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Hi All! Went for follow up to our Doctor today and he says we hurt as much as we are going to and all seems well. Except for our car. That's another story. I can't think about it too much or I'll stress eat. I'm feeling nervous because I haven't exercised since Tuesday. I'm going to try to get back on the treadmill tomorrow. If it hurts too much, I'll slow down or stop.

Linda, couscous is very yummy and not a trigger food for me. WW says you have to determine trigger foods for yourself. If it's a Core food it's program, however, (there's always a but isn't there?!) all this means is that the huge test group didn't have a problem with it. You or I may have a problem stopping. If we do then we should probably be very careful. Popcorn can be a trigger food for me. Luckily, hubby likes it too and we split the bag. But I eat it until it's gone whether I'm satisified, full or stuffed! Does this make sense? Having said that I think you can eat couscous for a snack or any other time as long as you are capable of stopping when you are satisfied.

As far as portion control goes....I love to be full. So, what I do is underserve myself. I don't worry about what is one serving or two. I just give myself less than I want. I tell myself that if I'm not satisfied when I'm done that I can have more. Most often, I don't eat more. I was raised as a member of the clean plate club. Whatever I put on my plate, I'll finish. So underserving is my trick!

I don't eat in between breakfast and lunch but it's only because I don't get hungry until later in the day. My snack involves fruit most often because I have to concentrate to get my fruit in. I do have a nice trick though (what a surprise!) that makes it kind of yummy. I take a whole banana or 1/2 cup of any kind of fresh frozen fruit (cherries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries), one cup of skim milk, and some splenda to taste. I put it all in the blender. If the fruit is fresh I add two ice cubes. If it's frozen, I don't. Then I blend it all together. It comes out like a frozen shake. have to use your imagination a little. It is a wonderful way to get in a fruit and a milk. I would NEVER sit down with a banana and a glass of skim and be happy but I wish you could see me happily slurping my smoothy!

94% FF popcorn, SF/FF pudding, crustless pumpkin pie have all been known to appear on my snack list.

I also have dessert every night even if it is only a 1/2 cup of SF/FF pudding.
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I am jumping in mid-conversation, but I wanted to share my w/i - over 3 pounds lost this week (my first week on core after a ww hiatus). Only 8.4 to get back to my goal. Yea!!! I still have to watch myself more closely, but that was a big confidence booster.

Vickie - glad you are are through the worst of your injuries. Good job holding off (except the pizza). That would have thrown my entire week off with stress eating.

Sunny - You mentioned that you do better if you stay OP from the beginning of the week instead of starting in the middle. I work 1/2 days on Friday and w/i at noon, so for a long time I would weigh, then go off program until Sunday or Monday, then go back on. Or, I would use all my flex points early in the week, then just use my daily points after that. This seemed to work, and I always thought it was because my metabolism was up from the weekend and then my calorie intake dropped. It was hard to be consistent, but I liked having a little freedom on the weekend.

Is there a substitute for FF evaporated milk? I actually have everything to make that pumpkin pie in the house right now, except for the milk. Sounds yummy.
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Heather, don't you just love those big losses when the come?! Thanks for the good wishes. I cook alot but I'm not really creative about it. I have to have a recipe and I usually follow them pretty closely. I don't know of a subsitution for FF evaporated milk. I have a website for substitutions but it didn't include that. Maybe a google search?
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Good Morning everyone!! Well now for the not so good news....which I knew was was solidified ---- UP 1.4 but I am really ok with that because I mess up and knew I did. When I am good, I am very,very good and when I am bad, I am horrid....just like the poem:-)
Vickie you are too funny.....and thank you for the fruit smoothie idea...I will be trying that tonight. Sounds soooo much better then a banana in hand, and yes I am using my imagination :-) You see, now, popcorn IS NOT a trigger food for me, I don't even buy it because I just don't eat it. WW... ya gotta love it, one size fits all. What triggers us may not trigger someone esle. However, while I am writing this I am having a cup of CousCous with 1/2 c barley in FF chicken broth.
The core plan says 'eat when you're hungry, well I am hungry :-)
I did have 2 eggs and canadian bacon this morning (VERY EARLY)
I am going to try NOT to write this week, as I am ONLY going to EAT Core foods for the week, and save my WPA for when we are in KeyWest next weekend. So I will go today through next Saturday Coring, w/i and then leave. If I just eat Core I don't have to worry and with the great tips food wise this week I can make it.
If I don't have the smoothie later on this evening I may bake the sweet potato fries as in the TurnAround Cookbook. Fries and diet soda, sounds good to me!!
But I do want to say thanks Vickie for the idea of getting my fruit in, I have a hard time with that.
Heather, you did great this week...and so close to goal too. How do you handle your day?? Any 'redlight' foods for you?? See now here it is Saturday the start of my new week and I am ok.....what I can't do it in mid stream is beyond me, mind over matter I am sure. I guess I figure if I messed up on a Wed. why bother for the rest of the week.....I know I know....bad move, but that is what I did and thought this week, and it showed up....but that's ok.
I am hoping for that loss next week.....I have a good feeling..and I am NOT giving up not with being so close. Twice I tried going back to points and twice I failed, even though I lost all of my weight on points....go figure!!
It's Core for me.......I will be back during the week before we leave, to let you all know how my week is going.....may you all have a great OP day and week....Vickie keep those tips comin' are something else girlfriend!!

And how is everyone else doing :-)
Talk with you all later.................Linda
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PS...even though I will try not to write, I will make sure I follow the 8 healthy guidelines and get my water (which I have not problem with) in, my fruit thanks to Vickie's suggestion and my vegetables, which I I think I'm good to go.....
talk to you later....
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Good Morning Everyone! This thread is getting long so I am going to start another one. Come join me there!
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