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  • Morning everyone! I can't stay but wanted to say hi. I am feeling less tired today but my throat still hurts.
    : to everyone! It seems like we're all trying to get back on board today!
  • Hey, Melissa! I saw on the menu thread that you still aren't feeling up to par. Are you at work? I'm going to take it easy too but I'm going to be much better than I have been.
  • Man, sickness is flying through the air! My own ds is sick and she's my e-mail pal, and now lots of chicks are feeling under the weather too. Vickie, I think it's normal to feel tired after any procedure (especially if it involved anesthesia) but I hear how much you want to lose weight.

    Right now I'm trying to fit weight loss into my lifestyle and it's not all that easy. What's the saying? Simple, but not easy. So for today I am planning and preparing. I've got the food in the house, and I'm aiming to baby step my way through the day. (I woke up dizzy and haven't been able to get to Ww's yet for my WI. Will get there later in the day. Darn!)
    Everybody get well and stay well and let's do this!
    Judy Itry
  • Judy, aren't we a sad but DETERMINED bunch of chicks? I'm getting off now since I'm very hungry and must starting drinking that flushing water. I don't know if I'll treadmill today but I MUST move around.
  • Vickie thanks for asking. I am at work. I am feeling better as far as not being as tired, but my throat still hurts quite a bit. You sound like you are doing well, that's good to hear! Drink your water!
  • Good morning all! Vickie, I agree. Take it easy here. Any procedure will leave you feeling drained (pardon the pun ) and I know you have a lot of pent up stress in there too. Just try to relax and enjoy your Honey Lamb's company, and focus on feeling better.

    I just got back from the eye doctor...finally! It feels like we were there forever. My oldest dd and I had our exams. My eyes have gotten worse (big surprise) so I just need new lenses. But dd is moving into bifocals! I guess her tracking and binocular skills are kind of deteriorating. Her eyes are having more trouble working together, and the bifocals will help. She's been in glasses since she was 3. It's not that her vision is super bad, she's just got these issues. Since we've had her in glasses, it's helped, but I guess this move was pretty much inevitable. Hopefully, she'll only be in them for a few years until her eyes "grow up" a little more. She's getting the kind with a line, because our dr said it's easier for kids to use that kind. She also said kids tend to adjust much more easily to bifocals than adults do. We'll see! The dr also strongly suggested I bring in dd #2, especially since her sister has this vision problem. This could get even more expensive. Oh well. I'm glad in a way that we're taking care of all this early. Dh has struggled with learning disabilities all his life, and I find myself wondering how much of it was poor vision.

    Anyhoo, I'm off to make some lunch for the girls...later all!
  • Ah glasses and eyesight - something I am getting into - as it seems there is a general conspiracy out there and everything seems to be in MUCH SMALLER print these days? Has anyone else noticed that?

    I was actually cross eyed when younger - wore glasses since age 3, had surgery at age 5, then wore glasses til age 12 - and then nada! Now I think I have 'old' eyes - or getting there and I am having major trouble with all this fine small print! I think I just need some 'magnification' but broke down and agreed to let dh make an eye appt with his eye dr (yes I have to wait a couple of months to get in). I am very afraid that I will need glasses again - and I really don't want them - I look horrible in glasses - and I can't imagine putting contacts in my eyes? But I do love to read so will have to bite the bullet - eventually! (I do get $200 for glasses every 2 yrs I think according to gov benefits - yippee!).

    I am feeling cruddy too today - I did relax last night in bed at 10 pm but read til 11:30 - still had trouble waking up - and had a minor (premenstrual/hormonal) headache - popped some pills showered and got to work - to find out our 'piece' at the the VERY IMPORTANT MEETING that we were presenting at - was changed from 11 am to 9:30 am (and I got in at 9) - so after a bit of a panic (and no food or drink for me) - off we went.

    All went well (even got some major compliments from some of those present on the work my unit is doing), but by 11 am I felt horrible - got a blueberry scone and some REAL (caffeinated) coffee. Did not help much.

