Chat: Core/Simply Filling: June 15-30

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  • So far, so good today. Low calorie, low fat, low glycemic, low carb, etc. need to be at the gm, but might ride the bike at home.

    I'm going to a Juneteenth event for the afternoon. For you who don't know...juneteenth is a celebration of the Emancipation Proclamation finally making it's way to Texas.

    I hope you all have a good day.
  • Sorry I have been missing !!
    I have been keeping up with everyone here, just not posting..

    Quiet weekend, working on the yard & garage.
    After a yard sale with my daughter
    next weekend my garage will be down to just what I want to keep. I realized for about $200 extra I can rent a large enough temporary townhouse that will hold everything and then I will save that much on storage..That makes more sense than
    the hassle of storage and it will be better on my furniture & stuff ..

    I am stuck at 145..Starting today I am going to try to have 2 protein shakes
    and one lean protein & veggie meal for a week of so. That will help the scales move I think..I am getting more exercise in the yard than normal so that may help.

    After a wedding weekend at the end of June in Ga, I plan to reduce the price on this house & job hunt..
  • I know most of us have lost our dads, but have a happy father's day thinking about the wonderful memories you have and how you would not be who you are without your special daddy!
  • Sloan, what a beautiful message. Thank you for posting. Makes me smile thinking of my dad and all of you with yours.

    We are taking a short break this afternoon from visiting but will hop back in in about an hour. Curtis is napping. I'm in the hotel lobby with ya'll. My food's not good, but I am posting everything I eat. I'd be doing better if I could keep off the ice cream--but this is vacation.
  • Protein Shakes and one meal about 3 or 4 pm seems to be enough for me right now.
    I am down some on the scales !!..I know this isn't a good long term solution
    but if I can drop a tiny bit & maintain it might help.
  • Nancy, congratulations on moving those scales. I'm probably pushing mine up. This morning I did have some oatmeal instead of a large bfast. That's a step. My mind is telling me that we'll be home Tuesday evening. My normal WW week begins Wed AM. See where this is taking me?

    Our visit is going all right. It's sad to be finding out some stuff we didn't already know but all in all we're having a wonderful time visiting.

    The weather is awesome! Today's high is lower than our lows back in Texas. We're all meeting at Pizza Hut for lunch then we're going to a local park. Tonight's our last visit as we leave for the airport in the morning.

    I hope ya'll are having a good week. Love you bunches!
  • Sandra, we were getting blocked by a Malware warning and we started a private FB should show up on your FB page.
  • Lost 5 pounds in a week, just by doing the right thing---low carb, low glycemic food, and more aerobic exercise...Now, to do that for 10 more weeks
  • Here is a warning from the FDA:
  • Rhonda, congratulations on being down those 5 pounds.

    Okay, so am I supposed to be posting here or on FB? I'm confused. I found 3fc on FB but didn't see our group there.
  • Maryann...
    We all jumped ship to another site because there were problems with this site
    and a virus I think ???

    But we don't want to lose you .
    Direct message me and i will do the same , so we can get you on our new chat.
  • Hi Ladies

    Gee!!! Its been a long time since I was on this thread.Hope you all are in good health. As for me June was a HORRIBLE month health wise for me,being back and forth at the hospital for blood test and doctor visits.

    First thinking I had diabetes as my #'s were up[6.5 and now 6.3 ] so my doctor isn't really concerned as I they appeared to being holding steady. Than came a torn retina that they fixed with laser surgery,and than they last chronic kidney disease where my numbers were quite high and now they are back to normal.

    All three that disappeared were miracles to me. The Good Lord was watching over me,and now I don't have to go back for blood test on the diabetes and kidneys until Dec 2013[when I go for the Wellness exam]. New word for a general physical.

    Can't believe how the time is going by summer already. Now that we are starting anew month hope all settles down for me. My sister was up here on the cape for a few days for my birthday. Oh by the way Thanks for all the birthday wishes,and the prayers for my recoveries.I sure needed them. My DD is coming to see me some time in Aug.,She & her husband is going back to Ireland on Independence Day. They're not going to sell there house[inlaw problems]my sister is wild,but I'm calm and not going to get myself upset.

    I'm keeping myself busy with the different groups that I joined,so I don't have time to be upset.

    That's all for now,I guess I have to go back to all of June to see what's going on with your guys.

    I Promised I will be back when time allows. Take care of yourselves and you always in my prayers.

  • We're so sorry to hear that you are having health problems maryann and hope that they resolve for you, and stay resolved.

  • Maryann, that's good that your health is getting better. It sounds like you've had a lot of trouble. Come on over to Facebook.