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  • Well It's been a week since I've been on... so I thought I would say hello again by starting a new thread! It's been an awesome week down 2.4 more!... I've lost 16 lbs in 9 weeks - I couldn't be happier with myself! It looks like everyone has been doing so great, this is such a great program! Keep up the great work and although I may not reply often, I love reading how everyone is doing!!
  • Congrats Pink, on a great weigh-in!! Sounds like you're looking and feeling wonderful.

  • Glad you started a new one. I've been reading along, but there was too much going on to post. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The scale shows me down a bit, but I've been sliding off CORE more than I should. I did manage to resist ice cream yesterday, though. I took my kids to Baskin Robbins after their dental appointment and I fully intended to have some if there was anything sugarfree or fat free. There wasn't, though, so I waited until I go home and had a more sensible snack. Go me! (As a side rant--what happened to the healthy ice cream options? BR used to have several at each store and even posted nutritional info. Now the signs and the diet-friendly options are gone. I guess it just wasn't selling.)

    I need to keep it light tonight, though, which is going to be hard. It's dark and rainy AGAIN. I've got lots of nice veggies at home, though, so maybe I'll be inspired.

    Congratulations, Pink. Can you send some of that my way tomorrow morning. Your mad WW skillz, I mean, not the weight. Good riddance to that forever.
  • Congrats, Pink! And you too, Cher, for resisting the ice cream!

    So we have nothing for dinner tonight and after last night's crockpot fiasco I'm still sorta on strike. DH came in and said what's for dinner and I said not a damn thing. So he said, um okay, looks like we're going out! Will be back later with the sordid details, but I will try my best to be good.

    Oh and it's Friday, and I had a good week, so I let myself have some beer. Now don't get all excited, I'll be sensible, but I thought I should at least get a teeny reward.
  • VIQ - very important question - so if one gains weight at their next weigh-in is one obliged to CHANGE their ticker to show their accurate weight??? Or does one just leave it as is in hopes of once again achieving that number??

    CONGRATS Bride on your phenomenal loss - good for you! Keep up the good work

    Linda - hang in there - one little mistake does not need to lead to more - just hop back on the Core Wagon!

    Kathy - one teeny beer won't hurt - a lot of teeny beers will! Hope you have a great dinner out!

    Cher - good job on avoiding the ice cream - that must have been really hard to do!

    I am dreading tomorrow's weigh in altho I do have a good "excuse" it breaks my 7 week losing streak! Best thing I can hope for is a minimal gain or staying the same (and this is where the rounding up and down has a big effect! Last week I was 208.4 and leader wrote down 208 - so now I am sure to have at least a 1 lb gain if not more...sigh!).

    Dare I drink more water? Don't want to be up half the night in the washroom.

    Latest travel news - looks like both dd and ds are coming w/me to Mexico?? There's a nice relaxing trip (NOT! ) not to mention more $$$. Dd decided she would much rather go to Mexico than to Dance Camp (and I mentioned taking her brother instead of her)....she then asked why he could not come??? And seemed very excited to go if he was going? So we are one big happy family (without dh and eldest ds of course). Dh who is normally a bit paranoid is now getting a bit apprehensive - telling me to watch ds and make sure he's okay and not to die in a plane crash...etc..etc... I know I will have more work to do with ds with me, but he is a real joy and as long as we keep him fed, watered and well rested he will be lots of fun!

    Now my gf who is going w/us is on the verge of a marital breakdown but still wants to travel??? She and her dh have been on shaky ground for years, and in separate bedrooms as well - seems things have now come to a head and he states he is (finally) moving out (neither wanted to leave the marital home, while both wanted to be apart!). She is not sure he means it and is waiting to see what he does (has a divorced male friend who has offered to take him in).

    So bottom line is while we are planning to travel have not booked anything yet - I think for some reason I am hesitating??? not sure why? I know I was excited about the trip before and I need to get some of that excitement back so I can start anticipating the fun. I am dreading being away from work again, given my current sick week off - hope no one freaks out about this, but my boss was aware (before I became an "invalid") that I was making plans to travel during spring break!

    Found my passport - need to go to the basement and find my super duper snorkel and mask (which take up half my luggage!).

  • Wow, who knew a vacation could be so stressful!! I hope you get it all straightened out and are able to enjoy yourself.

