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  • coco, how are you doing today? did you ever work on the copy/paste thingee? it took me awhile to get the hang of it, too. in fact, i still have many many frustrations from this old puter.
  • I'm going to set up a weekly challenge right now.
    Judy Itry
  • Finally able to log on as I have been supremely busy at work - and now trying to head home!

    Vickie - I am SO GLAD it's over and you survived! Good For you - hope you had a good rest and are feeling recovered.

    Melissa - glad you got that extra rest you obviously needed!

    I had a heck of a time trying to get out of bed this morning and in case you were wondering I still don't want to be here!

    Made a 'display' on the printer table today and it was a big hit! A framed pic of me and dh at formal night, my golden (plastic) ship's trophy, copies of the daily carnival capers (daily agenda), a map of the ship, my submarine dive certificate and two boxes of cruiseline chocolates (one chocolate covered macadamia nuts and the other toffee crunch chocolate pieces) - they went very quickly (and someone actually left the empty boxes on my chair with a note that said 'refills please' - what a funny bunch!). I guess two boxes were not enuf!

    Crazy busy day trying to get thru my emails and messages (took all day long) and then meetings (which I obviously didn't know about before hand). My eating is a bit wacky too.

    Very hungry today - had a yogurt when I got to work (around 9 am) - then found out about an 11 am meeting so I had my lunch at 10:30 am (bagel w/cream cheese and smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes!)....then of course hungry at 2 pm (in a meeting too). Had brought some veggies and dip so I ate those at 3 pm - still hungry and I found some roasted sunflower seeds in my desk drawer so ate a pile of those w/diet soda - and now some jelly beans - not good!

    So definitely need to head home and eat something better and more filling!

    Will check in later!

  • judy, thanks for setting up the challenge. i'll go hop in.

    frouf, the display table sounds delectable. can i get a refill? i'm hungry today, too.
  • Ugh.....not hungry! For a change......

    I've been sleeping all day...and snoring, I'm told! I guess I can't deny it because every time I wake up my throat and mouth are dry as the Sahara. Makes it easy to drink the water that I'm supposed to be consuming. My stomach is a trifle touchy because I think I'm over hungry. Oh yeah and my back hurts too but nothing serious. This straining is already getting old and I've seen nothing. I sure hope he broke up the silly thing and not that it's just still sitting there. Wouldn't that be a pip!

    Melissa, I'm not surprised you still feel cruddy. Tomorrow morning should be a turning point for you.

    Frouf, your first day back sounds crazy but not too horrible. I think your display sounds adorable. I would have really enjoyed working with you. My boss used to love going away with me there because she never had any bad things to do when she returned. I was a darned good employee. I guess that's why they promoted me to Director when she left. That's it, Frouf, you need a girl Friday! I hope you get some good healthy eats for tonight and that you are able to rest and relax tonight.

    Judy, I NEED a challenge. I'll join. I'm sure there is something small I can do. This gaining must stop.

    Coco, there have been many weeks where I was happy to stay the same. Congratulations and I know you'll get it off next week. I'll try too!

    Kathy, how was your "hard" core day?

    Thanks so much to everyone who figuratively "held" my hand and wished me well through all of my trials and tribulations. I hope in about a week I'll feel like new. If I have to have another lithotripsy, I won't ever feel so freaked out about it again. I sure could feel the love around me today.

    My blood pressure was high when I got there and they were concerned about my pulse. It was 127 for a while and they kept saying it was "tacky". They sent the Anesthesiologist in to talk to me and he must have calmed me down. He asked me if I wanted some "happy" medicine to calm me down until the procedure. I gratefully accepted, and after that it was ok. There were very great and reassuring folks there. It was one of these new fangled Surgi Centers and not a hospital. When I told them how kind and reasuring they all were, every one of them said it was because they liked their jobs. How refreshing and wonderful was that?!

    I'm going to have a bite to eat (non-Core) and I'll check back on all of you. Tomorrow is the beginning of the second phase of my Core program. It might go slow but at least it'll go!
  • Sandra, that cake sounds FABULOUS! Is it worth 3 points? YUM! I wonder how it would be to throw some poppy seeds in? I love lemon cake and still occasionally think about Curtis' lemon poppy seed muffins that he didn't share!
  • LOL! Vickie, at least you aren't tacky! Never were, never will be! Tachycardia = abnormally rapid heartbeat. Bradycardia = abnormally slow heartbeat.

    I'm glad you're feeling better though. If "not hungry" is a side effect of the lithotripsy, then take it and run! Oh and did you get a free t-shirt? And did you get some extra "happy medicine" to go?
  • No tshirt and only pain medicine. No "happy" medicine. Jim will have to be my happy medicine! He as a great guy today as always.

    I'll be back!
  • vickie, the cake is fabulous. and it's 3 pts when you cut it into 12 servings. look on the side of your cake mix box. it should say how many calories for the mix alone. usually they are 180 (i think.) the egg white and pop are 0 pts. the sf jello is about 1 pt for the whole thing.

    i accidentally made mine with peach jello. it was still good. i don't know much about cooking with poppyseeds but i'm guessing it would be excellent. i'm thinking of making a strawberry cake/strawberry jello next.
  • Wow, I thought I'd have missed alot by watching TV all evening. Hope you're all ok.

    Sandra, I'm really anxious to try the lemon version. I really shouldn't be eating cake but I sure do want some.

    I'm going to try to do to bed soon. I slept so many hours that I'm not sure I can sleep. If I can't sleep, I'll be back here surfing again.
  • Good Morning Chicks! Nothing new with me. Last one here last night and first one here this morning.

    I'm going to shower and get dressed early today. I need to plan some meals. Right now I only feel like laying on the couch. Maybe if I get dressed I'll feel better.
  • Good morning, Vickie! The second I walked into work someone asked me to do something so I didn't get to get on here right away. The very NERVE of them!
  • Yeah, how dare they ask you to work! Don't they know you have chicks to tend to?