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SleepyOwl 04-02-2016 11:33 AM

Points plus vs Simply filling

I stopped attending meetings about 2 years ago, because I felt the points plus program no longer worked after about 70 pounds of weight loss. I set out to try various things, and nothing has worked in the long-term, but I essentially have maintained my weight loss. Is simply filling the solution I've been looking for? Please share your experiences with it, particularly if you've used points plus!

Thanks in advance :)

Koshka 04-14-2016 05:51 PM

I have tried simply filling and got back to lifetime on Points Plus. Currently I am doing SmartPoints which is the current program. The issue I have with Simply Filling is that too many foods that I regularly eat are not on the Simply Filling list so I have to use weekly points for them even if they are healthy foods. For example, nuts are really healthy but they have to be counted on Simply Filling. I found that was using up all my weekly points on nuts and on reduced fat cheese. I didn't have to count for fat free cheese, but I did have to count for reduced fat cheese.

With the current WW program, I think Simply Filling is more difficult than before because we get fewer weekly points. When Points Plus was the main program, on Simply Filling we got 49 weekly points to use for those things that you had to count on Simply Filling. Now, on the current WW program, I personally get 28 weekly Points (the max is 42, FWIW). So, it would be even more difficult for me to use Simply Filling since I get so few weekly points.

Now -- that is me. I do go to WW meetings and there are some members who use Simply Filling. They are mostly members who mostly eat the foods that you don't have to count on Simply Filling and they don't eat many foods that require them to count points. For them, I think it can be a really good choice. For me, I have found that my favorite program is SmartPoints (the current program) and I like it more than PointsPlus.

If you like a wider variety of foods than you get on Simply Filling then you might want to try SmartPoints. If you are happy with the food choices on Simply Filling then you might enjoy trying that out.

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