    I'm on a food rampage today, but have managed to keep it in check, just barely. It's most likely related to TOM, but knowing that doesn't help me! I did my Pilates video and it was fun and good - was sad when the 10 minute segment was up. I also did the Ready Set Go video from WW. Either I'm really uncoordinated (YES) or they're just a little too fast and confusing, but I didn't really care for it. I should have DDR'd like I wanted to. I'm thinking about moving our GameCube up from the theater room into the family room so I have easier access to my DDR game. As it is now, I have to get the kids situated in the basement (hard, since it's not childproofed), move a couch, and get everything set up. It's daunting. Oh wah for me, right? But I'm happy I managed to exercise.

    I'm thinking I need to get up just 1/2 hour earlier to make a time slot for exercising, because most days I won't have time in the middle of the day. I'm not crazy about that idea, but it means 6:15 instead of 6:45, which isn't horrible.

    Well, that's all for now. I could go on a long rant about dh, but maybe I'll save that for later.

  • I'm back! A lot of teeny beers later, Frouf!

    No really, I had more bread than beer ... it tasted very good but all the while I was saying to myself "stop eating the bread." I had this garlic jalapeno tilapia that was excellent, and I only ate half of it. The best news with the bread was that I dipped it in olive oil and garlic, so I got all my oil in for the day!! Now I'm full and ready to go to bed. I have to work all day tomorrow and Sunday (I am *SOOOO* far behind at work, and the Air Force doesn't take excuses -- if you have a schedule deadline, you darn well better meet it!!!!) so tomorrow I plan to fast. I saw where someone said you could jumpstart the ol' metabolism by either exercising double time or fasting for a day. I think my body needs a rest from food, so I'll drink water all day tomorrow and then start back Sunday with my good-girl plan.
  • Angela, anytime you want to swap "bad dh" stories, I'm there for you!!! We discussed a few things tonight and I said something like he needs to participate in the household activities a little more. He said he knows, that he thinks about it every day but is unhappy with himself (overweight), with his job (hates it) and in general just about everything else. He knows what has to be done, but isn't motivated to do it.
  • Sounds like my dh. He's in a slump, and doesn't want to do anything but "mope" around. He hates his manager, and thinks that starting a frozen custard store is the key to all our happiness. I keep telling him we don't have the money or time to start a business, but I think he just wants me to be gung-ho supportive wife no matter how crazy the scheme. I guess the worst I could do is go along with it, write up the business plan, and not say "I told you so" when we can't get finanacing. I have already told him we are NOT risking our home or our savings, so any $$ that we get would have to be from private investors ready to risk it all. He, thankfully, has agreed to that part, but it's just so stressful. I mean, I want to be supportive, but I have to be realistic too! I guess it probably won't go anywhere, so all my worrying is for nothing, but it just bugs me. I really do feel for his frustrations at his job, and his worrying about how we'll make ends meet, since he's the sole wage-earner. I just am not a risk-taker and am happiest staying with the status quo.

    Well, off to bed I go...
  • Looks like I am the early bird used to getting up early during the week, Saturday and Sunday seem to be no exception.
    I weighed myself this morning and whoop de-do.. my scale shows .01 down. May not w/i at WW. Just don't feel like I guess. My new WW scale is right on target with their's so I have my FINAL answer for today as far as I am concerned. Next Saturday it is!! Maybe then it'll be worth while.
    I will continue my Core-ous line again. Just seems easier. I did try going over to FitDay to do the calories thing, but that confused that **** out of me Guess I 'll just continue to write it in my 12 week journal.
    Tried putting my own stuff in but it ask for ALL the nutrient I doing something wrong. Oh well!!
    Anyway....Kathy I couldn't agree more with how you feel about losing what you want to lose and maybe people (not here though) do get tired of hearing us. Thank goodness this group is as supportive as they are We have 'friends' who really understand. How many times have you all heard my same song and dance....that's because it's important to me. I think what I need to do is to stop looking at this as if I am on a DIET.....and that this is or should be my way of eating. I have lost the majority of my weight and you think I would be happy, I am a lifetime member of WW, having lost 55 lbs, it's just that I foolishly put a few back on and now I am suffering for it. I guess I want it off and I want it off now!!
    My plan is to be on program all weekend...another new Saturday to start off my new week.
    Congrats to Pink - great loss. And Cher-resisting Ice Cream....Wow!! I couldn't, so Kudo's to YOU!!
    Frou-hope all is well...I have to agree with Angela though, didn't think planning a trip was so stressful. If that were me, and since I AM a stress eater, forget it. There wouldn't be enough Cous Cous in the world!! You seem to be handling it well, just go and ENJOY!! You soooo deserve it!!
    Vickie-how are you??
    Well now it's 6:15 am guess I'll move on.....have a good day and I will see you all back here later.........Linda
  • PS....Frannie-how are you??? Is all well??
  • Duhhhhh
    Hey all !! I just looked at my book and from 2/26's weigh in, I am down 2 lbs I DID not realize that!! Wow, ok, I feel much better now Like I actually accomplished something. I guess my .01 was from the last few days!
    Still have a ways to go but nevertheless.......
    Thought I'd share my exciting find...See it pays to look at that little book!!
    Talk to you later........Lin
  • Good Morning, Ladies! The next few days should be stress free for me and I'll have more time to chat. Before I get started let me just say something from the bottom of my heart.

