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Here I am - not sunburned cuz I wore sunscreen Spent a lovely day at sil's pool - it was so HOT today it was unbearable just be outside - you either had to be indoors in airconditioning of course or in the water. It was 32 degrees Celsiue and with the humidity it supposedely felt like 43 degrees!!!! (which I can't even translate - something like over 105 degrees F?). Looked like rain was coming early evening but never showed up - I sure pity all the people who don't have a/c in their homes.

I swam laps and did somersaults and really had fun - altho pool is not that big, it was very enjoyable - sil has like every pool toy, lounge, chair, imaginable! Ds loved it. We didn't get home til like 11 pm!!! What a long day - but I think dh realized I needed a good "rest" and it was nice to relax in the water and on the deck and watch the birds and clouds and trees....a good break from my "reality".

I did run into a problem at dinner time tho. I presumed we would have the usual bbq (so I could get a burger and maybe salad - no bun), but sil decided it was too hot to stand over a grill so she had prepared LASAGNE, CEASAR SALAD AND GARLIC BREAD! - ya I know - supposedly as we learnt this morning at my meeting "there is always another choice"...ya like not eating when you're starving? So I had a small square of lasagne, tried to fill up on the salad, but I did succumb to some fantastic garlic bread - and yes back into the pool after dinner to do some more laps to try to work it off. I did bring a bag of "rice chips" with me which I was able to munch on in the afternoon when everyone else was eating those "real" chips!

LJ - thanks so much for your support it really means a lot to me. I am dreading dd's return as I know she'll just think I'm being "mean" again. There is no winning with this and it is bringing me down.

Kathy - I LOVE looking at houses. In fact it's a hobby of dh's and mine (even before getting married) to go look at model homes (which is how we ended up in this house!), we still do it on some weekends when we have the time and now little ds enjoys it along w/us! I like the 2nd house too - and I agree that your housing prices are way cheaper than here! And in the last couple of years prices have skyrocketed. Our house has almost doubled in price since we bought it (7 yrs), but of course even if we did sell we could not afford to buy anything else!

Angela - Poor Annika - that eye looks really bad....I can't believe she is not in pain? I guess if she seems "okay" that you just have to wait it out? I am also jealous of that great trip your mom and brother are taking - I'm sure they'll have a blast.

Vickie - I am now jealous of your pool and I hope you are really enjoying it. yes you must now wear a t-shirt and I insist that from now on you put on that sunscreen....or else!

LindaNH - sounds like you are really doing well w/Core - and I am predicting a great result for you. Keep up the good work and enjoy your day tomorrow.

And the good and most amazing news is I am down ONE POUND! I was stunned - got on the scale this morning at home w/a bad intention of maybe not going if I was not happy with the # - but somehow despite TOM just barely skipping town things have "righted" themselves - so this really made my day.

I am now at 26 lbs off - and have met my original goal. On January 8th I joined WW as I was desperate due to the fact I had just found out that my sil in Florida was planning a big surprise party on July 9th for my brother who is turning 50! He is my only sibling and with both our parents gone, celebrating this with him and bringing everyone along was something I really wanted to do! But I was TOO FAT!

So I lay there at night wondering what to do? Went to the calendar and counted the weeks - and it was exactly 26 weeks from Jan 8th to July I looked up WW meetings and off I went (did not tell dh what I was doing!). While I knew I could not lose all my weight by July (altho i sure wish I could), I knew that realistically I could lose at leat ONE LB PER WEEK - so I made that committment to myself - that I would be at least 26 lbs lighter by the time I went to Florida.

Little did I know then the obstacles, challenges and stresses that would be presenting themselves in my life. I think if I had I would have not even tried. But I guess somewhere inside I was determined to at least get to this "goal".

As you all know the last few weeks have been very difficult for me and I am finding it harder to stay focussed and commited to my plan. But at least I am still trying and I guess that counts for something?

So I am sending out a special thank you to all my core chat buddies who will never know or understand how important their love and support and kindness and encouragement has been to me over the past 6 months.

I look forward to losing the "next" 26 lbs which everyone's continued help!



