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  • Oh kathy - enjoy the beer and hope it helps to alleviate the "pissiness" of your mood, however, given what you have described you have every reason to be ticked off - I would be too!

    ...and that little fella sure looks familiar (I am now making dh download all our pics onto disk so I can share some as well).

    I keep reminiscing about the cruise - like tonight I know is formal night - and everyone is having lovely drinks (lime daiquiries, whiskey sours, manhattans, etc) in the Adriatic Lounge - all dressed up nice and sparkly - and little hot appetizers are being circulated - and everyone gets to see the captain and officers - and then off to a lovely dinner (lobster tails!)....sigh.....

    Patti - sorry you are not feeling well - hope the toast and soup helps!

    Sandra - I am so glad you shooting is back up to speed - and the falls were so gorgeous and such natural beauty - dh took some lovely shots of those as well!

    Vickie - sending you fabulous good vibes for tomorrow morning (so exactly what time is 7:30 CST in relation to frouf time??? ) for the 5 lbs - well I know it's pms setting in as I just can't stop eating - was grocery shopping and had an impulse buy of a bag of fritos - just had to eat some! How crazy is that? But I also bought some fresh peppers (green, red, orange and yellow) and some lf ranch dip - and ff probiotic sf yogurt (yes I just found a new brand and hope it tastes good!), and cucumbers and baby carrots and more plain oatmeal - so no excuses! Need to ensure the weight does not creep up on me - and of course I need to get back on that treadmill and start walking on these short stubby little legs of mine!

    I am feeling depressed - I think part of it is post vacatio let down and pms combined - and having to back to the office tomorrow seems daunting - I know it will take most of the morning to get thru my emails and messages if not all day - then probably some fires to fight as well! I am already longing for the weekend.

    ...and little Miss Drama Queen started her whining yet again - about how she is not doing her 'kitchen duty' cuz I did not buy her this mp3/zen thing she wants - ya right! so I'm not driving you to dance class I reply - but you have to she says - no I don't - watch me. Yes the dishes were put away - finally - and the place is a pigsty and I am counting the seconds till the cleaning lady shows up on wednesday!

    And I want you all to know how special you are making me feel with all your welcome back wishes - it sure makes me feel a whole lot better!

    I think my tan is already fading! YIKES! (note to self: must try and locate the tinted moisturizer before tomorrow morning! ha ha ha)

  • Thanks everyone! I'm having my last drink of water and I'm off to bed.

    Frouf, of course your blue! It's only natural. Give yourself a break and enjoy those memories. I'm not sure what Canadian time zones are. I wish I had the time to look it up now. Does anyone know how it compares to the States time zones?

    Talk to you all tomorrow. If I can't get on, I'll ask Jim to at least let you all know that I'm home.
  • Frouf, I think if you are near Ontario you are one hour later than CST. If that's true then 7:30 a.m. here is 8:30 a.m. your time.
  • OH NO! I got to work a little late today due to two accidents (not mine, thank goodness) on the freeway and two trains on the route I decided to take to avoid the freeway. Then I made my breakfast before getting on the computer, answered a question in another thread before coming here and so I missed the 7:30 for Vickie!

    I hope it's all going fine for you, Vick! Hurry back!
  • LOL! The wacky things that make the newspaper! Look at this story:

    GRAND PRAIRIE -- A man was arrested Monday after a four-hour standoff with police that began after the man was involved in a domestic incident with his parents, police said. The man reportedly had access to guns, but no shots were fired and no hostages were taken in the home near Ridgewood and Racquet Club drives, Detective John Brimmer said. The call began as a family disturbance. The man, whose identity was not released, apparently became angry at his parents over a missing pair of underwear and the confrontation turned physical, Brimmer said. An official at nearby Jackson Middle School said that the administration kept up with the situation but that there was no lockdown.
    Over a missing pair of UNDERWEAR? Get a hold of yourself, mister!!!
  • Morning all. I got up this morning, showered, and felt like crap, so I called in for half a day and went back to bed. I just got back up.

    Vickie, I was thinking about you this morning even though I wasn't here to post. I hope all is well with you right now. :

    Kathy, what a crazy story. Sounds like some of my clients. I'm glad that you got to work okay this morning!

    Frouf, so glad to see you back!! I'm sorry that you are feeling down, but that makes sense after such a luxurious vacation.

    Well I have to go get ready for work and walk the dog. I will talk to you all later!
  • Hi Everyone
    I hope everyone is having a great day.
    Well with weigh in last night. I stayed the same. I guess that is better than gaining. So hopefully I will have a loss next week. It is also TOM. Any day now. So leader said that is probably why I stayed the same.

    VICKIE Thinking of you. Hope you got along alright with the test today. Am thinking of you. And you are in my prayers.

    KATPO Hope you have a great day. Glad you vented instead of eating.

    Well I am going to get off here for now. Just wanted to check in for a few. Will be back later. Have a great day everyone. Thinking of all of you.
  • Hi All. I'm home and the lithotripsy is over. No stent so it seems everything went pretty well. I go back in 7-10 for another xray and find out whether or not I need to have another procedure. In the meantime, I'm a straining maniac!

    I've had some food and a pain pill and I'm very tired. I'm going to go sleep on the couch now.
  • I'm glad you're back and it's all over! Go rest now.
  • Vickie I hope that you are taking a nice long journey through dreamland. We're glad it's over for you!!

    Coco, you're definitely right. No gain is a good gain.
  • vickie, i'm glad you're home resting. sure hope you're feeling better when you wake up.

    melissa and patti, are you feeling better?

    coco, congratulations on staying the same.

    we practiced a short while this am. we'll be competing in league tonight so we didn't want to overdo it. just had lunch. it was core cept for 3 pts of cake i had for dessert. i made it with a new recipe i got from a dear friend. i'll go post it now if any of you are interested.
  • Sandra,
    Glad to hear you're eating Core. Weigh to go.
    Congrats on the no gain WI. I'd love one of those.
    So glad the procedure is over. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now. Good for you!
    Melissa and Patti, feel well soon.
    Frouf, you and your rabbits were missed!
    I'm doing fine and trying to keep my head on straight so my eating follow through in the way I know I can work this program. Straightening up the house and watching some TV after doing yoga.
    Judy Itry
    WI is tomorrow so I plan to stay on track.
  • hi, judy. sounds like you're doing great. i'm happy for you.
  • Sandra, my good friend! Do you know that I just got the PM you sent me yesterday? I was a little aggravated. I know that you are doing great though. You have worked long and hard at your archery and you are GOOD to boot! Thanks for asking about me. I am at work this afternoon, just very, very tired, a little dizzy, and of course my throat still hurts. But not as much as yesterday.

    Judy, good to hear from you. Good job doing that yoga.

    I guess we've all been a little off track lately haven't we? Maybe we need to pull ourselves up by our boot straps together and get back on the wagon. Maybe a new weekly challenge? I need something to keep me going, that's for sure.
  • melissa, you are so sweet. and smart, too. you're right. we need to pull up by the bootstraps. i'm game for any challenge.

    i'm glad you're feeling better. don't overdo it.