i'm sorry to hear the strike is on. you're being very strong.

    vickie, thanks for posting the dip. i'll go take a looksee. i am leaning toward making a layered salad for thursday's ladies luncheon but will think about the dip, too.
  • Okay, you guys know me. I'm usually pretty even-tempered and easygoing, right? Well right now I'm about 3 degrees past furious. I swear, I'm about to pop a vein!!!

    I walked in from work and the phone was ringing. I answered and it was the Navy recruiter asking for Shaun. I said let me yell for him. I yelled, no answer, so I told the guy he's not here. Then the guy said ... OMG, get this! ... he said, well Shaun told me he was going out of town to visit his grandma and I just wondered if he was back yet.

    OMG!!! Is he TRYING to mess this up? He isn't home, and I have no idea where he is or when he'll be back or how he got wherever he went, but I am planning on lighting into him the second he walks in. How DARE he lie to those people? And for what reason? I swear, I'm so serious -- I'm about to have a major fit.
  • Thanks, Sandra. You guys are too good to me.

    Kathy, I'd have blown a gasket a long time ago with Shaun. Maybe he really went to see his Grandma? He could be blowing a good thing. I hope he stops messing up soon. I hope he has a good explanation for you. How far can he be without a car?

    I had a great dinner and was good on Core. I even know what I'm eating tomorrow. It feels good to be in control.