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  • vickie, famous daves sounds awesome. i hope i've lost a lot of weight before it opens here. curtis and i will prob do like we did with krispy kreme. we went once then no more. of course, i am weighing about the same i've weighed for about a year now.

    paula, i like your plan of eating out after wi each week. i go to ww on fri am so fri lunch would be a good time for us to eat out. curtis and i just talked over the coming week's plan. we won't go out this fri cuz we're leaving sat am for butte and will be gone till sunday night. we'll have to eat out about 4 meals during that time. i know what you mean about its being hard to stop going out to eat. we had been eating lunch out almost daily. that's expensive and makes losing difficult at best.

    kathy, accolades to you for doing so well at spring creek. you are a determined chickie for sure.

    congratulations on gazelling, melissa. i wound up doing 50 minutes total today. tonight i snacked on a banana instead of grapes or popcorn. so far so good.
  • Good morning ladies! I've got a busy day here. I have to teach singing time to the kiddos at church today. I'm subbing for someone. At least I forced myself to go to bed at a decent hour last night though, so I wasn't wiped this morning when the girls got up.

    Darn it, I hear little dd bellowing from her crib.

    I'll check in later,
  • Morning, all. I'm hoping for a quiet day here. The only definite things are laundry so we'll have clothes for work this week. It's supposed to be a very pretty day today.
  • Morning! Sure is quiet here! We're home from church and getting ready to eat some lunch--made at home, not eating out!! That's an accomplishment for us.
    I think we are going to a high school musical this afternoon. A guy Aaron teaches guitar lessons to is in it. We've heard it's really good, so we'll see. But there may not be enough tickets for me, so I might be right here on the couch with you all.

    Sandra, I might have gazelled but you are out-exercising me for sure. I need to get in at least a half hour today. I should be able to do at LEAST that on the weekends. The weekdays are a different story!

    Kathy, hope you are getting lots of rest today.

    Well tomorrow is D-Day--the day we start back to school. Yikes! I'm kind of looking forward to it and dreading it all at the same time. I hope that it is enjoyable and not stressful. When we were in school in NC it was crazy but we were both working 2 PT jobs and then going to school FT too. That was just too much. Well my timer is going off so I better go. BBL!
  • it really is quiet here today, isn't it? i guess there are a lot of lurkers, though. sometimes i forget about the folks who just come here to read. i wonder how many of them come here often. maybe some day they'll hop in with us. i lurked her a short while before i took the plunge. one of the best plunges i ever made.

    melissa, i understand your excitement about going back to school. i went back for my master's degree in the early 80's. then in the 90's i went back and got secondary certification. then i went on to get certification in theater arts. i enjoyed going to class; plus i think it helped me be a better teacher cuz i was used to being on "the other" side of the desk. you and aaron enjoy yourselves. don't let the stress get to you. try to gazell whenever possible. that should help relieve tension. (even though i loved going to school, i'd get the normal stresses.)
  • Dabburn It!!
    It did it to me again. I had a nice long post. Sent and then it told me I was invalid. I am really going to have to figure out that copy and paste stuff. Cause this is getting frustrating. Maybe it is something with my computer. I dont know.
    Well I am thinking of all of you. So I hope everyone has a great day.
    Hubby isnt feeling good today. So glad he has the Dr's appt tomorrow.
    Well I am going to get off here. Again I am thinking of all of you.
    Will check in later.
  • Oh good a new post! I was getting so lost with all the pages!
    Maybe this time I'll be able to keep up!
    I am proud of myself this last weigh in I was down 3.8! So I think I'm only 8 lbs away from my 10%
    I hope to get there in two weeks or so! And I upped my workout today, went uphill for a large portion of my thirty minute walk. I am trying to follow the idea from the Biggest Loser, they did a lot of exercise which I think is pretty important.
    Plus it makes me have more energy and feel better about myself.

    Kathy: I too am so proud to hear about your trip to the restaurant, it's sooo hard to resist all those things on the menu and then having to look at other people's orders, you go girl!

    Paula: I agree about the eating out, you can save a ton of money by not going to out to eat, plus you know exactly what's going into your food at home...
  • Just going to try and copy and paste. See if I can do it.
    I hope you have had a great day. Hubby took a 3 hour nap. So know he wasnt feeling good. Said he is feeling better now.
    Didnt do much today. Just took it easy. I hope everyone has a great evening. Know that I am thinking of each of you.
    Not sure how the scales will be tomorrow night. I am hoping for a loss. But dont know. Will let you know tomorrow after weigh in.
  • Good evening all. I haven't even had time to check the computer until now. I think I run around more and find more stuff I have to do when I am on vacation.
    Kathy, sounds like you are feeling better. I hope so.
    Melissa, good luck with school tomorrow. My hubby and I went back to school last year...I was seeking a degree in pastry and baking arts but I decided it didn't go along with losing weight so I didn't finish. It was really kind of fun though. Try not to get too stressed.
    Sarah, good for you for the weight loss!
    Coco, good luck with the weigh in tomorrow.
    Well I better sign off and go to the gym for a while. Have a good evening everyone.
  • Quiet as a mouse here today!

    Well we are just watching a movie and lazing around. I need to go do laundry and gather up school stuff for tomorrow whenever it's over. I can't believe class is tomorrow. I will leave here around 8:30 and not get home until around 9:30. Yuck!!! Lucky that DH has a flexible job to take care of the puppy and food and all of that.

    Sandra, you just couldn't get enough of school, huh? I forget about lurkers too. Although I'm sure they don't bother to read our silly chit-chat. I'm going to try to exercise more. Keep reminding me.

    Where is Vickie today?

    Paula, whenever I see those chefs on tv I wonder how they stay so skinny. There's no way they can eat all of the stuff that they prepare!

    Coco, I hope that you can get some more info from the doctor tomorrow. It's scary when you just don't feel up to par.

    Sarah, on your loss. You're making fantastic progress. You'll reach your 10% in no time!

    Well off to finish the movie and get ready for the big day tomorrow. I'm already worn out and it's only 8:30.
  • Melissa, have fun tomorrow! You'll be worn out, that's for sure. Is it Monday and Wednesday or what?

    We've been dealing with Erin's computer all day. Seems as though Shaun downloaded some crap and it's causing all sorts of spyware and malware. We've all gone and password protected all six of the computers and I told him if he needs to use one, go to the library or a friend's house but to STAY OFF of these here. Since we're networked, his stupidity could affect all of them. I swear, he's on my last nerve.

    I haven't eaten since lunch but have just been drinking lots of water. I guess I've been too distracted dealing with all this stuff.

    Anyway, everybody have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow.
  • i'm just popping in here to say hello. i'm heading on down to do my daily exercise. ya'll have a good evening.

    melissa, you're prob right. i doubt our posts are nearly as interesting as "desperate housewives."
  • kathy, is shaun going into the navy? i'm thinking i may have missed something about that. last i remember is he was meeting with a recruiter.
  • Kathy, the class is just on Mondays--3 hours long.

    Sandra, you go girl.

    I'm off to get ready for tomorrow and then go to bed early. I'm tired and don't want to start off the day more tired than I have to be. Night!
  • Sandra, he's still talking to the recruiter. He's supposed to be going over this week to take the tests again. Who knows -- I'm sure there will be some reason he doesn't get in, whether health or credit issues or whatever. I'm probably stuck with him for life, and that makes me sick.