Weekly Chat (Simply filling/Core) March 16-31

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  • New pages....don't forget to check back for posts you might have missed!
  • It's a gorgeous day here in NC Texas...except for the flying insects that are welcoming spring! We're already monitoring for West Nile!
  • yoo hoo...where is everyone?

    I hope you've had a good day!
  • Not much going on at my house..

    I went to church with my daughter & son in law...My son in law was baptized
    today and has really made lots of good changes lately..Proud of him..

    We went to eat lunch and my pecan crusted chicken & spinach salad wasn't
    all that great..

    Planning a lazy evening watching the TV and reading..
  • I have been working on a business proposal, visual aid, and speech for my college class for about 15 hours. Am I a perfectionist or what? My DD who has been in college recently assures me that the time I have spent is not unusual, but I am not sure. I can tell you this, I am exhausted and have resorted to drinking wine
  • wine is always good...

    I could spend 15 hours on presentations, but it's too much

    Not much going on here either, Nancy...but, I'm going out to buy a new watercolor brush...
  • Hi Chicks! I'm getting ready to go out this evening for some fun time with my friends. Not sure my stomach is up to it, but it is really all about the company. Trying to eat to live instead of living to eat. We are going to Sweet Tomatoes which is a salad bar with wonderful breads and soups as well.

    It's sleeting and snowing here...again. Doesn't Mother Nature know it's Spring?

    Be well.
  • Hi there. We've been busy this weekend with a tournament. Today Curtis has gone fishing with a friend. I'm getting ready to run some errands then kick back. My food has been out of kilter, but I am refocused. (I was thinking of Sloan's cheer. Thank you, Sloan. It helps.)

    Vickie, I hope you enjoy your evening out with friends. It's hard for me to imagine snow. I'm sunburned. I miss snow. Wish we had gotten some this winter but we didn't. I think Rhonda did, though.

    Rhonda, thank you for the new pages. Sounds like you enjoyed a peaceful weekend.

    Nancy, that's a big occasion. I'm happy for your grandson and for all of you, too. Sorry about your chicken.

    Sloan, is your presentation today? How did it go?

    Guess I'd best get off here. I'm ready for lunch then off to town.

    Have a great day, all.
  • Sandra, my presentation is tonight. Class starts at 6pm. I'll let you know how it goes
  • Sloan, and thanks for the I'll be watching for your post. Break a leg, my friend!
  • Just had my tax meeting and I like what I found out...

    I think I need to quit making up my own diets..It's not working...
    I am going to do Southbeach , starting tomorrow..
    Not "my version" of it, but the real deal..

    Headed off to Bible Study in a few minutes..

    Either tonight or in the morning I am going to get my files organized..
    I realize the need for this every year right after I pull together
    my tax stuff LOL...
  • I spent a lot of time outside today, raking and bagging leaves. And, I did all that after my workout There is more to do, of course.

    I went to a church board meeting tonight and did something I've never done in my life--I resigned. I don't want to put details on a public site, but I did not think due process was being followed, saw no hope for fixing it, and just said to myself that I just don't need it. I am not the only one who left, so we have a local mess.

    i have not lost any more weight, but my eating is really good. I simply need to get back to the elliptical routinely.
  • 100% on my presentation! Hope the written grade is as good as the presentation grade

    Thanks, Sandra!

    Rhonda, sorry about your church issues.

    Nancy, congrats on your good tax news!

    Hey Vickie, 70 degrees here this weekend; now snow is predicted for tomorrow night!
  • Sloan

    Congratulations on a job well done. Now don't you feel better that it's over?

    Rhonda, I'm sorry about your church issues. We went through that over a year ago. It hurts.

    Nancy, we're doing the same as you trying to organize for taxes. Curtis has taught me a lot about organization. I guess having his own business for years taught him. I'm doing WW online.

    We have a guy coming out to plant some trees today. He was due at 8, called at 7:42, said he's coming at 10. Not a good start.

    My eating has been full of chocolate and other goodies. I'm doing better today. I have a pot of pinto beans/ham on the stove and will make cornbread for Curtis. I may make some WW core n pones for me. I need to check pts for cornmeal.
  • Wow, Sloan...that's fantastic!!! You rock!!

    Sandra, I hope the trees got planted today. I'm headed out to do more raking in a few minutes, then going to art class.

    I may go back to teaching a course or so. I'll let you know if it works out---but, I did meet with the Dean and Chair of a department in one of our universities....it wouldn't be immediately, but maybe this fall or next spring.

    I hope you had fun Vickie; and, Nancy, hmmm, I guess I better make that app't with our tax guy