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aghiowa 06-09-2005 09:00 AM

We're Doing Plenty, on Core Board Twenty! (#20)
Let's start fresh right here on Core Board 20.

Ready, set, GO!

Angela :)

Froufy 06-09-2005 10:03 AM

Thanks for starting a new board Angela - we were getting pretty busy on #19!

At work - trying to remain focused and functional - so many obstacles in what we are trying to do here that sometimes I just want to give up and go home. Think I found a "loophole" for one of our contracts here so I am keeping fingers crossed as this might be a major solution to one of our problems.

Anna - sorry to hear you are not feeling great - but given your current situation I can understand how sad you must be feeling? and of course clothes shopping is usually somewhat stressful! Good luck at Target and I hope you find something suitable Just hang in there and do the best you can!

Linda - sounds like you have a plan - and that dessert sounds great - of course here in Canada we only have boring sf pudding flavors like vanilla, butterscoth and chocolate - might almost be time for another trip to the US (last time they were sold out of all the SPECIAL YUMMY flavors!!!).

I also have a weird body and never looked good in dresses, even skirts so I usually wear pants. Of course today I am wearing a dress! for the first time in years? Just a loose thing (stripes on top, then all black bottom but no buttons/zippers, just slip it on!). Nice and cool cuz IT'S GOING TO BE BLAZING HOT TODAY - and for the rest of the week and weekend - going up to 32 degrees (which will be mid to high 90s). Might be spending weekend at my SIL's house/pool this weekend - need to invite myself over :):) (and scare everyone when I appear in my bathing suit! :o )

TOM is just hanging in and I hope it's over by WI! The only thing I did not do this morning is JUMP ON THE SCALE - and it was hard to resist. But my fingers feeling a bit puffy and rings not twirling so I suspect some water retention and did not want to see any depressing numbers. Will try to hold off as long as possible.

Saw the baked oatmeal recipe last night and was wondering why I couldn't use it to make MUFFINS!!! I really miss that type of food so I might try making this in 6 muffin cups instead of pan.....let me know if you think this will not work!!!

Otherwise hoping to stay core today and planning to exercise this evening when it cools off a bit!



aghiowa 06-09-2005 10:30 AM

I think the baked oatmeal would stick if you used the paper muffin cups. If you spray the heck out of the muffin tin, it would probably work. Let us know how it works, if you try it.

We're heading out to see the Zoo Man now. Yippee! :woo:


Monkeypoodle 06-09-2005 10:46 AM

Hi all,

Frouf I had an oatmeal muffin recipe -- they're not quite what you'd get from a bakery, but okay. I thought I found it here, but I'll go ahead and post it anyway. I agree with Angela - no reason why you couldn't spray the muffin tin and give it a whirl. Just watch the time, 'cuz they might cook faster.

I did some wonderful exercise yesterday (yep, you're seeing that correctly). I have wanted to try riding my bike to work since we moved in December and last night I gave it a whirl. Took about 25 minutes one way -- and I felt great, like a kid on an adventure. To avoid busy streets, I had to work my way through a maze of industrial parks and parking lots - hit some dead ends, cut across some corporate lawns -- it was fun. Today's only lasting effect is some soreness in the area where I and the bike seat met.

So my DH is going to be out of town for two days at the end of the month and I want to do one of those TV home projects where they completely gut and put a room together in two days. I have my eye on the room in our basement that should be my office, but is a storage room. I'm trying to design what I want it to be. Very exciting.

I'll catch up later.


Monkeypoodle 06-09-2005 10:52 AM

Ooops, sorry Frouf, my recipe is for cornmeal pumpkin muffins.

ontarget 06-09-2005 06:33 PM

angela, congratulations on getting to the 60's. sounds like you had a good celebration. i guess ya'll had a great time at the zoo---errrr---library.

frouf, good for you drinking your water. you did great at the meeting last night. you get an attagirl for that, too.

linda, your dessert sounds yummy. i like your "i'm dressed and ready for core...." that's cute.

kiss, i hope you're out of the blues and back in the pink today. sure a lot of depression around lately, isn't there? do you think it's something in the water?

