Chat (Simply filling/Core) December 1-15

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  • Hi there, Rhonda. Wish I could have heard you at the council meeting. You make me proud!

    I had a great day today. I did some Christmas shopping, planted some daffodils on my parents' graves, and had some buddy time with a girlfriend. Survivor is on tonight. I'm a happy camper.
  • Sandra. it's a very serious issue here--lots of fracking and we need new protections.

    My friend arrives in the morning...very excited about this.
  • Have fun with your friend, Rhonda.
  • Enjoyed my day, lunch & shopping with a friend then puttering around the house.
    Tomorrow I plan to clean & decorate for Christmas. I may skip doing a tree this year because I will be in Ga the week of Christmas..
  • Good Morning Chicks! I'm off to get yelled at by the Doctor today. Maybe that will be the final kick in the butt I need.
  • Vickie, I wish I'd gotten here soon enough to tell you to ask your doctor to kick me, too.

    Nancy, we aren't decorated yet but will prob do so the next few days.

    I subbed today. Had a good time. Now I'm eating pecan halves that Curtis is feeding me. They are from one of our trees. These are the last. The squirrels got the rest.
  • Good Morning Chicks! Visit with Doctor was rough as I expected. He's not as warm and fuzzy a guy as I would like. Tough love doesn't work with me. My LDL is still too high so he raised my statins again and encouraged me to start walking again....even 10-15 minutes a couple of times a day. He says something is truly better than nothing. He doesn't want to hear about the pain anywhere else because he says it's largely due to the weight and load on the joints. So.....I'm going to try.

    Not waiting until the first of the year but will be as good as I can as many days as I can.

    We are all decorated around here.....have been for over a week now and I got my Christmas cards written and out the day before yesterday. I need to make notes to see what else I still need to buy. Later today or tomorrow, I'll box and tissue paper all the gifts I already have here. Not sure when I'll wrap. I have to be in the mood. I lay out all my paper and labels and bows all over the living room and dining room for about 2 days. First I wrap, then Jim does. He wraps his gifts to me and I wrap the ones for him and the others that we give out. It's quite a production. That will probable be done next week some time. I'm feeling like I'd like to be done early this year because running late makes me stressed and stress makes me want to overeat.

    Sandra, you made me laugh out loud to think about Curtis feeding you pecans. Those are my favorite nuts.

    I was in Trader Joe's yesterday. I love to walk around there during the holidays because they have such cool holiday products. None healthy or dietetic. Do you have those stores? They are a sort of speciality Whole Foods....much smaller. But the do have produce and cheese and meats. Yesterday, I learned for the first time that brussels sprouts grow on stalks! Yep....56 years old and I stood there like a child with wonder on my face. They had pile upon pile of stalks with the sprouts still attached. I tried to get Jim to look at them in wonder with me but he'd moved on to the free tasting of the chocolate peppermint brownies! He said he didn't want to look at anything he wasn't going to eat. I don't eat them either but it was still cool.

    Rhonda, I'm going to do some reading about fracking. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't know much about it. I'm impressed that you are so active and involved.

    Nancy, are you decorated? I missed my tree when we didn't put it up last year. Can you all believe it'll be a year at the end of December since we remodeled our Master Bath.....if you don't count all the visits back throughout the Spring!

    Gotta go eat my breakfast. I've been eating Shredded Wheat and Bran since I started Core. Got 2 bad boxes and called the company and sure enough....there was a problem. I have 3 other boxes here with different dates that now I don't want to try because I'm afraid they are going to taste bad. I know....I'm nuts. What other healthy cereals do you guys eat? I need a new healthy COLD cereal until I forget about the Shredded Wheat and Bran issue.

    Light and love.
  • Hi Ladies

    Sorry for not posting regularly but last week I was very busy going to a Christmas party,and a seminar,an appointment with the foot doctor etc etc etc.

    Its going to be a rainy day along with dampness. I have to go out and get my meds for my cholesterol as they didn't have enough the other day when I picked them up.

    I now decided to buy my grand kids [now they don't believe in Santa any more]Christmas gift card in stead of toys or electronics.I always sent gift cards to my children and my sister and husband but this is the first time I'm going to give them to my grandchildren. It seems cold but I can't run all over town looking for things that I don't know anymore what they want,and since my DD doesn't want to run a round either that's the only solution.

    SANDRA-The ants disappeared as fast as they came.TG I don't like see ants around especially on the kitchen table.

    NANCY-Glad that you are feeling better again,Several people that I know are having some kind of respiratory infections,and knowing that I will be around them I constantly using my Zicam as I don't want to catch this nasty stuff. Oh I find that going out with friends can make the short days bright and cheery.Not going to put my Christmas decoration up until next week. The housework has to be done before doing that,as I wasn't home all last week with all the things I did posted above.

    VICKIE-I'm a Trader Joe's lover also,But I not going back until after the holidays as I have enough food from them until then.

    Have a great day
  • Finished the wedding cake! Niece's wedding is tonight! Time to party!!!
  • Have fun at the wedding, Sloan..

    I'm having a great time with my friend who just rearranged my living room.It looks great. We were going out tonight, but she's too tired

    Vickie, a physician friend of mine said that if you want cold cereal Cheerios are the healthiest ones.

    Here, the lights are up outside, but not much done inside yet...that's to come...
  • Sloan, have fun. Have some cake for me. (Wine, too)

    Vickie, I eat Cheerios quite a bit. I love to read about you and Jim. Ya'll have so much fun celebrating holidays. And I am tickled at your staring at brussel sprouts. (I didn't know about them either.)

    Maryann, we give gift cards, too. The past 2 years we have given them to our grands then taken them shopping to spend them. The girls like an all day shopping trip. But they live close by. Our other grands, we just mail them their gift cards.

    We went to the tournament today. I shot well. We had fun and saw a lot of archery friends. After we got home, I went shopping them visited a gf who had lost her mother this week. Now we're settled in for what we call "SyFy Saturday."
  • The wedding was beautiful and great fun! The cake looked awesome, and things were so hectic, that I didn't even make a picture of it! I know the photographer has some photos, so I will post some photos when I get them. Hope you all are having a great day; I am exhausted!
  • Sloan, did you have some cake for me?

    Here is how addicted I am to food: Today at church there were chocolate-covered donuts in the kitchen left from the youth class. Those donuts were all I could think about during the sermon. I even considered getting up and going out to eat one. Don't know how I dodged that bullet, but I did. That said--I have not been OP today. But I have not had any donuts.
  • Sandra, I did have some cake for you and some wine, too! Congrats to being OP today!
  • I love sugar too, Sandra...

    Hang in there...