    Had some leftover pizza for lunch (ya I know....) and another ultra tylenol and some diet coke - and still my head is pounding! I have a unit meeting soon (2-3pm) and honestly if I don't feel better I think I shall head home right after that.

    At least the cleaning lady is there now and I can't wait to step into the lemon scented air and enjoy the view of the 'striped/vacummed" carpets! ha ha ha.

    I have a meeting I'm supposed to go to tonight - but frankly I think I shall pass and just stay home and vegetate!

    I have some steak and boneless/skinless chicken breasts in fridge - but not sure what I will cook - and don't feel like cooking at all - I'm sure dh can handle making steaks when he gets home?...and might convince him to marinate the chicken breasts for tomorrow night's dinner? I really have to do better at getting back on track!


    Headachey Froufie
  • Frouf, sounds like you are having re-entry problems! You'll be ok. You just need to plan a few meals. That's what I'm working on now.

    So I walked on the treadmill for the first time in a VERY long time. 1.25 miles in 40 minutes. No where near my fastest but I was just trying to get started again. I thought it was ok to walk since my paper says walking and moving aids in the passing of gravel. So then the woman from the surgi center calls to see how I'm doing and says I shouldn't get on the treadmill any more until after I stop passing blood. she's got me scared. I do feel kind of uncomfortable so I guess I'll take a pain pill and rest for a couple of days until the blood stops. Jim said they told me I could walk on the treadmill on Thursday. Of course, I don't remember any of the conversation from yesterday since I was pretty high. I asked him why he didn't stop me! He said he thought I just decided to walk no matter what they said. Double sheesh.....I was HIGH! Anyway, I'm trying not to over react but it isn't easy.

    I'm off to take a warm bath.
  • LMAO, Frouf, I LOVE the towel bunny. I have a good friend who makes towel animals when we go on trips. She uses the towels from the hotels and it cracks me up every time .

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who convinced me to do Core. I am so in love with CORE!!!! I will eat this way for the rest of my life. I am so satisfied when I eat, not like when I would eat empty calories before. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I want to continue to get this natural high from eating healthy for the rest of my life. I really cannot thank you ladies enough!
  • Vickie,
    In my house when the kids did great things (A's on report cards, etc.) we'd always tell them to get on the steps, make a big to-do about the accomplishment and have a lot of fun. Well, "Vickie, get on those steps!!!"
    It is incredibly wonderful that you got on your treadmill. Weigh to go. Glad you're keeping up with your challenge.

    I am so glad you love Core. Isn't it the best? It doesn't feel like dieting to me. Is it completely natural, not quite. But it's as close to losing weight without making myself crazy than I've ever been. Good for you!

    I always think it's tough coming back into a routine of real life when I've been on vacation. Pretty soon you'll have your energy back and life will kick into gear and you'll be fine.

    I'm doing well today food-wise, but woke up feeling dizzy and tried to do yoga and that didn't work at all! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be A-OK. It's probably just a little congestion that's affecting my balance. Anyway, I weighed in this morning, dropped 1.2# and am doing fine with food. Even though I changed the actual foods I'm eating from my posted menu, I still feel good about it because the changes haven't been BLT's, but sensible substitutes. Onward and downward! :
    Judy Itry
    234.6/207.6/thinner into wonderland
  • Vickie. I'm sure everything is alright. We're proud of you for trying though! Hope you are resting and feeling well.

    Judy, Great weigh-in! Was that a week or just a few days? It's amazing what will happen when we set our minds to things, isn't it? I know you are going to keep going strong. You've already come so far.

    Kathy must be a busy bee today!

    Angela, sorry to hear about all of your vision troubles. That does sound difficult, and expensive. Hopefully the other girls won't have similar problems.

    Well I'm still at work, trying very hard not to melt down and eat all of the junk in site. I'm just reminding myself of that tasty taco salad that is waiting for me at home.

    I do have to admit that I ate one cookie today and two bites of a breaded chicken pattie. I know, yuck! I was putting them away and it popped in my mouth before I knew what happened.

