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  • Coco, sorry to hear that your DH is having pain still. I don't really know about that email notification either.

    Vickie, I'm so sorry that you still aren't feeling well. And boy are you ever liquidated! That's great.

    Kathy, sounds like you are ready to relax. Those cheese blankets sound awesome!! Enjoy AI tonight.

    I didn't get home until 7:00!!! I've walked the dog, eaten my taco salad and now I have to do some laundry. DH is still at church. I just found out we are going out to eat for my mom's bday tomorrow night. That means I need to clean and come up with a cake or other something for her I suppose. I don't know if they'll be coming over here or not afterwards. I don't even have all of her gift yet! But her bday isn't actually until Monday, maybe I'll wait until then to deliver her gifts. I don't know.
    Off to get some stuff I can go to bed.
  • Melissa, you guys have more birthday dinners than anyone I've ever seen! I think all of the birthdays in your family are concentrated in just a few months!

    Well, I'm all ready for AI and didn't even take my bath yet. I love that Kelly Pickler girl. She's my choice to go all the way.
  • MIL and my mom's birthdays are only a week apart.

    Is Kelly the one they just showed from Greensboro? It's interesting how they pick favorites from the beginning.
    Hey, we'll need a new AI board.
  • Kathy I just saw that you put your stats over in the profile. I didn't know you could do that!
  • It's new. Go to edit options and it's in there.

    Kelly is the one with the pretty tan and long blonde hair. Her mom left when she was 2 and her dad's been in and out of prison. She lives with her grandpa and works at Sonic. She's from a little town in North Carolina and seems like such a sweet girl. I hope she does very well, because she needs it.
  • Yeah, I just saw her on there and thought that she will definitely be a favorite. Not to make light of her situation, but having a good "story" helps with the audiences as well. She seems very talented and sweet though.

    OK I really have to go do some laundry. brb
  • Hey, I forgot about AI tonight! I'm going to finish my game of World Class Solitaire and go watch TV. I feel popcorn coming on tonight!
  • hi there, everyone. we have been gone all day to wildhorse plains, montana. we drove there (about 100 miles) to visit some archery friends. while there we found a used suv that will pull a travel trailer. they are delivering the suv saturday. life is good.

    girls, we don't give up, do we? we're bound to get to goal some day.

    i hope all of you who aren't perking well today will be perkier tomorrow. (sounds weird, doesn't it?) sorry i don't have time to post much. seems there's a lot to do after being gone all day. i'm not used to that.
  • Sandra, congrats on buying a new vehicle! That is exciting. You have had a busy day, haven't you? Rest up!

    I enjoyed watching AI. I like it when they start narrowing it down and you can get to know the contestants.

    Well DH is home now and we are watching the Grammy's a little bit. Invasion comes on tonight too, but I will have to watch the DVR'd version some other time. DH takes off on Thursdays so he always wants me to stay up with him. I'm too tired!!
  • I'm in a bad ol' pissy mood again ... seems like it doesn't take much to set me off. I'll be glad when every one of these kids is GONE! Kate and Devan came home from work, went upstairs and fell asleep on her bed. Ordinarily that would be okay, but her car was at his house (they're riding to work together this week) and I knew she had to eventually wake up, wake him up, have him take her to his house and drive her car back here. I made them get up and go ... said why put it off if you're tired? Just go get your car and come home and go to bed! Geez!

    Then I was going to put the black beans from the stove to the fridge. I started looking for bowls and lids ... Shaun did the dishes last and I swear he hides things. I looked high and low for two that matched; finally found something after opening every cabinet! Aggravating!!!

    So then the phone rang. It was Judd finishing up bowling. He said they were going to No Frills (a local bar) and was I still dressed? No, I'm in my PJs and not feeling too sociable at the moment. He said come up there if I want to and I say don't expect me. Grrr ... I have RE-FRICKIN'-SPONSIBILITIES!!!!! Doesn't anyone get it?

    So then I put the big dog out to go potty, and she just goes out there and barks. And barks and barks and barks. OMG!!!! At this point I'm about to get out the gun!

    Good Lord, I'm in a bad mood.
  • Hi everyone,,,,,,
    just popping in to say hi! Im feeling a touch better,,dh adn i actually had a burger tonight for supper...first time I cooked since friday. It tasted good,,but stomach was alittle upset tonight. Not used to real food I guess.
    Coco if you go to the *announcements and forum help* board here they will help pc was *acting* up and doing something similar to yours and Suzanne from that board helped me fix it right up.
    back to the couch...c u
  • Kathy, I'm so sorry. You have the right to remain pissy!

    Patti, I'm glad that you are feeling better. We've missed you!

    I've ended up watching Invasion. Right when I was going to bed it got really freaky and I had to finish watching it. But off to bed in 10 minutes!!! Night all.
  • Good Morning Chicks! I went to bed at 1:00. What is up with me? Hurt my neck again in the same place in the middle of the night when I stretched funny. Sheesh. Nothing going on with the stone/gravel. They say it may take a couple of days. Follow up appointment is next Tuesday so I guess I'll know more then.

    Kathy, you had a stinky evening. You need some quality attention from your DH. It sounds like you have spoiled them all rotten and now they expect it. They don't think about responsibilities because you take care of everything girlfriend! Maybe you need a little me time. A trip perhaps with a close girlfriend?

    Patti, it is ALWAYS good to hear from you. I'm glad you're on the mend but sorry to hear you were so sick for so long. I hope the scale is nice to you when you finally feel better enough to care about it again.

    Sandra, we sure did miss you but it seems you had a very productive day.

    I watched AI last night on DVR. There are a couple of great voices there and several "personalities". I'm going to enjoy this season I believe.

    Ok, it's time for a menu thread.
  • Morning friends! I am the only one at work this morning. I'm not sure what's going on. It is snowing, but I didn't have any problems getting here. It's going to be a busy day. I wish I could just sit here and do nothing!

    Vickie, I'm sorry that your neck is hurting again! And I'm sure that you will be digging in gravel in no time. I enjoyed AI last night too. I forget how addicting it is.

    Well, despite the fact that no one is here, I have work to do! Hope you all have a blessed day.
  • Melissa, how are you feeling today? Is the Z pack finally kicking in? At least you can be Core at Roadhouse if you want. I love the sweet potato. It's the only time I get one since Jim doesn't eat them and for some reason I don't make them at home. I never ate sweet potatoes before Core. My tastes are a changing!

    I'm ok. Just whining! And now......breakfast.