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GOOD LORD Angela....poor Annika.....I hope it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks. What a little trooper, bless her heart. Did the Dr. suggest compresses of some type? Poor Baby. The pool sounds fantastic and very inviting
Kathy, I don't know what the problem is intentions are always soooo good, they really are, and then in the middle of the week, I screw up, for whatever reason....maybe because it it that "only" 10 lbs or so. All I do know is I can't stand it, or my lack of determination. What the **** is UP with that!! Me, who swore it "would never happen to me" once I lost my 55 lbs. For the Love Of'd think what I was trying to do.....I am trying to lose 10 lbs for God's Sake.
I knew I would be up, I did it conscienciouly though, knew when I was eating what I should not have been eating I'd be sorry.....the same frigging 2-3 over and over. At this point I could have lost at least 15 lbs by now.....ughhhhhhhhhh
So, here we go again......once again making a committment to be good and time is marching on to my next challenged date to myself.....before you know it I'll be committing to a Labor Challenge for myself...... i-yia yia.....
What will it take....gaining it all back and then really have to work at it???
Today (Sunday) a new day, I'm off to a good start, been up since 4:45Am and havent' even had coffee yet.....but it's brewing as I "talk" to you all.
Hey Frouf according to your ticker, you have met your personal goal. So feel good about that. With all the stress you have been through you have done wonderfully. If that were me I'd have no loss at all.
I realized yesterday after weigh in that I am definetely a STRESS eater. This week proved that and now I MUST work on that. This week at work, without going into detail was horrific for me......the workload and dealdines not met.....through me over the I found comfort in food, and at the time didn't give a damn. Frank tried to comfort me but I shrugged him off....the only way I was getting comfort was to eat what I love...and so I did, and hence the own fault, but I am ok now....gee seems like a good day to 'start' over again....what a concept !!
Well 'nough said about that.
I guess I should get more into cooking, that would help now wouldn't it

I am going to check out the recipe board....great sounding soup Kath.
Oh and by the way I like house #2.....but I'd love the pool from #3 there.

LindaNH sounds like you are doing well....I knew you would. Check out the dessert recipes, espcially the one from Sandra about the ff coolwhip and PNB, it counts for points but SURE worth them, espcially if you need your sweets like me. Glad to see you here....and good luck to you. I know you will be successful.

Vickie I had a gain at w/i but should be grateful I turtled for so many weeks, guess it's safe to say the turtle lost the race
Well let's keep on keeping on............. weeeeee here we go!!!!!

Well I really do need my coffee fix....I'll catch up with all the post later.......

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Default P.s.

...... at the 'risk' of sounding like I don't cook .....what is rotel??
Calling all cooks.......anyone ever thicken a Core soup or Core sauce with is suppose to be a Core replacement for Cornstarch....I did buy it, now what

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Default Sandra

How do you do your FFCoolwhip PNB thing again?? I don't trust myself to cutting an 1/8 of the pie so I may be better off doing it your way...

Hope the weekend went well for you!!
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Vickie, thanks for the link to the fried rice recipe, I printed it out! Sounds good.
That soup made from the cans sounds great, I'm going to have to try it. What is rotel, though? I have never heard of it.
I make what is called 5 can soup, it's a WW recipe and is core as well. You all probably know this as you are "veterans" to this.
Angela, your daughter's eye looks horrid. Poor thing! How did this happen, I think I missed it.
I didn't do as well yesterday. My wonderful DH is a bad influence. I was going to make the stir fry chicken last night and I ended up going out to to a nice place for dinner and now I am DONE with my points for the week and I'm not sure how I'll get through the rest of the week, especially today as we are going to a lake for the day and I was planning on my 3 point hot dog (Hebrew National lite 1 point and a low carb role). I have to re-group a bit.
I hope to swim and maybe can earn enough points to still have the hot dog, but maybe I can plan something else?
I'll be leaving soon and won't have time to ask you all and get answers... will just figure out something!
Linda in NH
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Good morning everyone! Blah, I'm coming down with a cold. Not entirely surprising, as little dd has one, and loves to give kisses.

I got a report from Mom and brother - they're in D.C. and enjoying themselves tremendously. Mom said she got 14 miles of walking in yesterday!! But she also said brother is being very good at stopping and letting her rest, etc. Yay! Today they're going to look at all the monuments; yesterday was the Museum of Art and the Capitol, I think.

Linda (in NH), dd was jumping back on to her bed, and whacked her head on the safety rail (how safe is that?) I think she must have caught it just right on a corner, to cause that much bruising and swelling. I actually haven't called the doctor, as I assumed he couldn't do anything. I might have her try applying ice today, but it's hard to get her to sit still. She acts fine, but of course, won't let us touch it. Gee, I wonder why? I'm worried about church today, as she's pretty shy already, and doesn't like people looking at her. And they definitely WILL, with an eye like that! I'll have to help her with an easy answer she can say if they ask. Maybe, "I hit my head on my bed," or something like that.

Well, gotta get on with the day - lots to do before church.

Keep on keeping on, everyone, as Linda says.

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Rotel is canned diced tomatoes with spicy chilies. Some ice on that bruise if she can stand it would help with the swelling.
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Good morning all:

Angela - I don't what to think of DD's eye? If it doesn't look any better, maybe you should have a dr. look at it. Suppose she cracked a bone? Although, I don't know if they can do anything about that anyway. Maybe it will look worse before it gets better................ My DS fell out of bed (3 days after I took his safety rail down), and hit his chin on the shelf under his night stand. He had a big gash under his chin and still has a scar from at least a year ago. Safety rail went back up and is still up.