frouf, if the baked oatmeal doesn't work for muffins, take a peek at the muffin mixes over at http://www.southavenfarms.com. i had oat bran muffin tops today. i added some homemade granola and thought i'd gone to heaven.

terry, what fun!!! let us know how your "while you were out" project goes. dh and i have bikes but haven't ridden them in a couple of years. we live on a mountainside. i know. we could haul them down to the valley below and ride in some parks. we need to quit being so lazy, don't we?

i got my hair cut and frosted this am. i am a sassy-looking grandma and am ready for the state archery championship this weekend. i got so excited at the salon, i booked next thursday for a pedicure and manicure. guess this will be my spa day.

i almost panicked when i couldn't get here earlier today. i'm glad the server is up and running now. whew!!!

cher123 06-09-2005 06:39 PM

Okay, I'm about ready to trade in my kids. They've got a few years of wear on them and they aren't performing as well as they used to.

After not hearing any news, bad or good for about three weeks concerning ds, I get a call from the principal's office saying he punched some kid in the arm and I need to take him home. Well it's a half day and he's going on an afterschool program field trip at noon, so I cart him home and have him sit on the couch for a good while until it's time to go back. Apparently they've decided to go directly to code red from now on.

But that's not the best part. The principal's assistant takes me aside at the office an informs me that my dd, who just turned 8, has been seen with a digital camera belonging to one of the teachers. It was set down outside during the crowded afterschool bake sale and went missing. They talked with dd and she said, yes she had it at home. Well, no she doesn't. So I talked to her briefly before the field trip and she first says it's in her desk, then, when I start to go get it, she says she doesn't know where it is. So, tonight we get the fun job of trying to find out what is going on and what we are going to do about it. Now you have to know that dd is the angel child, the teacher's pet, the whole nine yards. I'm finding it hard to believe that she stole it on purpose, but I have to face that possibility.

I was really hoping to delay this kind of stuff a few more years, but I suppose it's good to get some practice now.

I went out with my parents for lunch and was a good girl and had a big shrimp and veggie salad. Not that I had much appetite at that point. My mom is trying to convince my dad to go to ww with her. They have meeting really close to their house, but he's dragging his feet. He's diabetic and his doctor recently told him she wants him on about 1400 calories but didn't provide anything other than a very old diabetic diet handout. I didn't have the heart to tell him the 6" veal parmagiana sandwich he'd ordered probably took care of most of those calories all by itself.

derrydaughter 06-09-2005 07:35 PM

Hope you guys don't mind me joining in. Sounds like I need to be part of the CORE discussion. I am also missing (only my second day on CORE, but still...) cake, muffins, breads and things like that. I'm saving my flexpoints for the weekend as I know we'll eat out and I will want non-core foods.
I would like to experiment and try to come up with a cake type of thing with core foods..... wish me luck. The oatmeal muffins sound interesting.
I'm going to have to go over my CORE materials and figure out what I can use to sweeten and for a flour of sorts.... I'm thinking here.
When I tried CORE before and gave it up (I should have done the month like you all have recommended) after two weeks, I did try a polenta pizza crust thing that was pretty good, I'll have to ressurect that.
Cher, sorry about the problems with your kids. I've been there, to some degree. Remeber one thing, they are individuals and they will grow up and be ok. My own kids have had ups and downs and my son, in particular is about ready to be held back a year or be in summer school. Grades are NOT a priority for him and it drives me crazy as I want him to get into college.
Linda in NH

cher123 06-09-2005 07:45 PM

Thanks, Linda. Dd is really bright, but very absentminded and kind of careless with stuff. I'm guessing she put it somewhere intending to return it and it got taken by someone else and she doesn't know what to do.

I'm off to watch ds's kindergarten show. I wish it could have been on a more carefree day, but I'm going to try to enjoy the moment anyway.

ontarget 06-09-2005 08:17 PM

cher, you've had a rough day. when is school out for the summer? maybe next schoolyear will be smoother.

linda in nh, it is a good idea to do core for a month to give it a chance. i almost quit but this group of ladies helped me get past my hump. i'm anxious to see what goodies you can come up with as to core desserts. i'm a sugarholic.

