Chat: Core/Simply Filling: April 16-30

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  • Nancy, I hope you can reconnect, too.
  • Sandra, took some effort. And, again, tonight i went to two meetings and really wanted sugar afterwards. But, I've managed not to eat that. I have had a good shot of good bourbon!

    Nancy, I hope you get to reconnect, too.

    Tomorrow we have the last tap performance of the year. I'll be glad when it's over.

    My friend now has a blood clot in the other leg. They have treated it, so we shall see.
  • For breakfast i had a ham and cheese sandwich on low-carb bread--just because!

    Have a great day!
  • I just figured out that if I list my attic box contents in a Word document that I can search the document for any item and I can also
    print extra copies for the attic, files ect..

    That will make it super easy to change any box contents...yay !!

    Headed to the attic !!
  • Hey chicks, sorry I haven't been around. My college program is keeping me busy. I have finished the first three classes of fourteen. Even though the classes are fast paced and intense, I am not sorry for starting on this journey. Right now, I am just tired.

    Vickie, how is Brodie?

    Nancy, sounds like you are having fun with organizing.

    Rhonda, glad you are getting a break from tap. Also, so sorry about your friend. Sounds like she is really having a hard time. I know you are worried about her.

    Sandra, good luck with your church surfing. I know it is hard. We have been "unsettled" for a very long time.

    You girls have a great night! I have to get to work. TTFN
  • Sloan, we just got an email from one of our dear friends from the church. I just e'd her back to tell her we might not be coming back. That was hard to do.

    Rhonda, I had pimiento cheese for dinner. Well, I had a Braum's ice cream sandwich, too. Premium one at that. Now I'd like some bourbon.

    Nancy, you are very very organized. I'm impressed.

    Yikes! They are showing some chocolate goodies made from Nestles Crunch Bars on TV. Looks great!!

    I'm not as tired today as I was yesterday. My feet aren't as swollen. Maybe I'm going to survive these 11 school days in a row afterall.
  • Sandra
  • Good Morning Chicks! I'm starting day 2 of my new religion called Weight Watchers Simply Filling. Hope no one is offended by me calling it a religion. I'm just being silly. to to live. Couple of important mantras for me. Thanks, Sloan. I love the Focus we don't need no hocus pocus one!

    I'm probably eating too many carbs. I love them and they seem to show up at every meal. I was going to try to do it on my own without joining WW again, but I think I may sign up for online, at least for a while. Not sure about the meetings. I don't think I need the pressure. And, I think the pressure to perform would not be good for me right now.

    I'd already gotten the slap down from the Internist and then Monday again from my kindest most wonderful Gynie. He encouraged me to start working WW again and I promised him that I would. He said his wife does it online and we chatted about the program for a while. He is SO nice and kind AND he knew what he was talking about. I knew he was coming from a good place.

    So I've had two good days on program. It is birthday month for me and Jim so I don't expect much progress because I plan to eat on our special celebrations but I plan to be mindful instead of glutinous, if that makes sense. Besides my stomach hurts if I eat too much now anyway so I have to select carefully. I've also walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes both days. So far my foot is holding up! The exercise is key. I know that I cannot eat the small amount required to lose if I'm not exercising. That's how I got back here.

    So....let me go see what you are all up to. I have to eat breakfast, walk, and get ready for today's rounds of appointments and errands.
  • can do it !!

    My cousin just started the WW points plus (I think its called) she is excited about it..I am in major procrastination mood with this job stuff..
    I love going to bed late and sleeping late and then getting my stuff done..
    I dread a whole new schedule when I have to get up at 6 every morning..

    My oldest son fell carrying a pot of boiling water yesterday (at the youth camp where he works ) he got 2nd degree burns on his neck & chest.. They think the burns won't blister which would be good...

    I am not as organized as it seems , its just that my junk is in marked boxes
    Getting rid of more stuff is my goal, not having it all labeled...
  • new pages going up...