Daily Thread (Simply Filling/Core) January 1-15

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  • Sandra,
    I hate to hear this news..Many ups & downs for your brother & family...
    Let us know more about when...
  • You're right, Nancy. I've never seen so many ups and downs like this. I feel so sad for him.
  • I am so very sorry, Sandra.
  • Oh Sandra, that is so sad! I will be praying for all of you.
  • Sandra, sorry to hear that. When will they do it? Will pray for him.

    I thought I was getting the flu yesterday. Woke up and then started feeling a little sqeezy and my stomach was rumbling. Never did get sick to my stomach and finally felt better by evening. I don't take the flu shot.
  • I hope you feel better Pam.

    We went out to Outback tonight for a nice dinner to reward ourselves for surviving the grandchildren. I had shrimp and salmon and veggies....and one glass of Chardonney. i ate only half the meal and brought the rest home...drank all the wine
  • It is definitely "alcohol abuse" if you leave wine in your glass
  • Pot roast for dinner
  • I'm back to WW. I'm in the process of getting a divorce and due to not being able to workout like I use to and eating too much, I've gotten 10 lbs. over my goal weight. 10 lbs. may not seem like a lot to some people, but 10 leads to 20, then 30. I'm hoping to get in control of my eating. It doesn't help that I'm a compulsive eater either. WW was the only thing that took the weight off and kept it off. Wish me luck in getting back on track and staying healthy!
  • Icecat

    I am usually the last one on here on Monday morning.
    I think everyone else had too much wine this weekend

    Glad for you to join us, this is a great group !!!

    I think you are smart to deal with the 10 lbs now so it doesn't
    get any worse. If you can do that with all the stress of divorce
    that is impressive !! Go girl !!!!
  • Icecat and kudos to you for nipping this in the bud. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

    I'm moody right now. Today I'm concentrating on my eating. Hopefully, it will be better.
  • Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if I could join your group? I am posting elsewhere but things seem to be SO quiet I have returned to weight watchers and am trying to stay 100%.

    Thanks so much
  • Enchanted ,

    We will cheer you on. I am finally actually losing this month after talking about it for years..

    Come on everyone , lets cheer each other to a leaner 2013 !!!!

    I still can't seem to get to the gym that I have been paying for & not using for
    a year. So , I decided to cancel it and start walking,hiking & biking and also doing the yoga tape my daughter gave me for Christmas. Maybe I can find a walking buddy too. Wish you gals lived here !!

    When I think of going to the gym I feel
    When I think of taking a nature walk or biking I feel
  • Quote:
    I'm moody right now. Today I'm concentrating on my eating. Hopefully, it will be better.

    You have a lot on your mind..
    Your "moody" mood is well deserved !!