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  • senior, eating right isn't the problem. i need more carbs than i was getting. i just have to be more careful to get in enough.
  • Evening Everyone
    Just thought I would check in for a few. Not much happening here.
    Didnt get into too much today. Eating was so-so.

    UFSENIORGIRL WELCOME The group here is really great. They give you alot of support and advice. I know they have really helped me.

    ONTARGET Glad you done better today. Am thinking of you.

    Wont stay on here long. Didnt know what time they are doing that server thing. But just wanted to check in. I am thinking of all of you. I probably wont be on here in the morn. Got some running around to do in the morn. Not sure how long it will take.
    So everyone have a great weekend.
  • Sandra, oh, okay. I thought you were talking about not following the diet because archery is more important. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Coco, thanks for welcoming me here. Gosh, you guys are all way too nice .

    Does anyone know what time zone the midnight is refering to? My guess is Eastern. guys probably won't even see this before midnight anyways . See you guys in a couple days, hopefully sooner.
  • Good Morning Chicks! Welcome Home. We're back in business!

    Sandra, I'm so glad you've figured out the problem! I know how passionate you are about your archery.

    Melissa, I hope you're feeling better this morning.

    Kath, I hope you didn't go to work. Sunday's were always pajamas days for me.

    Patti, I hope you feel better soon. There is nothing worse than feeling sick.

    Sheridan, I love Chicago and have lived here all my life. I don't even give the snow a second thought. I need the change of seasons. I also need my WW meetings. I've also proved (on one the millionth times I've joined and quit WW) that I need the accountability of my weekly meetings. But these ladies, and coming here, are what keep me going. No sniping or meaness here, just good old-fashioned positive support and motivation. BTW, my husband watches the Office and has been watching it since the beginning. I don't watch it though because it isn't my sense of humor. I guess I don't think it's funny because I lived office life for 30 years and I know some of that stuff happens! Jim laughs out loud at it too. I'm more a Boston Legal and Grey's Anatomy girl.

    Sarah, Congratulations on your weight loss! At this rate, you'll catch up to me in no time.

    I'm up early again. I just cannot lay down for more than 6 hours with this darn pulled muscle in my neck. I've tried everything and stuff works for a little bit but nothing is making it go away. I'm guessing if it's stress it's not going to go away until after Tuesday. Tylenol really does nothing.

    I'm supposed to be cooking dinner tonight. Thankfully, Jim is the type to help so I should be ok. It's time to see if this will post ok. I think I'll start a menu thread too.
  • Wow....the board seems slow. They must not be done with all their work yet.

    Frouf, are you home yet?
  • Vickie, I made it too!!! LOL. I don't blame you for not liking The Office in that case. Obviously if you delt with those situations for 30 years you would not find it funny. I, on the other hand, have only worked at Publix (like Krogers) in the front office, and haven't had my "real" job yet. Jim seems to have my same sense of humor, more like "guy humor". I have two brothers, was in advanced math and science classes, and now in engineering, so I have been around mostly guys my entire life, and their humor has rubbed off onto me. I too LOVE Boston Legal and Grey's Anatomy (and of course CSI).
  • Morning, everybody! What a relief to be back!!

    I probably won't go to work because the one guy I was going to be seeing today was only going to be there between 7 and 10. By the time I could get there it would be 9, so no need. It'll wait until tomorrow. I think we have something like two more weeks to get all fixes in for the final build that gets sold off. So I'll probably just sit around and do laundry and get ready for the work week.

    Here's what happens when you don't drink water and don't pay attention to what you eat or drink or do ... this morning the scale said 150.6. No way in **** is that acceptable, so today is start-over day. Geez, I just can't seem to make myself understand that I can't let up for a minute! I have to maintain even the slightest loss for a least a month so that it "sets" before I cheat just a little. Otherwise I get the wild fluctuations.

    And I KNOW this!! So what's my stinkin' problem?

    Where's our Froufy????
  • Kathy, I know how you feel. I'm in the same place. My weight is probably going to be up again tomorrow. I know I've been eating too much food although it's been primarily Core food. I've just got that stress eating thing going. I'm hoping I can get back on the whole program soon. And, sitting home and doing laundry on Sunday is a good thing. You need to rest a bit. I've been having a problem with my water lately too. I'm getting my 8 eight ounce glasses in but it's been a real struggle.

