Weekly Chat (Simply filling/Core) April 1-15

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  • Rhonda, Curtis doesn't either, but he's seeing now that he needs to do something to make himself get out more. We just found info on the Cleburne Bass Club. He's looking into joining that and to also returning to Masonic Lodge meetings. I hope he does both. Actually, I hope he finds some other interests, too. Guess I shouldn't have said "us" earlier. It's mainly him that needs interests. I keep fairly busy. When summer gets here Hattie and I will be taking our grands swimming Mondays. That and going out with my gf's keep me busy enough.

    Congratulations to your niece. Will ya'll go to CA to watch?
  • Sandra, I wish I could win the lottery and take the entire family to the meet in California! Since we're going to Alaska in the summer, we won't be going anywhere else I'm sure!

    Good for Curtis
  • A great Monday morning..

    AC guy came for 2nd visit to fix AC and discovered its
    the coil , but called the company and its under warranty..
    A $1500 part , but covered !!

    The people that saw the house yesterday are very interested..
    They are looking at a few others today , but loved this one..
    Keep those fingers crossed..

    I don't have any showings lined up today , so I can finally just
    leisurely work in the yard today & its a beautiful day...

    My cousin has set an Oct wedding date.. She plans to rent a cabin for
    about 15 of us in Black Mountain , NC for the weekend and then on Sunday
    they will go spend the rest of the week in Gatlinburg. She asked me to be maid of honor
    but I told her that was too special to be texted..LOL

    Trying to get back on track with my low carb..
    Sloan , I am 145 too..
    How can 2 days of bad eating undo 3 weeks of good eating..??
  • Hi Ladies

    Went To The Movies Yesterday And Saw 42 What A Great Movie About Jackie Robinson. I Gave It A Ten. Nothing New,have Another Busy Week Ahead Of Me. Have To Go To The Hospital Tomorrow For A Blood Test At The Lab For Next Weeks Doctor Appointment. Than Socializing With My Church Friends And Than On Fri The Soup Kitchen. I'm Going To Roast Some Veggies From The Sb Diet Book. The One With Eggplant Red & Green Pepper Yellow Squash. I'm Gong To Triple To Recipe To Be Able To Get 24 Serving Out Of It.

    I Have Crocus Out In My Front Yard I Think I Might Be Able To Say That Spring Finally Hit Cape Cod.

    Have A Great Day
  • Rhonda, I hear ya. We're going to Washington State and that will prob be all we do this summer. Next year I really want to go to Louisville for Indoor Nationals again. We haven't been in a couple of years. It's time for us to go back.

    Nancy, on selling. You'll be a beautiful maid of honor.

    Maryann, glad you liked the movie. And I'm glad your crocus are blooming.

    Today is my "New Day 1" OP.
  • Sometimes ya just gotta do it:

    fried chicken
    mashed potatoes and gravy
    green beans
    biscuits, butter, and honey
    3 big bites of chocolate meringue pie

    We went out to dinner with Doyle's daughter, husband and our Gks. It was the husband's birthday so we just went for it. I had planned all day and didn't go overboard on any items.

    Nancy, it's so exciting that you just might get the house sold. All fingers are crossed.

    Maryann, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the movie and the arrival of spring!

    Sandra, Happy New Day 1!

    I'm watching the news about Boston, as I'm sure you are. This is all so sad.
  • I'm watching the news about Boston, too. Sad.

    Rhonda, your dinner sounds really really good. You're right--sometimes you just have to do it.
  • Oh my! I get the prize? This is unusual. Where is everyone?

    We're heading out in a few minutes to take the weedeater to the weedeater doctor then we're off to Half Price Books. I have several I'm going to add to their collection. I will go to WW late this afternoon. I normally went to the morning class. This will be different. Should be good, though, as I'll be with a lot of teachers coming from school. Downside is I'll weigh more than in the mornings. Life goes on. (And I'm excited!!)