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  • melissa, your eating choices today are typical of "day after the event" problems. this has happened to me many, many times. just pick yourself up and start anew in the morning. i hope dh gets the new job. it sounds like he's already hired to me. congratulations in advance. i do experiment a lot in the kitchen. being retired i treat being on core as sort of a job. i even told dh it was part of my job to be online getting encouragement and recipes.

    angela, you must be a saint to keep all those kiddos. i'm too old. the co-op does sound like a good idea, though. i'm a survivor "buff", too. i love it! which one is the 2nd season? is it australia and colby?

    vickie, me, too, on the fruit and veggies. i used to go all day without drinking a full glass of water, too. we've changed, haven't we? ranier cherries are sweet--and wonderful!!! give them a try. they're not around much each year, so get them when you can.

    linda, yep. those are the pizzas. you can order them online at don't let the cost of shipping scare you. the total price counting all that is around $4 per pizza--and they are worth it! i don't bake mine according to directions, though. i bake mine for 18 minutes @ 400*. i always add stuff to them, too. core stuff like canadian bacon, olives, jalapenos, bell pepper, onions, or browned burger. if i add burger i heat it up a bit in the microwave first and drain it. let me know if you get some. i think you'll be happy you did. they make good quick meals.

    anna, i hadn't thought of using them for dips. i do use them for snacks, though, and just eat them cold. yes, you can bake them. there are some recipes here for using them as part of casseroles, pizzas, etc..... just experiment and see what you like best. most of the time i eat mine like bread alongside beans or other vegetables. it's kind of a southern dish i guess. my mother used to fry--really fry!--them for us to go with our dinner. these cornpones are bringing back a lot of happy memories and they're helping me lose weight. life is good.

    dh and i are taking our 7 yr old dgd to barnes & noble tomorrow for a "junie b. jones" party. should be fun. we'll prob "have" to buy a book or two, too.

    have a good op! evening. i'll be back tomorrow to check in with you and see how our saturday weighins did.
  • Hey ladies. Didn't take my nap after all...yet. Instead took the pup for a short walk and talked on the phone. I am trying to guzzle water too, trying to counteract all of the salt I had tonight. I have resolve to eat nothing else tonight!! LIke that should be too hard considering all I've had today.

    Vickie, I am hopeful! If I weren't, I'd be in deep trouble. Unfortunately this is the way that churches operate...well, at least Baptist churches I should say. They usually draaaaaaaaaag things out. But this one has actually moved more quickly than others in the past. Hopefully we will find out something next week. Hope you have a good evening with your White Sox and cookbooks. I love looking at cookbooks! I get Quick Cooking magazine and love to pour over them. Let us know if you find anything exciting.

    Linda, always good to know you're not alone isn't it?! Thank you for your prayers. We feel like this is the place for us right now, we'll see if they agree.

    Anna, I hope you aren't too worried about w/i. Like Vickie said, it can take weeks (especially if you're a cheater like me! ). You are doing great, have already had a great can do it! And the weight isn't everything, I've definitely noticed a difference in how my pants fit even though I've only lost about 10 (flex and core). :

    I'm trying to work on my menu for next week to see if there are any odds and ends I need to pick up at the store tomorrow. Off to search for any new and interesting recipes!
  • Sandra, you snuck in while I was posting. I think its great that you make core your "job". It can't hurt! Thanks for your encouragement too. We are hoping that we aren't too off-base thinking that this is the job for him.
    I am going to help my gf with a yard sale in the morning. She is pregnant and so not dieting, so I am thinking about making some FF ranch dip and veggies to take with me for a snack. Its amazing how your thinking changes isn't it? I would have never considered this in the past.
    I am going to look into those pizzas Sandra mentioned. $4.00 isn't bad!! Are they single serving or two servings? I'll look and see.
  • My freezer isn't big enough to hold a 6-pack of pizzas!
  • melissa, they are single serving. they are 7" diameter. if we're having a large salad or something with them, dh and i can get by each eating half a pizza. but i have to admit that most of the time i eat a whole one. he doesn't always eat one. tonight he had a real blt while i had canadian bacon pizza with olives. i don't feel guilty about eating one and him not because he's not a big pizza lover. i am.

