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  • I wish ya'll you try all the luck in the world. But as I said for my lifestyle it just wouldn't work. If you eat out there is very little on the retaurant list you can have and you have to use FPs for the rest. With only 35 FPs a week for me that is impossible. I do find on my 24 TPs a day + 35 FPs a week + any APs I earn a day (some is 0 some is 3 but usually never more than that) I am not hungry.

    Actually I think that the concepts of the Core should be stressed more into Flex and the portion control of Flex incorporated into Core.

    I was looking at it and if I could eat until my body told me I was full (mostly because I am a fast eater probably) I would totally over do it. I love meat and could easily get 2000-3000 calories a day on lean meats, I would omit veggies and veggies becuase they are not really what I love but I do eat them at times, I love milk and could easily since it is unlimited get back into drinking 2 quarts minimum which is another 640 calories.

    No one said this was a LOW CARB but a LOWER CARB way of life. If you really look at it ---- it does lower the carbs somewhat.
  • It's funny, I pretty much eat good carbs anyway, I just do it my way through flexpoints. I do at least two servings of milk product daily,2-3 servings of lean protien (including eggs), 2-3 serving of complex carbs and at least 2 fruit a day with lots of veggies and some added non-transfat fat occassionally. I find through years of working at my food, I just have found a good combination of foods that keep me satisfied, yet help me reach my goals. The way I eat now, is far different from my initial weight loss on WW. Much healthir and less processed. I still like the flexibility though because sometimes life happens and if an indescretion or an emergency fix comes into play, I just like to put that into my daily allottment of points. I'll look at the Core program, but I like the portion structure of points. I have a tendancy to binge on good healthy foods and I don't have a very good "I'm full switch". I am glad they're offering both programs! We can all support each other regardless of which way we choose.


  • Ali, That is me also! But I am not against the other program just not for me.
  • Is there anyplace online that I can get more detailed info on the new program? I did WW a few years ago with the 123 Success and then the Winning Points. I made lifetime on the 123 program but have not been back to a meeting in about 3 years. This new program sounds like what I need to get back on track. I went to the WW site but all the information was very high level.

    I never really got much out of the meetings and lost the weight on my own. I can't afford to sign up onlilne and would appreciate any links or info on the new program.

  • The Weight Watchers Site will give you a tour of the program. I like the core because I like fruits and veggies and found myself limiting my fruit because I didn't want to use the points. I also like milk and hated to waste the points on it. This way, I eat lots of fruits and all the milk I want. I still use the portion control that I learned in points. I never did last very long with the flex system. I like having the 35 points to have an occasional coke or bread if I want a sandwich or hamburger. I don't have to worry about overdoing on the meat cause it is a stretch for me to finish a pork chop.
  • I already looked at the tour but it is at a high level. Is there any other place that gives more details on how the program works? I'm still at a loss.
  • Candice, You realize you posted a copywrite word for word out of a W/W booklet. That is illegal.
  • I view the CORE program as the healthiest new diet out there. Everyone is on the low carb craze now, but they aren't getting all the proper nutrition from each food group. WW designed a program to go with today's trend that is a healthy approach, one that can be followed for life. If you do well on Flex, then stick with it, but there are many of us out there that need definite structure and to be told you can and can't eat this (like me). This is only like SB in the aspect that there is a food list, but the contents of the list are very different.
  • I have been doing a combination of WW Flex points and South Beach Diet for a several months now but have adapted it to my daily points and keeping portion control in check since that was one of the main problems I had before I started WW. I don't use my 35 points much as I usually eat my exercise points instead.

    I have found this to be a good combination for myself and I have stayed on Phase II of SBD/WW for a while since it seems to be working okay.

    Each person is different so if Flexpoints works for you then great- if the Core works then great. I am thinking of trying the Core for a week or two to see what happens If I don't like it I wil go back to Flexpoints.

    I am reviewing the new materials tonight to decide before doing the weekend grocery shopping
  • Quote: I view the CORE program as the healthiest new diet out there.
    This is why I don't think CORE would work for me. I'm not looking for a new diet. I chose WW because its a lifestyle change, and something I could do for the rest of my life. I don't want to limit my foods to a list, I love Breads and Pastas. Why would I willingly give up the foods I love so much?!! I think the key to weight loss and maintenance is eating in moderation with the correct portion sizes and to obviously exercise. When I go to a social function I don't want to have to refuse foods because they are not on my list!! Everyone says its about eating healthfully and giving your body only what it needs, but I like to enjoy the foods I eat. Of course I love vegetables and fruits, but I also love sandwiches, rice, and pastas. I'm not going to neglect myself of those.

    Of course, this is all my opinion and I wish the best of luck to those that are on core or are thinking about trying it.