Daily Thread (Simply Filling/Core) February 1-15-15

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  • My dog Jake was a lab/border collie....they're just great.

    Today I had:

    B-protein shake, almond milk and frozen berries
    L-Uncle Sam cereal, almond milk and banana
    D-3 oz ham steak, asparagus, sweet potatoes, and canned, drained and rinsed pears

    5 OZ red wine and 1.5 oz dark chocolate

    I'd like to have more but I think I'll stop.
  • My kind of dessert!
  • Mmmmmmmmmm
  • ....had another 4 oz of wine just now, and headed to bed --- 'night
  • Good Morning Chicks! It's day 6 for me and so far so good. But, as you all know, it is NOT easy. Nothing to do but plug along. I have breakfast out with friends Saturday and will have to figure out what to order before I go. Tomorrow is some blood work so I hope my levels are all good. We had chicken chili last night and Core cornbread out of my freezer. Tonight will be fresh green beans, applesauce, lemon garlic chicken and oven fries. My cleaning lady is coming today and marinading the chicken works on a day like that.

    Also have the electrician coming today. We think we blew out a switch....it was making zapping noises and stinks! Haven't used it since, just in case. Lots of little house things going on. If I didn't hate the idea of renting worse......

    Rhonda, you're food looked good, though I'm not a drinker at all, I'd have been happy to share the dark chocolate. I have a couple of find lately that I adore. I mostly eat my Zone Double Dark Chocolate bar for my dessert at night but was getting bored. I found and L O V E, the Kind Dark Chocolate Cherry and Cashew bar and the Atkins Vanilla Fruit and Nut Bar (reminds me of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!) Not sure how many points they work out to but they are worth it to me because they are so good and are my dessert at night. I'm guessing they are in the 4-5 point range. How was reentry?

    I haven't really been weighing or measuring but am eating the portion size or a trifle smaller from JC and making sure the ingredients are all healthy and lowfat.

    Sloan, how's your class?

    Nancy, let's see that cut and color.

    Mary Ann, glad you're well and making progress.

    Sandra, sugar free? I couldn't do it. Kudos to you.

    Pam....what's up GF?

    Time for me to walkie walkie!

  • I hope each and every one of you is having a good day. We kept it simple, but it's been good. And the weather's cooperated!! It's a gorgeous day.

    Vickie, your menus sound awesome! I am so excited that you're doing well. You sound in excellent spirits. As to my being sugar free--so far so good. I am not nearly as dedicated as I was before, but I'm just taking this one day at a time.

    I'm heading out now to walk around in the sunshine. Life is good.

  • Darn that Valentines candy!

  • ummm, chocolate!

    I worked with the trainer again today, and I must say it's been tough getting back into it after all these weeks of not being regular with it and traveling. Tomorrow, I plan to start back on the elliptical in some routine manner. It has been over 7 months since my foot surgery and it still hurts.

    Today I made a casserole: browned extra lean ground beef and ground turkey breast; onion; Roi-Tel; corn kernels; black beans; garlic, chili powder and cumin---on top, corn bread mix and 2% Mexican cheese...baked at 350F for 20 minutes. It was a bit dry but tasty.

    We're watching the old movie "Death Takes a Holiday"
  • Happy Valentines Day !!!!

    I had a nice day and went to dinner with 2 dear friends..

    We split the special "dinner for 2" option three ways and had to carry home
    a lot also.. Yummy food..

    Even had wine to bring home..The waitress said it was fine to bring the bottle home just corked, but I am not so sure..anyway I made it..

    Going to a see "Safe Haven" tomorrow and then a friend & grandson are spending the night. Playing paintball Saturday (first time) if he weather
    is decent. The forecast isn't looking great.
  • Denton has a documentary film festival (the only one in Texas) and last night I went to see a short about a friend I have through my church. She runs a costume store here. It's just an amazing place and she has more imagination than any one human ought to have!

  • We have a tournament here in our local area this weekend. Sounds like there's a lot going on with all of us.
  • Sandra, i saw that notice about the tournament...have fun.

    I'm off to see another movie in the film festival...this one is about the BP oil spill, and I'm sure it will be depressing.

    Tomorrow, I'm going to a newly-organized political meeting for the senate district.

    Tonight we had breakfast for dinner--ham steak, scrambled eggs and pancakes with sf syrup. DH told me teh nutritionist said that sf syrup is better than light. Well, do tell