    i am also baking muffin tops for us using mixes i got at if you go to their website, you can find recipes that usually list points. i've posted a couple for core. the key for me with these muffin tops is to just bake 2 or 4 each time. they are around 1 pt each core and 2 pts flex. these muffin tops (and you could make them as muffins if you'd prefer) satisfy my sweet tooth. take a peek at them if you'd like.

    part of my "job" is to surf to find new goodies to eat to make this a fun trip. i've always eaten while traveling. i'm off here now to surf for new ideas. i'll be back later.
  • they aren't that big. they come to you in a styrofoam box. you just take them out of the box and put the little pizzas in your freezer. you could just order one 6 pack instead of 2 of them. and you and your dh could eat 2 of them before they even got to your freezer.
  • Hey hey! Lived over the mom visit -- they're gone now off to my brother's for the evening!! Whew! And it didn't suck as bad as it could have!

    So tell me how this works ... I'm thinking about just not going in the morning to my weigh-in. Yes, the second official meeting and I might blow it off. I just KNOW with a capital K-N-O-W that this has been a bad week. I have been so obstinate this week, like I'm trying to GAIN! Where is that coming from??? I hopped on just now and, although fully clothed and totally saturated with chicken strips, fries, corn on the cob, ice cream, beer, and some chips ... I was at 159. There is no way in **** that I'm going to shame myself on a scale in the morning. I'd rather sit in my jammies and mope.

    So do I pay twice next week? Use my free coupon? Stop going? Help!!!
  • Gosh Kathy, I have no idea what you are experiencing since I don't go to WW meetings. I've never been to one. I know it might be hard for you to go. But maybe it would be good motivation? Maybe that sounds mean, but if you really are up, maybe it would help to motivate you for the coming week? I'm definitely not one to talk after the week I've had. But who knows, maybe weighing-in in front of all those strangers might be a motivation. I'd be afraid of over-eating on junk if I stayed at home in my jammies. Though that sounds good too.
  • Nobody but the weigher will see my weight -- and she writes it down on my card. I don't even have to talk in the meeting if I don't want to, so nobody will know if it's good or bad. Except for me. I already know what it is.

    I just sucked this week, plain and simple. I didn't take it seriously, I cheated every day, I thought I would get away with it but here it is 12 hours until weigh-in and there's no way I can go.

    I guess I'll just sit it out for another week and try harder this time. Darn it, I was really going to do it. Darn it!
  • Oh, I didn't know how they do things at the meetings.

    Quote: I guess I'll just sit it out for another week and try harder this time. Darn it, I was really going to do it. Darn it!
    I feel the same way Kathy.
  • My stars!! I just clicked on your name, Melissa, and what did I see??? Your smiling face!! OMG, what a cutie patootie you are!!!

    That made my day!!
  • Kath, if I were you I'd go to the meeting and weigh in. That way you'll get a clean slate. Once I start not weighing in, I usually stop going. I guess the difference is that you won't give up and I would. It depends on what plan you are on. I buy the coupons in advance. With those you get three "misses" every 6 months without having to pay anything. I think on the pay as you go, you just pay for two meetings. We also have an option here in Illinois of going to the meeting but using our "pass" to not get on the scale. I can't hardly believe it but I haven't missed a weigh in since I started last September. I've missed a couple of meetings but it couldn't be avoided. If nothing else, why don't you wait to see what your scale says tomorrow morning before you decide?
  • It scares me to fail this soon.

    That's silly, huh?
  • It's not failure, Kath, just a misstep. Use this to propel yourself forward.
  • Okay, wise one. I just got empty and nekkid and it was 157. Hopefully in the morning it'll be 155, then with clothes again it'll be 157, which is what last week was. Maybe the haircut will help too! Or I can find some very light clothes!!

    I will make this my starting point, and just forget the past week. Heck, there's no sense doing it if I'm not going to take it seriously. It would be easier and a lot more fun to just gain all the weight back, but that's not my goal.