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  • Happy, Happy Friday!

    What am I doing this weekend? As little as possible! We are supposed to have a winter storm, we'll see what happens. I'm not holding my breath! :
    If the weather isn't bad we are going to talk to a home loan person tomorrow morning. That makes me nervous. Then I want to go by my mom's with some presents and a cake, maybe on Sunday. We went out to dinner last night but her bday isn't until Monday. Plus the dinner was kind of for her and her brother, and I want her to have her own celebration. And I need to buy her another present! Man, I'm going to be busier than I thought (pout, pout).

    Gotta get to work!!
  • Hi everyone,
    Sorry I have been MIA all week. I just haven't felt much like getting on the computer. My weekend plans are work, since I only work on Fri, Sat and Sun. So really my week starts tonight and the weekend start Monday at 7am. Well, I hope everyone is feeling better and has a great weekend. I need to go get uniforms ready and cook for the weekend. If I have time I will post tomorrow.
  • I forgot, I didn't get to go to WI yesterday, WW was cancelled because of a little snow on the ground. It is supposed to snow tonight and all day tomorrow. Oh well, I think I lost 1 or 2 lbs so maybe next thurs will be a good WI day.
  • Wow, slow day!

    Paula, I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Think what a great weigh-in you will have next week. Hope you enjoy work this "week." And by the way, your dog is SO cute.
  • Howdy, folks! It turned cold but I don't think we got any rain. I stopped by the hair salon on the way home to get my eyebrows done, and will go back in a few minutes for a shampoo/blow dry. I'm not in the mood to do it myself and since they don't let you make an appt. for just that, I'll have to go and sit. There's only one other person that I'll let fix my hair (besides me) because she does a great job. Otherwise, I'll do it and save the money.

    Sunday afternoon we're going to Macaroni Grill for Valentines -- beating the rush and using a gift card that someone gave us at Christmas. How cheap and practical can you be, huh? Judd doesn't want to interrupt his workout routine for Monday and Tuesday just to go to dinner with me. He goes to the gym Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and bowls on Wednesday. No wonder I always feel like I'm alone! I *am*!

    It is really a low day on the board!
  • Hi Paula and Melissa, seems that the East Coast is anticipating some bad weather. I guess that's what's coming your way. Kathy, how cold is cold for you guys? Have fun with your mom, Melissa. Sometimes I wish I had a daughter to share things with. Paula your WI loss next week will be that much larger.

    It is quiet here today. I went to Curves for the first time, and it was "friendly" today, lots of chit chat.

    I had a disappointment this morning, though. On Wednesday, I went to an interview for a part time sales position at an eye glass store in our plaza. When it was over, the manager said some nice things including that I was a "gem". I was pleased and pretty confident. Today I got a message saying that I didn't get it. I really don't know if I want to go back to work, but I was very down knowing that I wasn't chosen. I'll get over it, but I feel like feeling sorry for myself right now.

    I don't know what's happening for Valentine's Day, but I think I'd rather eat at home, cause it's so busy that night. Hey we just had two weeks of celebrating!
  • Saundra, cold here is in the 30s. Keep in mind that we were still in the 80s in December and January ... wearing shorts at Christmas. Our weather has been like what you had in Mexico, I'm sure. Our lows were in the 60s and highs in the 80s until earlier this week. We did have one day back in December (I think) where the temp dropped and we got ice on the roads. Now the high today will be 48 and low tonight is 34. By Tuesday we'll be back in the 70s for a high and 50 for a low. Anyway, it's what I'm used to since I've lived in Texas for 49 years.

    I just got back from having my hair fixed and it's mighty cute. Now I have to make sure they don't want to go to a smoky place tonight after dinner because it'll all be ruined. I hate the smell of smoke in my hair, just absolutely hate it. It keeps me awake, and since I have to work a full day tomorrow, I'm not interested in staying awake all night gagging at my stinky hair.
  • Hey Chicks! I'm back from banking and errands. We got the quote for our entertainment center. It was $300 more than I was hoping but $200 cheaper than I thought it would be! Anyway....we ran out there to pick my stain color, the hardware, and put the deposit down. I'm very excited. A solid oak entertainment center for only about $500 more than for some junk from our local furniture store. It will be here in 7 to 8 weeks. Then we can have the TV delivered. Woo Hoo!

    I'm very tired. I think I'm missing my vitamins. I haven't been cleared to start them back up again. Something about blood thinning properties. Oh Oh Oh and I found a little piece of stone! At this rate there will be at least 40 more of the buggers. So something is happening.