Vickie ? It was my family dr. that sucked out my ganglion cyst.

Yay Frouf on your 26 lbs.!!!

Linda - climb back on! Seems as though I keep falling off this wagon too! I've been the same since April 27th., one of these weeks you would think I could break that.

Hi to everone else:

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Good morning to all!
I am hoping I can rejoin the board. I was in several months ago, loved reading everyone's entries, lost site of my goal and gained a few more pounds, reaching the same weight that I was when I delivered my son almost 15 years ago! Not pretty!
So, I've actually stuck with core this week and am pleased with the results. It also helped that my central A/C had to be replaced, (hasn't worked all year). I finally was able to save enough money to have it installed on Friday. So, up until then, having the warmest June that I can ever remember in MI, it was averaging between 88 and 94 degrees in my house for the past week!!! And that was with 7 or 8 fans running. Can't wait to see that electric bill! However, after I hooked up dinner for my son and I, I would lay on the couch, and couldn't muster enough energy to get my butt off of the couch to get more food if I wanted to! Just too dang hot! It also really kicked up my H2O intake. Now there's a silver lining! My pets were all moving in slo-mo because of the heat! My son greeted me at the door, in his shorts on the first day it was over 90 in here and said: "welcome to ****, population is now 2! So true. Now though, it is a wonderful 74 in here! True to form however, now that the A/C works, it won't turn off unless you do it at the furnace. So......... my friend's husband is coming over today to install a thermostat! Sometimes I just have to laugh!
Angela, if I were you, I would probably call the dr. tomorrow if the swelling in your daughters' eye hasn't significantly gone down. OW!! It made my eye hurt to look at it. I tend to freak out about eyes, they say they're alot tougher than they look though.
Frouf, my prayers go out to you and yours during these stressful times. I know now, having a teenager, that there is no such thing as "terrible twos or threes or fours" for that matter. It's the teenage years that will kill you! I can tell you I never feel bad about snooping. I have always taken the stance (right or wrong) with my son, that I am the boss of everything. I own all in my house and will go anywhere, look at anything, and that is the way it is. I have snooped in his room, back-pack, pockets etc. And if pushed, would go through his locker at school if I felt the need. Now, it's not to say he's above hiding something somewhere else, if he chooses. I just feel the need to be in his business. I know that it is controlling, and dictator-like, but there's just too much crap out there for me to feel comfortable with the idea of being blind-sided, and I'm sure it can still happen. I think we just have to do the best that we can, and pray. My son has ADD, (inattentive type) and has also, suffered from depression. Probably from living with his bossy mom! Actually, there's a heredity issue there. We just have to keep persivering, praying and moving forward. I forgot, how great that you've reached one of your goals!!!!
Good luck to all this week!
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Welcome back Ladydreamer! I agree - this June has been very uncomfortable here in the Midwest. I'm so glad for my a/c, and I'm glad you have yours up and running.

I think I'm going to call the doctor today, and probably really make his day, calling on a Sunday morning like this. Oh well, that's why they get paid the big bucks, right? At least I'm waiting until after 9 am.

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Hi! I am new to the CORE and this board, but not WW.....I have been searching for a CORE message board and finally found you all.....

I hope you don't mind me popping in here from time to time.....I am a lifetime WW member who has been low carbing for a couple of years and now it's time to get back to where I can enjoy "some" carbs again, but only the good ones. I have been following the program for a couple of weeks now at home, but am joining a friend at weekly meetings starting the week after work schedule has prohibited me from joining her until then. I am short, so every pound looks like many....I would like to lose 10 more lbs to be comfortable again.....but all of us who have struggled with weight know whether it's 10 lbs or 100's a struggle and we all can use the support.

I hope you don't mind me joining you here.....

Also, I noticed someone mentioned a 5 can soup.......does anyone know where I can get this recipe?
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Cindy-Hi and found a GREAT support board here. These are one bunch of great Corerific 'friends' to help get you through 'thick and thin'
The soup recipes and all others are at the WWcoreSupport Board at the top-you'll see Core Recipes.
I hope that is suffiencient enough info...but you can be sure some one here will direct you to the right place
I too am battling that God forsaking 10 has to be the worst....although I couldn't agree more...whether it's 10 or 100 it's a everyday struggle.......that is why I say....we just...keep on keeping come join us for the ride
So come join us.....someone is always here to help......Linda (L.J)

Anglea please let us know what the Dr. says about Annika

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Good Morning Everyone! I slept late today...until 8:15 and it felt good. I'm hungry so I guess I'll eat breakfast at 9:15 and walk on the treadmill after that. I've gotten lots of exercise on Friday and Saturday. Walked on the treadmill AND ran in the pool but so far my scale is up about 2 pounds. I guess I won't worry until Thursday before my weigh in. I just expected those pounds or partial pounds to start coming off right away. Must be the sunburn weighing me down! I've been using lots of aloe vera.