Vickie 06-09-2005 09:01 PM

Well Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening to you all! I had a VERY busy day and I'm VERY tired but I just had to stop in and say hello to all of you. Great Niece and Nephew were a joy as always. Then we went out to lunch and to my Foot Doctor appointment. Seems my foot is not broken but Doc has really no idea what is causing the nerve pain to shoot down my foot periodically. Good news is she said to keep exercising and walk in good comfortable fitting walkers as opposed to cross trainers. The she asked me if I had any pain from my large bone spur in my heel. BONE SPUR I said....what bone spur. She laughs and says...never mind. If it isn't hurting you we'll leave it alone. Geez. I made Jim laugh because on the way to WW I told him my heel hurt. He laughed because he knew I was kidding. Like now that I know it's there I think it hurts. Pyscho!

I stayed the same, turtled, at WW. I'm happy with this since so often after a large loss like last week, I'd have a gain. So with two missed exercise days, I'm ok with the weigh in.

Well, I missed you all alot. I'm afraid I won't remember what's going on with everyone but here goes nothin!

Angela, glad you're good. You sound really busy with fun things. That should keep you out of trouble. Huge congrats to your Mom. It's really hard to hang in there when those plateaus hit.

Anna, I'm sorry you are so blue. Try not to worry about the clothes situation right now. I'm sure you looked lovely in whatever you wore, and besides, I'm sure Thomas' family just cared that you were there.

NH Linda, glad you found us. This is where we do all our general yacking. Try www.barbosdietkitchen.com and search Core and check recipes back as far as they have the archive. I'm not baking stuff for myself on Core (big red light trigger food for me) but they had quite a few baked core things. Barbo invented a way to make or buy some kind of oat flour. Maybe you'll see something there that will tickle your taste buds. I've found that the longer I'm on Core the less I miss breads and cakes. It took at least a week of abstinence. Now I only "buy" buns once in a blue moon.

Frouf, you dress sounded adorable. You can come swim in my pool. My size 28 will make you look slim and trim! I'm actually going to try to get in there tomorrow now that I know my foot isn't broken.

Terry, I haven't ridden a bike in 30 years. I used to love it though. Jim has NEVER ridden one so I'd have to go by myself. Good luck with your office rennovation. Will you do all the work yourself?

Sandra, I just love the word "sassy". Now you and Kathy have sassy hair. I want sassy hair too! I had my spa pedicure yesterday and I can't stop looking at my sassy pink toes. Do you and Kathy have sassy toes?

Cher, are tradeins really an option? Poor thing. Sounds like you had a bad couple of days in the kid department. I've heard they grow out of it. The question is can you outlast them?!

Linda, how many successful days on Core for you now?

Well, I think I got everyone. I really need to go wash my face and put my pj's on. My foot is hurting from being poked and my doggy misses me.

Speaking of doggies....Kathy, what's up with Zuki?

Vickie 06-09-2005 09:05 PM

Angela, what have I missed? I know you said you lost .2 and that's great especially after vacation and all. But....when did you get your 45 pound chick? Last I noticed, we both had 40 pound chicks. What a bad, bad, friend I am to not have noticed.

septembersgoal 06-09-2005 09:14 PM

Hey everybody. Don't have much time to catch up but just wanted to come in and say hi since I will be missing ALL WEEKEND!! How will I survive without you all?? :?: But we will have a good weekend, I'm sure. I'm going to try to eat reasonably without obsessing about it while I am gone. We'll see how that works!! :D
Real Quick....
Vickie, glad your long day turned out okay. Glad you can still walk!
Cher, sorry to hear that you've had such a stressful day. :goodvibes:
Terry, I'm impressed with your bike riding. I've never been very good at that....well, anything athletic. :lol:
Linda, glad to have you!!!
Sandra, hope you have a wonderful time this weekend. Good luck with w/i tomorrow morning!

I'm off to pack, clean, figure out what I'm wearing, etc. :lol: I'll check in tomorrow with the "official" weigh-in! Talk to you guys later.

Vickie 06-09-2005 09:15 PM

Melissa, where will you be? What IS wrong with my memory?

septembersgoal 06-09-2005 09:17 PM

:lol: That's okay Vickie! We are traveling back to where we used to live for a wedding. I'll be gone till Sunday. :D

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