    Hoping to go home soon...
  • Hi Everyone
    Well not much going on here.
    Hubby isnt feeling good today. His chest is hurting again. Guess that inflammation hasnt cleared up yet. He even took one of his pain pills today. He also had to take one yesterday. So hopefully this stuff clears up soon.
    The eating today has been really bad. I have ate everything and anything I could get my hands on. Its that time (TOM). So I guess that is why. But you know there is some months and I do alright. And then other months I do really bad. Dont know why.
    Has anyone been having trouble with the instant e-mail notification thing. You know down at the bottom where you can mark instant email. Then when someone post. It will let you know. Well since they change the server I dont get the e-mail thing. I check it. But I dont get it. Does anyone know if I have to go somewhere and change anything on my computer since the server change. I dont know a thing about these computers.
    And the copy and paste thing. Still trying to work on that.
    Well I am going to get off here for now.
    I am thinking of all of you. Hoping you have had a great day.
    Everyone have a great night.
  • Gee Coco, I'm not sure about the email notification. I've never tried to do that and I'm not sure how it works. Maybe one of the others will know. Sorry about DH. I sure to hope it clears up soon. There is nothing worse than being unwell.

    Melissa, I didn't have a perfect day either. But all in all, it was much better than it has been. I think that's all we can ask for. Taco salad sounds great. I hope you held out for it. Did you mail your hospice application?

    Judy, thanks for your encouragement. I love your stair tradition. It made me smile....big!!!! You're doing great getting back on program. That dizziness is a bit disconcerting though. Try not to push yourself too hard.

    Sheridan, I am SO happy to hear how you feel about Core. I wasn't sure that someone so young and in school would have alot of Core options. I feel the same way. I try to tell myself that this is how I'll eat for the rest of my life.

    I've planned my dinners for the next two days. That's a relief for me. I'm craving cola chicken and corn meal chicken. I'll probably do oven fries both days. These are my comfort food Core meals. I figure they'll help ease me back onto the program.

    Sandra and Kathy.....where are you?

    I'm feeling pretty darned uncomfortable and had to take a pain pill. I had a nice bubble bath though so I'm feeling clean and fairly relaxed. I'm drinking glasses of water 11 and 12. I've also had 16 ounces of decaf coffee and 12 ounces of caffeine free diet Pepsi. I am QUITE hydrated. It won't be my fault if these particles don't wash out! I'll either have a cup of decaf tea tonight or another soda with some popcorn later. I haven't decided yet.
  • Here! Just got home after a wacky day at work!

    And I shouldn't even report this, but I made some of the best stuff tonight! Nobody's here but I had to try it before I forgot. I made something sorta like pigs in a blanket but used string cheese for the "pig" instead of little sausages. OMG! Talk about goooood!

    I had a pretty good eating day but the snack monster smacked me in the head this afternoon, so I had some raisins, and some Light Ruffles (olestra!) and then some sweet potato chips, and some Simply Jif peanut butter. Get the picture? I decided not to have dinner. My Core food list, when overlapped with the Sugar Busters food list, is practically identical. Neither have to be counted, and the main differences, at least to me, is no white potatoes on SB, but no WW bread or natural PB on Core. I'll probably have to do a combination and as long as I drink all my water and stay away from the real cokes, I'll be fine. Actually, I'm not even all that concerned about losing anymore. Weird, huh? Maybe I'm fine where I am.

    AI tonight and I couldn't be more glad that the auditions are over. I'm ready for some Hollywood!!! Judd is bowling, Kate isn't home from work, Erin has just gone to work, and I have no idea where Shaun is. He could be upstairs or gone or maybe he ran away ... no idea. I suppose he'll surface soon.

    I'd better get going on my bath so I can be ready for TV!
  • Hey this did instant e-mail this time. Execpt it took me to page 13 instead of page 16. Oh well. Maybe I just need to save my money and get me a new computer.
    Have a great night everyone.