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Default Halloween Candy, and Give Me Strength!

Hi everyone. I've been on core for about a week now, and am really liking it so far. I'm doing great with meals, having fun being creative, feeling healthier eating all the whole foods, etc. I don't notice many bread cravings anymore either, which is amazing because I am/was a bread-aholic. But, I am facing two problems. Number one, my kids' Halloween candy! It just sits there all day long and stares me in the face. I am finding myself less and less able to resist it. I know I should get rid of it - just toss it all in the trash today, because my husband and children don't need it either. But it's so wasteful. Help!
Problem two is probably related to problem one. I don't feel like I'm on a diet. I won't weigh in for another week at least, so I have no way of knowing how I'm doing. But maybe my portions sizes are too big, or maybe the few pieces of of candy a day are making me feel like I'm "cheating." I just wonder if I got rid of it, would I compensate by cheating with something else?

Anyway, just my ramblings. How do you all deal with your family members' off-limits foods? Should I toss the candy?

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If the candy is too much of a temptation then get rid of it now! If you don't see it and know that it is not there you will not crave it.............DO IT NOW!!

Halloween was 10 days ago, if your children have not eaten it by now.......then throw it out!

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