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  • Hi Ladies

    A new Day and new week[[[[[Happy Memorial Day Weekend.]]]]
    Going to be a quiet Sunday for me,all my friends are with there relatives.Thanks for starting us up this morning

    Really nothing new,had brunch with a friend whose meeting here family alter on,and than going to a church service later on today. My frig is giving me problems again,going to see if I can fix it tomorrow before I get my handy man out here. Water is in the bottle of the crisper bins like the last time. The guy from Sears should me what to do,but I don't think I have the right screw driver or the right equipment to fix it.Well we will see.

    Have a great day
  • Rhonda, karma is wonderful! That was sweet of your friend to send you the ticket.

    Maryann, it's good to see you here.

    We're home from my brother's. We hadn't been gone from his house 10 minutes when he called to tell us the sf blackberry cobbler was good. Now we're home. Curtis has finished the sugar-laden cobbler. I resisted. I did have some Quaker Popped Chips and Supremely Spicy Hummus. I may go out to do some mowing (riding) or I may not.
  • have lost two posts...I give up...hi...
  • We had a pool party here for my grandson's end of year fun..About 8 of his friends with parents..Fun, fun..
    We used to do grill out/pool parties all the time but I don't do as many
    Played Scattergories and the funniest conversations arise from the answers..
    Was Robin Hood a villian or hero ?? One person gave him as a villian that began with R.. Then we played Rummikub..we get competitive !!!

    Broke the low carb eating I have been doing because my daughter made her
    amazing macaroni salad..I can't resist it..At least I sent it all home with them..
  • Happy Memorial Day!!!

    I'm home alone, so nothing much going on here. I bought a chair from a thrift store and am going to attempt to reupholster it. Right now I'm removing the fabric and the gazillion staples. What a job. My shoulder is acting up again, due to all the tugging with the staples. I'm not sure how much I can do. Wish DH was here to help. I'm about half way through. Had my grandsons help me remove the double welp. I am just not as strong as I used to be.

    Sandra, my husband loves cobbler. I need your sugar free recipes.

    Maryann, hope you can get your fridge fixed. I remember you having problems before.

    Rhonda, HI!!! I thought you said you lost 2 pounds, then I re-read it.

    Nancy, I love playing games with the kids. We don't get together often enough. Wish we all lived closer.

    Hi sloan and Vickie.
  • Hi y'all! Happy Memorial Day We had our family celebration yesterday, and of course, I ate way too much!!!!! Today, we will work outside on some pallet furniture my DH has made for the porch. So far, we have a couch and two adirondack chairs. I took the cushions from an old couch and covered them with outdoor fabric, and we are really enjoying being comfy outside. I will post a pic when I get the cushions for the chairs done.

    Memorial day is a sad day for us as it marks the day that my dad had his cardiac arrest. Although he died a week later, I think of this day as the day he died since it was the last day we were able to speak to him. Enough of that!!

    On a grouchy note, I am so mad at myself ! As you know, I had finally lost a few pounds and was pretty proud of myself. Well, that ole pride monster got me, and now I think I have gained it all back I am dusting myself off and planning to jump on the wagon if one of you will come by and get me!!

    Pam, I am not an upholsterer, but I have helped my sister pull out staples; it is not fun. Make sure and post a pic so we can see the finished product.

    Sandra, I am interested in your story about blackberries. Did you say you picked them? We don't get blackberries until June or July. Are yours planted or do you pick the wild ones?

    Rhonda, I am so glad you get to be with your friend in July. What a bond the two of you must have!

    Nancy, your pool party sounds fun! What is the secret of the macaroni salad?

    Maryann, sorry about your fridge troubles. Hope that gets resolved soon!

  • My chairs for my large round table came with ugly fabric covering the seats about 5 years ago..I even bought the material for redoing them , but it seems to stay on the to do list year after year..

    Sloan, I can share her recipe but mine never comes out as good as hers..
    She chills the cooked macaroni pasta first, adds mayo & pepper & season salt, chills again,
    then adds chopped tomato, chopped green onion, chopped cucumber , and chopped egg.. I eat a second bowl instead of dessert usually !!
    She will be over today so if you want details of amounts let me know..

    Maryann, my frig is acting up and I am trying to not buy a new one because if I do sell and rent an apartment I wouldn't need it.. Hope you get yours fixed..

    Lazy family day planned..Maybe strawberry picking..
  • Happy Memorial Day Chicks! I slept late because I have been so tired lately. I just finished breakfast....10 till Noon! Going to throw myself back on the treadmill before I lose my motivation. No plans for us. Couple of burgers on the grill with a small baked potato and grilled corn.

    Have a great one!
  • Sloan, these are wild blackberries that grow around the barn and along the fence. Our youngest grand and I picked a quart. That was enough for 2 cobblers. I did plant 2 hybrid plants, but I don't think they are still among the living. These wild ones are hearty! I'm sending you a big

    Pam, I make the blackberry cobbler just as always just substituting granular Splenda for sugar. If you'd like the recipe, I'll give it to you.

    Nancy, your party sounds like such fun! I'm so looking forward to taking the grands to Splash Station again this summer. Our plan is to go on Mondays. My gf will be going taking her grand, too. Fun!

    Vickie, your day sounds good to me.

    Rhonda, I'm picturing you with a glass of wine and some cheese. Am I close?

    We had 3 ladies out here most of the day shooting arrows and eating popsicles. Curtis joined us and gave some pointers. We're all sunburned but happy.
  • Sandra, I felt your hug all the way in Tennessee! Thanks! It has been a day of reflection, for sure. I just looked at the blackberries on our property, and they are small and green. I guess your warmer weather speeds things up! We usually pick blackberries at least once in the summer and I make a cobbler. I just wish I could make one like my grandmother!

    Nancy, thanks for the ingredient list. I think I can wing it on the measurements. I wonder if the secret is chilling the macaroni both times before adding the fresh ingredients?

    Vickie, hope your day was restful!

    I have downloaded a list that I plan to follow to get my clutter in order before school starts again. Today, I organized all of the drawers in my kitchen. Tomorrow, I will tackle the kitchen cabinets that contain the dishes that we eat from. The other cabinets will get done the next day. I really hope I can get this done. Once school starts, I am worthless when it comes to housework. Hope you all have a great evening!!
  • Sloan..I meant to send hugs too !!!

    I lost my dad from a heart attack on Valentines Day in 1998 and that day still
    is a hard day..
  • Thanks, Nancy!!!
  • no, i was drinking bourbon in a bar, listening to a Bob Dylan tribute band...really

    more tomorrow..
  • Good Morning Chicks! Joined WW online yesterday. H A D to do something. I'm feeling real lost. I get lots of points because I'm SOOO fat. But, I have a question. I'm using the tracker and it's telling me a cup of cherries is Z E R O points. Could that be right?

    And, what is considered a serving when I'm deciding how many fruits and veggies I have had. Is it a half cup or a whole cup or does it depend? And if it is variable, how do I decide?

    Somehow I think I remember a half cup is considered a serving?

    Ugh...this really needs to be the time I reach my goal and maintain. I HATE this losing part.