    Jim just went to get me a Subway tuna sandwhich with black olives and onions on wheat bread. I've been craving it for at least a week and finally gave into it today. What can I say? I'm sure I'm out of points and it's made with light mayo here. It's literally the best that I can be today.

    I'll be back later since I hear that Jim is home. The dog will be over me for the tuna. She loves it as does the cat.
  • Hey everyone! I thought that I would have pages and pages to catch up on. But looks like I'm one of the first to be back!
    I'm still feeling cruddy. Now it is starting to feel like I have pins stuck in my throat. Not fun. I actually wish I would go ahead and just be full-blown sick instead of just feeling "cruddy." I just want to get the impending over with.
    We went to church this morning through the ice and snow and are now resting. Well, DH is studying, and I'm resting. I need to read some more for class tomorrow, but other than that and some laundry, there's not much in the works for me today. If I feel up to it I might gazelle or do some belly dancing, but it is doubtful. I'm just so tired.
    We watched A Walk to Remember today. We had DVR'd it earlier. I had never seen it. Daggonit did it ever make me cry. It is a good flick.

    Kathy, sorry to hear that the scale is up again. You know it is just temporary though. You've been doing really well lately. Better than me, that's for sure.

    Vickie, your sandwich doesn't sound bad at all. We actually went to subway too, I had the roasted chicken breast. Not great but not McDonald's either!

    Hope everyone is doing well and that we get everyone back in the loop today.
  • Quote: And I KNOW this!! So what's my stinkin' problem?
    It's the same problem a lot of us have. At least I know I do. I've been so frustrated with myself lately. I know what I should do and don't do it. There's always some excuse, some special occasion, whatever. But I want to be healthy, I guess I just have to keep reminding myself.
  • I know it's temporary but it's really annoying, isn't is? Today I'm just drinking tons of water and getting ready to start back fresh in the morning. I might have a salad for dinner tonight, but that'll be it.

    I hope you feel better soon!
  • The sandwhich was GREAT! I hate when I enjoy a non-Core item alot because I keep trying to convince myself that I don't eat that way anymore.

    But you're right, Melissa, it is alot better than McDonald's and what I used to eat. I REALLY hope you don't progress to feeling horrible.

    I'm working on our taxes. We owe almost $900. That makes me sick. We'll be upping our withholdings again. I don't mind not getting a refund but I don't want to write a check that big.

    I'm going to keep track of our medical for this year. I created Excel spreadsheets for each of the Turbotax medical categories. I'll input the information as we pay it and then I'll have the totals ready at the end of the year. We might actually be able to claim in next year. Especially since you claim it in the year you pay it. All of my fall tests are just now coming due for payment. You can even claim mileage back and forth to medicial appointments and tests. Jim thinks I'm nuts for bothering but I enjoy doing that kind of stuff. It distracts me and it might pay off for us.

    Well, back to work!
  • I know I should type this in the "core recipes" section, but I figured more of you guys would look here (and it is so last minute). What do you plan on eating during the superbowl?
  • hi, chickies. it's soooo good to be back here. vickie and melissa, thank you again for your words of support. you don't know how much i appreciate you and all the others here at 3fc. we're quite a flock of chickies, aren't we?

    melissa, i hope this post finds you feeling better. i am worried about you. you've had a rough winter with so much crud. do you think it could be caused by all the stress you've been under?

    kathy, i am proud of you for chugging that water. you are very smart to keep everything under control.

    vickie, your subway sand sounded good. i'm glad you enjoyed it. i have only lived in montana since 97 but i love the snow, too. curtis and i are talking about building a snowman. we got a dusting last night but it isn't enough. frosty will have to wait.

    coco, it's good to see you here. i hope you're having a good day.

    frouf and saundra, i miss you lucky travelers!

    sheridan, curtis watches "the office", too.
  • Saundra should be back by now! She'd better check in soon!!

    Judd decided he wanted real superbowl food instead of veggie chili, so we're ordering pizza and wings. I just ate some rotisserie chicken and am drinking a diet A&W now. I doubt I'll have any pizza but didn't want to be a party pooper so I agreed to it.

    Erin is at work but Kate has gone to a party. She made dip and cut up carrots, and made a crockpot full of little smokies in BBQ sauce. Oh to be 120 pounds and 5'8" !! I hope the little toot has fun. Not sure where Shaun is but I'm assuming he's upstairs. Haven't seen him today.