Core menus

  • Hi everyone!

    I was thinking that since this program is new and we are all just feeling our way around it right now that we might be able to help each other by posting what we are eating and share our menu ideas.

    I will be starting the Core on Monday after I get my groceries done on the weekend and will post after I have figured out what I doing.

    Thanks in advance!
  • That is a great idea! I go shopping tomorrow so my menus haven't been exciting but they have been filling!

    Today was:
    B-- oatmeal with splenda
    L- hard boiled egg and 2 corn tortillas (1 pt for tortillas)
    D- ranch chicken with baked potatoes and peas

    I'll have more interesting things to post tomorrow and each day after, lol.

    B: plain nonfat yogurt w/Splenda & vanilla extract, and fiber 1 mixed in (psss, and coffeee with skim milk)

    L: Leftover CORE stuffed peppers from last night with small salad and ff dressing

    D: Going out for bridal shower, so was planning on getting a steak, served with portabella muchrooms in worstershire sauce, and a veggie. Will count points butter on veggies, unless they let me order them without.

    snack: I made a HUGE fruit salad of raspberry, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry.....will eat a little bit somewhere in my day!
  • I'm in!

    B: shredded wheat/milk/banana - C
    S: apple
    L: lettuce/ffrefried beans/pico/1/2 cantaloupe - C
    S: boiled egg/tomato/carrots-C
    D: banana/strawberry/ffyogurt/smilk smoothie - C
    S: 1 oz. trail mix - F
    glass milk before bedtime
    Not typical since we went to a cruise-in last night and I made the smoothie because I didn't want the fried chicken/veggies. The trail mix was a way to get some nuts in.
  • Livvi- tell the the waiter to hold the butter - one thing I have tried on veggies is a squirt of fresh lemon juice, it gives them a burst of flavour without the calories of butter
  • Breakfast: oatmeal plain mixed with one apple and cinnamon, mccann's instant irish oatmeal (2 pts)

    eggplant moussaka/peach (C)

    cabbage/bacon/mushroom stirfry (2 pts for bacon)

    coffee with milk - stopped using half and half, do you know how hard that is?

    milk/banana/strawberry smoothie (C)

    activity: so far, 45 min elliptical, tonight lawn mowing/compost hauling
    water: none! so far!
  • Are we allowed to have nuts on core? I thought they were off limits except to count points for them.
  • I think you are right, that they are not core. I looked in the food companion and it shows pecans with a point value, an't find anything else.
  • I just started the Core and am feeling more satisfied than the Points.

    B - 1 c. ff cottage cheese w/ 1/2 c. blueberries
    L - tuna w/ff Miracle Whip on lettuce and an apple
    S - chicken breast cooked in 2 tsp. olive oil
    baked potato w/ff sour cream and chives
    pineapple and blueberries

    hot tea without sugar
    glass of milk and 2 calcium tablets
  • I'll contribute - I'm on Day 2 - here is day 1

    B - 2 boiled eggs
    S - tomatoes & cucumber, yogurt (2 "Allowance" pts)
    L - Salad - canadian bacon, grn pepper, grn olive, pineapple & ff Catalina dressing
    S - tomato & popcorn
    D - Steak
    S - tomato

    Day 2 so far the same . . . .

    OK - I love tomatos and I have them fresh from a friend's garden, so I'm going to take advantage of it.
  • B: shredded wheat/bran/milk/banana
    S: grapes/strawberries
    L. tomato soup w/whole and stewed tomatoes/applesauce
    D. Stuffed bell peppers
    Salad w/ff ranch dressing
    steamed veggie mix
    S C-2 coke (1 flex point)
  • 2 days on core...

    I've finished my second day of the core plan, and while it felt like a breeze yesterday I had some trouble today with really craving bread and sweets. I've been back at WW since late april and had gotten into my old habit of sticking to my points range but doing it by eating all kinds of sugary fatty foods. I knew I needed to make a change and the core plan is exactly what I need, but it isn't going to be easy for me! I'm so accustomed to at least 10 pts of bread/bread type things a day plus sweets (i use every point available in order to eat this way, I might add), which is what is making the change a little tougher than I expected it to be. Anyway, here's my first two days:

    Day 1:
    b: oatmeal with 2 pts of brown sugar, coffee
    s: ff yogurt
    L: soup, grapes
    s: ice cream (7 flex points)
    d: channa masala (indian dish made with garbanzos, tomato, lots of spices), brown rice
    s: ff pudding

    Day 2:
    60 minutes high intensity activity = 12 activity pts
    b: ff pudding, banana, muffin (5 pts)
    l: leftover garbanzo stuff & rice
    s: ice cream (8 pts)
    d: tortilla pizza made with ff tortillas (1pt), veggie patty, mozz cheese (2pts) and canned seasoned tomatoes for the sauce (3pts total)
    s: grapes, popcorn

    What are the rest of you thinking in terms of how often you'll do core vs. flex plan? Or are most of you thinking that you'll do the core plan most all the time? I've been considering trying to do 2 weeks core plan, 1 week flex plan so that i can make my old favorite meals once in a while.

    Hope tomorrow is easier, I'm thinking about trying to concoct some baked goods. We'll see how that goes!
  • I'm almost through day 4 with Core. I've already used over half of my 35 points. Eating up fruit f/f yogurt and I won't give up my bran muffins.

    We'll see what the scale says next week.
  • I've been doing the core program since Wednesday, and like you Wubby, I have a problem with bread and sweets ...but ...I'm doing well, and am satisfied! I can't remember what I ate Wednesday and Thursday ...(didn't have to write anything down ), so I'll just share what I remember.

    Breakfast: Oatmeal/soy milk/splenda/nectarine
    Lunch: Salad w/spinach/tuna/avacado/hb egg/soy cheese/olive oil and balsamic vinager dressing and a banana
    Snack: berries
    Dinner: Steak/potato salad made with baby reds, hb egg, onion, dill
    pickle and ff mayonnaise/grilled mushrooms and zucchini
    Snack: ff pudding and 94%ff popcorn