Daily Thread (Simply Filling/Core) January 1-15

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  • lost my post! phooey....I'll be back later!
  • Doggone it! I was doing great with my eating today till around 3 pm. Tomorrow is another --and a better day.
  • I was doing great until I made banana pudding for DH

    Oh well, it could have been much, much worse.
  • Where is everyone??

    My cousin is coming over to go to the gym with me to hold my hand for my first visit. I won't be able to find an excuse to put it off til another day if she comes to go with me. I am going to try to find some walking pals too.

    Planning to stock my kitchen today for Low Carb..Still need easy lunches that
    don't require much prep. I have breakfast & dinners figured out. Maybe left overs & low carb wraps. I may look for some tasty low carb wraps at Trader Joes.
  • Good luck, Nancy. I hope this works for you.

    Rhonda, we're stocked up for the rainy weather. Thank you again for the website.
  • Busy day! I've managed to stay OP for two days GTG start supper, TTFN
  • Sticking with my Low Carb but the scales aren't moving yet..

    I found some good Low Carb frozen entrees at Trader Joes that I can fix fast and have leftovers for lunch when I haven't cooked anything..

    Didn't get to the gym, but I will this week !!

    Headed out to eat with a friend. Not really hungry so I should do okay..
  • I have done something really awful and need your help! I was sent a "Flat Stanley" from my cousin's son to pass along. Somehow between DD and I, we have lost the letter. If I get the address of Connor's school, could I ask each of you to send a post card? He is the only one in his class who has not gotten a post card, and it is all my fault I am waiting for my cousin to get me the address of the school. The "Flat Stanley" project is done by students sending a colored picture of a boy or girl to family and friends through the mail with each recipient being asked to mail a postcard to show where "Flat Stanley" has been. When I get the address, I will post it here. I hope you all can help your scatterbrained friend

    PS: I just heard from my cousin, and he is getting the address for me. Also, I forgot to say that if you have family or friends in other states, could you ask them to send a card, too? Maybe I can redeem myself by having Connor get loads of cards!
  • haha I am sorry but the thought of an Amber Alert being out on Flat Stanley
    is funny. Will send a postcard as soon as I know where..
  • Thanks Nancy! I hope to have the address in the next couple of days. An Amber alert is pretty funny
  • Never heard of Flat Stanley, but I'll send a card.

    Doing so-so with food. Tap dancing starts again tomorrow.
  • count me in for Flat Stanley.

    I'm up early for a change. Coffee is on.

    Did you all hear about the plane crash in Florida. The plane hit the roof of a house. The pilot was my twins Spanish teacher. The town is grieving his loss. He was a wonder teacher and mentor to so many students.

    We were driving yesterday and a coyote ran across the road. He was pretty fast.

    Have a good day chicks
  • Good Morning Chicks! I'm still alive and well. Having good days and bad days but still walking. It's hard but necessary.

    Hey to everyone. Gotta run but wanted to let Sloan know that I'll send a card as soon as I get an address. I have a cute Scottie one to use. It doesn't have to be a POSTCARD, right?
  • Sloan, I'll send a card, too.

    Pam, that's sad about the plane crash. Sorry to hear it.

    Vickie, it's good to see you here. I'm off and on, too. I'm still saying, "This is my day," and am not aiming for "This is my year," any more. Don't know if that will help or not.

    Rhonda, do you have your ark built? We will probably be on an island by tomorrow night, but that's all right. We need the rain.

    Nancy, you sound focused and well-planned. Way to go!

    I have a pot of taco soup on the stove and am making COREpones for me. Curtis has cornbread. We're going to Ft. Worth for a doctor's appointment for his shoulder after lunch. Hopefully, we'll be home before the heavy rains begin here. Catch you later.
  • Quote: Nancy, you sound focused and well-planned. Way to go!

    I am anything but this...but I am trying to get there !!

    I am sorry about the teacher..sad..