    Kathy and Linda, your struggles are EVERY bit as important and real as what those of us are going through to lose 100 or 150 pounds. It really doesn't matter what stage we are at in this particular moment. You both deserve as much support as the rest of us. Frankly, maintenance scares me more than anything else. I have LOST the weight several times before. Keeping it off is what I REALLY stink at. The fact that you both still care and continue to try to get to your goal is admirable. You could give up and not even try to figure it out but you don't. I never think that either of you are whining. If you want to know what whining sounds like.....stick around long enough for me to get to that last 10 pounds!

    I think it's safe to say that all of us will continue to be here for each other. I love the diversity of our group. I hope that I am learning from your struggles as well as my own. We may not always say what the other person wants to hear....but we'll be here to try to help. To me, I couldn't ask for a better group.
  • Bride, good to see you and congratulations! You're not kidding....2.4 down is a FABULOUS week and 16 pounds in 9 weeks is quite an accomplishment. This is further proof that it is better to lose it while you are still young!

    Cher, resisting ice cream after you already decided to have it is a HUGE accomplishment. Try to think back to what your original motivation was for going on Core and how you felt when you started. Maybe that will help you get back on track. Let us know if we can help somehow.

    Frouf, to change the ticker or not to change the ticker.......I would only change it if NOT changing it would put me in denial. I don't think you will be in denial so if I were you, I wouldn't change it. Frouf, if you are really dreading your weigh in can't you go to the meeting and use your non-weigh in pass? Do you have them? You could get the encouragement of the meeting but not the depression of weighing in. I, personally, would weigh in though because not weighing in for me would be denial. Usually not weighing in makes me have another bad week and sometimes I've quit altogether. I think it's a personal call. But, I bet if you continue to eat good you may be able to maintain until you can exercise again. Hope your trip works out. Doesn't sound like it's going too well.

    Angela, I say take over the family room. Exercising should be made as easy for us as possible since it is so darn hard to get going as it is! If I had to set up the treadmill every time I wanted to use it I would probably never exercise! Your eating will calm down, but it's scary when the TOM monster strikes, isn't it?!
  • OOPPSS! I posted before I was finished. That's what happens when you are gone for an evening. So many wonderful posts to respond to!

    Linda, FANTASTIC! 2.1 down in a week and a couple of days. I'm glad to see that you are doing the happy dance, because you should be! I'm so happy for you that I'll dance too! Now if we can just get you through another solid week of Core, we will have done our job of being good friends!

    So is there some kind of weird moon cycle that is making Hubbies just a little bit of crazy? I'm glad it hasn't hit in my house.....yet!

    My Sister and I had an interesting conversation yesterday. I was kinda whining (see I whine!) about only losing .8 when I was good and exercised. She said, "You've told me that, for the most part, you like the food you are eating, you aren't starving, you're going out to eat, and you don't mind the exercise so much. Sounds to me like something you can live with for the rest of your life and be happy. What more can you ask for from a weight loss program?" Ain't big Sisters smart!

    That's all for me for now. Good thing, huh? Three long messages. I'm still not feeling 100%. I've had swollen glands, sore throat, sinus pain for about 10 days and I think the beginning of a bladder infection. Lovely, huh? Anyway, my VERY conservative Dr. prescribed an antibiotic for me over the phone which he NEVER does because he has SO many people in the office he can't possibly see them all. I feel kinda crummy and am trying not to use this as an excuse not to exercise. The side effects on the medicine are so scary sounding. I know they have to list them but it is SO scary to read. It's a one a day kind for 10 days. Never heard of it before. Anyway, hope you all have a great day. I'm sure I'll be back later.

    Sorry you have to work again this weekend, Kath. Hope you make your deadline.