Creating a Core Wendie Plan

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  • Hi Melissa,

    I would love to join you, but it's really close to beddie-bye time. I'll probably look you up again tomorrow night. You guys are going to be a HUGE help for me in my weight loss journey. Thank you so much. I hope I too can be encouraging to you and others.



  • wow! i'm just finding this thread and there's already 3 pages! amazing!

    first of all, welcome to the group, melissa. i am sooooooo impressed with your fantastic weightloss. congratulations. i lost 90 lbs by taking diet pills and starving myself. i regained most of it then lost back down to goal at ww back in 2000. now i'm on the road back to goal again.

    melissa1, i like what you came up with. i think it's a good idea. this is just another variation that i thought ya'll might like to see.

    okay, here's my 2 cents on the core wendie plan. but this calls for keeping a journal and pts. (this is what i'm gravitating to already on the regular wendie plan).

    keep your pts but eat core foods except for 5 wpa's a day. try to keep your totals according to the regular wendie plan. am i making sense? my menu for today (saturday) is like this.

    > b--1 cup ww vanilla puffed wheat, 1/2 cup ff milk, splenda (2 pts)(0 wpa's)
    > l--hot dog bun, 1 cup core chili, mustard, 1 oz. baked chips, onions, 1/4 cup ff cheddar cheese (8 pts)(3 wpa)
    > s--popcorn, lf fudge bar (10 pts)(2 wpa)
    > d--diet bread, 1 slice ff cheddar, 1 slice ff swiss, butter flavored pam, onions, bell pepper ( 3 pts)[/COLOR=Blue] (0 wpa)
    > i'm stopping here because i may possibly have already had that 24th wp.
    > __________________

    see what i mean? it's wendie's plan but it's core. today i was to have 24 pts. i made sure 19 of them were core foods. tomorrow i get 29 pts. my plan is to make 24 of them core foods and 5 of them possibly noncore. i didn't start the wendie plan out this way for sure. i went nuts the first 2 or 3 days. now i'm more "grounded." i know i may have some days that i'll eat more non-core foods, but my aim is to do mostly core.

    am i making sense? i know the beauty of core is not having to keep pts, but would it hurt to do so for awhile if you're having trouble losing? i have had problems with overeating on core. i'm thinking this might help me get "regulated."

    also, there may be days that i "need" more non-core foods. if so, (like an event), i'll do so but will stay within the wendie pt limit.

    okay. what do you think? you won't hurt my feelings a bit.
  • I think that definitely makes sense, Sandra. I guess I was just trying to come up with a way to not count as much, sense I am lazy.
    I guess to me it still makes just as much sense that if I am allowed 30 points a day, plus 15 (on SHD) that I could just eat a normal core menu plus 15 points. That is easier for me to think about. But I think either way would work. It is basically the same thing, just a different way of thinking/tracking it. What do you think?
    Isn't this fun?
  • I like your idea Melissa. And, I think that the regular Wendie plan doesn't use all 35 WPA because WW says most weeks you CAN use them - you don't HAVE to. So maybe they're keeping it a little low on purpose.

    ANYWAY, I think a lot of days on Core, I follow Wendie type eating anyway. I just naturally have days that are more hungry than others. I don't track WPA's and I never have, but I just stick to Core foods and eat till satisfied. Some days, that takes more food than others. So I bet this more regulated version would work pretty well.

    So with our WPA's on this Core Wendie plan, should they be all Core food too? I imagine the SHD might be kind of hard sticking solely to Core. (How much barley would I have to eat to = 15 pts? )

    MelissaH, welcome, and congrats on your wonderful progress!

  • Angela, what a bummer! I was thinking the WPA's would be whatever my little heart desired! Sandra, I'm going Melissa's way on this one. I think yours is great and unbelievably healthy but I don't want to go back to weighing and measuring, especially since portion size doesn't seem to be my problem. I just refuse to give up that part of Core (for now anyway! I retain the right to change my mind later when I find out you're right!) What I do need to more religiously measure is those 35 points to make sure they don't turn into 40 or 45! I think I wasn't using all 35 points in the early weeks/months and was having fewer treats. I was just using it for my smart balance and for a bun here and there. I think I've gone way the other way.

    So far right now it's looking like I won't have a loss tomorrow. If I don't I'm for sure giving up the cold cereal for a week and going back to the oatmeal. It's the only thing I changed for the summer. After that, I think I'll try Melissa's Core plan. I have to play with the numbers though. Does the SHD have to be the 4th day. I just haven't read the rules closely enough yet I guess. And, it's vague to me right now because I've never actually done it.
  • Vickie, I was asking if the WPA's should be Core or not. I was thinking it might be kind of hard to keep them all Core, especially on the high day. Besides, then how would you differentiate your regular Core eating and your extra WPA food? I actually think the extra WPAs on high days SHOULDN'T be Core.

  • I agree! Woo Hoo!
  • NO WAY! Those wpas should definitely be non-core foods, just like the normal plan. Don't you think?

    Vickie, I don't think that the SHD has to be on a certain day, I just know that it is supposed to be prefaced and followed with a very low day. But I'm not doing my days according to my w/i week. I just picked which day I wanted to be my SHD and then built the plan around that. My SHD was Friday, which is w/i day, but I wanted my SHD to be on a day when we usually ate out, so that I could use those extra points. Make sense? (I'm asking that a lot here aren't I? )

    Sandra, we are just lazier than you I guess!

    Angela, I think you are right; we probably do this anyway. I know for me personally I end up accidentally having a super high day, then another, then another....
  • i love this thread, melissa. it's making all of us do some thinking and reflecting. nobody is lazier than i am. i am like vickie and reserve the right to change my mind any time.

    my only concern is that i get to keep posting here whichever route i take for awhile. i love you guys and don't want to lose you.
  • Quote: i love you guys and don't want to lose you.

    Aw, me too!
  • Hey, thanks for the welcome committe! Y'all really know how to make someone feel welcome in here.

    I think the windie core plan that you all are coming up with sounds rather creative indeed. I'm going to have to give it a shot and see how I like it. There might be some major weight loss going on this next week, ya think?

    Sandra, I'll write down your information as well as Melissa's info and see if I can get this all worked out in my ever so feeble mind. It sounds great!

    Melissa H.

  • Well it appears that we have a guinea pig for the core wendie plan. Kathy, we are counting on you to let us know whether or not this theory works!
  • You know, everyone probably has already realized this, but I was just thinking...our "core wendie plan" is just plain old regular core, with wpas planned in a specific pattern. So I guess we aren't as innovative as we thought. But I still think it is a great idea and am very excited to try it. I think it will really help me keep on the core straight and narrow.
  • You know, I only have done the Core plan one time (about a month ago). I felt great on the program, but it seemed to require more thinking on my part. I lost 1.8 pounds on the plan. This past week I did Flex and lost 4.2 pounds. It's gonna be difficult for me to try core again until I become a "pointer sister" on the flex. You know... .2 or .6. Don't you just hate those? Ugh!


  • Melissa, (I feel like I am writing to myself ) I think it is just what you get used to. Since doing wendie flex this week, I feel like I have been tied to my CFC because I can't remember the point values any more. I think when you first start core it does require a lot of thinking, but so does flex when you first start that. Once you start automatically knowing what is core and what is not, it gets a lot easier. Congrats on your big loss. I'm glad that WW has both of these plans for us to try.