First though we have to celebrate!


First of all congratulations on losing one pound at weigh in this week. But beyond that.....You met your goal of 26 pounds down way ahead of schedule!!! Woo Hoo!!! Huge congratulations are in order for this. I do not know how you did this with all the turmoil you have had in your house for the last couple of months but I hope you keep it up. You are worth it. I'm a stress eater too so I feel like I can say this. Take this from someone who ate herself into having to lose 150 pounds. When the stress and the stressors are gone YOU are the one who will have to deal with what's left (the pounds!) They go on with their lives and don't even give you another thought. So.....even maintaining during a stressful week is a big big accomplishment. Now, let's see how much more you can lose before the big event in July! Why you could even be 30 pounds down by then.

Geez Angela, I wouldn't know what to do about Annika's eye! It looks horrible. I'm glad your calling the Dr. At least you can describe it to him and tell him how it happened and he can decide if he should look at it or not. Hope it goes away soon. I'm thinking EVERYONE will be looking at her eye at church today. Good luck trying to NOT draw attention to your shy one! Sorry you're feeling sick. I think I'm getting a cold too but maybe it's just from the air conditioning.

Lisa, thanks for the info. I'll show it to my Internist when I see him next in July if I can last that long.

Welcome back, Lady Terri! We're always here to help each other along the way. Glad you got your air back. I couldn't live without it. The humidity especially just kills me.

Linda, I hope you find a way to come to peace with your stress. I just finally decided that the gaining/carrying the weight was more stressful than the situation that was making me want to stress eat. You sound like you have a great support system in Frank. Let him help you. Is there no Core food that is comforting to you? Even a little too much couscous would probably be better than some other comfort foods. Sorry, I know you didn't ask for my opinion. I'm just trying to help since I know what it is like to be a stress/comfort eater. I'm so sad that I ate myself up 150 pounds that I'd like to help others from even gaining 10 pounds this way.

I've never used arrowroot. I just use cornstarch and count the points when I feel I need to.

I did wear one of Jim's teeshirts the whole time in the pool yesterday and 30 SPF suncreen everywhere else that was exposed. I had a nice time. The pool water was up to 87 degrees. It never got this high last year at all. I'm not sure we'll be able to go in today. It is VERY gray right now and they are only promising 82 degrees. I guess we'll wait until later. I don't have any other plans so we'll just see how the day unfolds.

Well, I'm eating breakfast now and then the treadmill. I'll be back later to check in, especially if I can't get into the pool today!

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Cindy, Welcome and join us any time. We can always use the support especially from someone like yourself who has already been successful at maintaining a weight loss. We have a couple of folks here who are struggling to beat that last 10 pound beast! Why don't you fill out a profile on our profile thread so we can all get to know you. Our profiles are already there.

I was worried about Terry but now I remember that's she doing rennovation this weekend.

Sandra, I hope you are kicking some major butt!

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I am just wondering for those of you who w/i 'during the week' what is your reasoning behind it....
I am a Saturday weigher, because I used Sat. EVENing only mean to step out of bounds.....that was when I made Lifetime and the next 2 we all know I am lifer who has fallen from Grace ....but TRYING very hard to get back
Was considering changing but I can't come up with a good reason....or a good day!!
Any suggestions......
And Vickie...thank you for those wise know you may have a point.....Cous Cous did become a RED Light food for me, but I am probably much better off having a cup or bowl of that then what I reached for this week!!! You are one smart lady....never thought of that.....and that is why I LOVE this board.....I am in the process of fixing my things for the week, and I have now set up a file in Word to keep all those wonderful recipes you all post...If I start that I may just have a chance.....if when I come home from work and start working on a meal for the evening,then before you know it Frank will be home and we can enjoy our meal together!!
I always think of what Vickie said....... "this is the way I eat now" I love that mantra. I just need to say it everyday, along with the famous....'nothing tastes as good as thin feels' how true is that!!
Please all keep your for me....I want sooooo badly to lose what I have somehow.....duhhhhhh....managed to gain. I feel terrible about this and so disappointed in me.....Me who SWORE "I would never do that after" working so hard to get it off...what the **** was I thinking.....thinking that I didnt' have to worry anymore...........NOT!!!! We always, always have to be on top on it. Learn from my mistake!!
I think this week I may take Frouf's suggestion of getting out of the office and walk around. The weather however this past week was nothing but torrential I might have a shot this the mean time I WILL keep on keeping on......... weeeeeee let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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