    I've decided since I'm dressed, pressed, with make up on and hair fixed.....we'll go out for dinner to our favorite Italian restaurant. I have a lovely Core meal and make the cornmeal chicken and oven fries tomorrow.

    Paula, you sound so down in the dumps. I hope you're ok. Are you sick or just blue? 1 or 2 pounds is GREAT!!!! You should be jumping for joy.

    Kath, enjoy your primping.

    Saundra, we won't go out for Valentine's Day either. It annoys me that they have special menus with special (higher!) prices.

    Melissa, everyone is nervous the first time. It's a big step. It's great to get pre-approved though. Sellers love buyers who are already pre-approved. It alleviates the stress that they have worrying whether or not your loan will be approved.

    Well, I'm gonna go have a nap before we leave. I'll edit my menu later.
  • Kathy, you're nicer than me. Most of my family and friends don't smoke but I refuse to sit in the smoking section or go to bars. The only place Jim and I go where there is smoke is the gambling boats. We strip in the laundry room and run for the shower when we get home. I couldn't sleep with smoke on my hair or skin either.

    Hope I haven't offended anyone here. I just assume no one smokes which is pretty presumptious of me.
  • Finally home! Yipee!! Stopped by wal-mart on the way home to buy Aaron a CD for V-Day. Aren't I romantic?

    Kathy, glad you pampered yourself a little bit. Hope you have fun tonight. I love this one dish at the Mac Grill that is SO not core...I don't remember what it is but I know it had sun-dried tomatoes...yum!

    Saundra, I'm so sorry that you didn't get that job. It is always a little depressing and hurtful not to be chosen, even if you didn't have your hopes set on it. I'm sure something even better will come along.

    Vickie, sounds like you guys got a great deal on your entertainment center. I'm sure it will be beautiful. And I never thought I'd say this, but Yeah! A stone!! Have a nice dinner.

    Off here to figure out dinner and nestle in for the big snow!!
  • Hi all,
    Vickie, I was feeling bad all week but I am always a little down in the dumps on Friday because I have to go back to work. I only work 3 days a week and 4 off. I am usually fine once I get there and get busy.
    Saundra, I think our low last night was 19 and it is supposed to start snowing after midnight tonight.
    Melissa, the dog is Gypsy, she is a great pyrenese. She now lives with my sister-in-law in Franklin, NC, about 1 1/2 hours away. She is so big and loves to run up mountains and stuff, we just didn't have a big enough yard. We do get to go see her often though and she always remembers us.
    I have to go get ready for work, have a good night everyone.
  • Saundra, I meant to tell you that I was sorry you didn't get the job. I was thinking when I read it that there must be something so much more wonderful out there for you. You'll know it when you see it.

    Paula, I didn't know you doggy wasn't with you. That would break my heart if my Cassie and Cameo couldn't be with me. I'm sorry you have to go to work. I'm really lucky to be retired.

    Speaking of retired....where is that Sandra? Did she check in?
  • Vickie, fortunately here, all restaurants are smoke-free but bars aren't. If they vote to go somewhere after, I'll have to go along but Judd has asthma and allergies and always gets sick after he goes (even if for just a day or two) so I'd rather not. Between the stinking and the sickness, it's not worth it.

    I'm glad you saw a stone and glad you got the details for the entertainment center down! My "gravel" looked more like salt and pepper and I had to hold the strainer up to the light sometimes to even see the salt pieces. One piece was pretty large though, and it's taped inside my chart there at the urologist's office.

    Melissa, good luck at the home loan place. It's scary but also exciting at the same time -- I hope you get to go.

    Paula, feel better soon. I hope your w/i next week is a good one!
  • Vickie, I'm trying to picture you and Jim running from the laundry room to the shower
  • Afternoon all! I just realized Valentine's is coming up. However, I'm not worried, because Matt's in charge this year. Ever since our first year, we've taken turns on Valentine's Day doing something really nice for the other. That way, we can have a surprise, and make it a bigger deal. If you remember, last year I took dh to an indoor water park/hotel thing for an overnight stay. I don't think dh has anything big like that in the works for this year, which actually is fine by me. He's done some really nice stuff in the one year he had a barbershop quartet come and serenade me at work, or when he had a limo waiting outside the house to take us to my favorite restaurant. He's pretty thoughtful when he wants to be.

    We're settling in for a nice cozy night at home here. I'm really feeling like I want to binge and eat bad stuff, but I shouldn't. Ever since I got strep a few weeks ago, my eating has been off. I'm with Froufie, trying to get back on the wagon. Maybe you all could slow the wagon down a little so I could catch up?