core ?

  • Is this core.... (Seafood lasgana,) shrimp, noodles, cottage cheese, cream cheese, sk. milk,parmsean, all f/f of coursea recipe I got fron 3fat chicks.
  • are the noodles ww (whole wheat)?
  • Cream cheese, whether FF or not, isn't Core. I haven't found FF parmesan but would love to know where to get some. Usually if more than 2-3 ingredients aren't Core, the whole thing has to be counted as points.
  • No, I just can't do the ww noodles they are regular
  • kaputo
    Thanks for the help , I think I have the points on it.
  • Kaputo!!!
  • That's me!! (Okay, well ... sorta!)

  • I just can't help myself - I just giggle uncontrollably when I think of you my dearest Kaputo - how cute!