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  • Kath, how's your mood this morning?
  • Good morning all! Little dd has been running a low-grade fever for 2 days, and today she's telling me her "mouth" hurts, while pointing at her throat. Back we go to the doctor! Sheesh!

    Other than that, things are good.

    Time to get a move on..

  • Angela, you sure do have your hands full, don't you! I forgot to tell you that I have trifocals. Something to look forward to! Have a great day.
  • Quote: A trip perhaps with a close girlfriend?
    That sounds good, but I don't have any friends. Pathetic, huh? I have people I know, but don't have friends that I shop with or talk on the phone with, etc. I'm a loser.

    It's going to be another sunny day here with the high in the 60s but is supposed to get colder for the weekend. Tomorrow is our off day but of course I'll be working and Saturday too. Might as well.

    The scale was the same this morning which is nice. I'm ready for a drop though, so hopefully I'll see it by Monday if I behave myself all weekend.
  • Vickie, trifocals?? Lordy, girl! I wear regular contacts and then reading glass on top of them. I have to do it that way because I have dynamic presbyopia; it's different every day and throughout the day. I have glasses in all strengths so that I can switch them out. It's something about my brain doing faulty processing while focusing ... whatever. I just know that I'd better have multiple strengths handy at all times or I won't make it thru the day (at least won't be able to READ through the day!). Anyway, that's why I can't have bifocals or monovision contacts, because of the constant change.
  • Kathy, you are NOT a loser! You spend so much time giving to your family and others that you don't get anything back yourself. Maybe one of your coworkers would be a good travelling companion?

    Congrats on the scale. I hadn't even gotten on this morning. I'll go look now.....ugh....not that good. Must keep working!
  • Man, you have the most interesting medical conditions! Yeah, lines though....I do have my vanity. I've always needed distance but then working in the office for 30 years and reading constantly, I need the readers. Then the computer made me need the mid range. Funny thing is that I never wear my glasses except to drive. I was at the eye specialist a couple of weeks ago complaining that my vision in my right eye was blurry. I had once had a crinkled cornea in that eye and was thinking maybe it had happened again. He's so cute. He says maybe you should wear your glasses. You're straining the right eye. Are you on the computer alot without your glasses? WHAT!!!!! How embarrassing. I had to admit that I never wear the glasses. They are not even on my face now. I guess I should get better at that.
  • Yeah, wacky stuff, huh? Now go put on your glasses!! We have one more thing to crack the whip about with you!!

    I barely tolerate my coworkers so I wouldn't want to spend any time outside of work. There are a few nice ones but nobody I'd do anything with.

    Okay I rarely mention this because it's a little silly, but you know that personality test where they tell you what your perfect job would be? Not the Jung Typology (which I also score introverted on), but another one. I'll think of it in a minute. Anyway, it said my perfect job would be a lighthouse keeper because I like to live and be alone.
  • Katpo,
    I am so glad you didn't follow the lighthouse calling, because I'm not so sure how computers would work in that setting and I'd miss you.

    Vickie, thanks for starting the Thursday thread for menus. Don't worry about a small scale drop. You will get a : as you do this longer and longer morphing the eating into your lifestyle.

    Sandra, busy day and what fun to end up with a SUV. Good luck with all you're doing. I notice you're more like the optimistic self I've seen in you before.

    All of us: Looks like the winter doldrums are stealing our peace. This is always a trying time of year with less light, more colds and viruses, and people simply feeling draggy. I may have to head to the doc tomorrow if my dizziness doesn't clear up because I probably have a sinus infection. In any case, I am working this program really hard and am disappointed that I can't exercise right now--especially after naming exercise in the bootstrap thread.
    However, I've got to make this day count and I know that if I eat right, I'll lose weight even if I can't tackle the exercise right now.

    Coco, how are you? And Melissa and all the rest?
    Onward and Downward to us all!
    Judy Itry
    234.6/207.6/thinner into onederland
    Hey, has anyone ever tried this to make them feel better? Step on a doctor type scale that has the thingie that can be placed at your original overweight starting point. Then slooooooooowly move the weight indicator down to where you are now. It feels delicious to visually see how much weight you've actually knocked off. This helps me when I get down and I hope it helps someone else too.
  • Hello, remember me? I'm back and it was great! It's not so easy coming home to the Ottawa cold, but it was a wonderful vacation. We got our upgrade and enjoyed the jacuzzi. The sea was a little rough, so we just used the pool more often. Lots of walking and careful eating. I splurged the last three days, and the scale is being very good to me, 147.5 today.

    It looks like you are all doing well, can't keep up with all the posts.

  • Welcome back! We were wondering about you -- and woohoo at that scale! Even with splurging you managed to stay on track. What a great accomplishment!
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  • Vickie, thanks for asking. I'm feeling much better than I did, but still have a sore throat. But my tired-ness is much better. Do you have your glasses on?

    Kathy, I can understand. I really don't have many friends either, basically just the one! I get along with the girls at work but we aren't really in a place where we would do anything outside of work.

    The scale was not kind this morning! And then I just ate a bad lunch. The stupid microwave wouldn't work to cook my smart one. Oh well, maybe it will just encourage me to be extra good tonight.

    Judy, I think you're right, winter is getting to us! I hope that you go to the doctor if you don't feel better soon.

    Saundra, so glad you're back, and that you had a great time!

  • Thanks Kathy and Melissa, it was wonderful. That's Me and my Man!
  • Hey Chicks! Is anyone out there? I can't see too good. Actually, you've encouraged me to put them on. I said I was going to leave them by the computer. I was just whining to Jim a few minutes ago that I have a headache. Hmmmmmm.....what could I have a headache from?

    Ok...glasses are on.

    Saundra, welcome home! You look beautiful and your man is a handsome guy. It's so nice to hear that you had a great time. It's freezing here today too but rather sunny which is always nice.

    Kathy, do you mean Myers Briggs? I scored off the map extovert on that test! I bet none of you are surprised at that, are you? I think I was ENFJ. It stood for something like extrovert, intuitive, feeling, judging.

    Judy, you are so positive. It's wonderful to have you here.

    Gotta go for now since I'm on the phone with my big Sister.