Simply filling/Core Chat: April 30-May 6

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  • New Pages!!

  • Good Morning everyone.

    My eating on the weekend was so chaotic that I'm not getting on the scales for a week!

    I hope all is well with everyone. I've got early voting, running errands, going to the gym, and to a public health meeting in front of me today. Whew, already!

    Back later--have a good day!
  • Rhonda, thank you for the new pages. My weekend eating was the same as yours. I will wi at WW tomorrow but I'm not looking forward to it.

    Went to the dentist this morning. I broke a tooth during my eating hiatus and now need a crown. Life goes on.
  • Good Morning Chicks!

    Geez, sound as busy as us! I just got back from PT. I don't usually go this early but I had to be home for the plumber who should be here by 11:00. We hope it will be cheap. Famous last words. They aren't cheap even when they are!

    Sandra, I was a bad Vickie at the party. I told good Vickie to beat it. Good Vickie is back in charge today.

    Good morning, Pam, Mary Ann, Nancy!

    Pam.....did your hubby have his test? Hope all went well.
  • Sandra, ouch for your mouth and your pocket book!
  • Hi Ladies

    Went to Corpus Christie Church last night where they had a mass with rosary and than followed by that a visionary spoke to us,about himself and when the apparitions started in this life. He told us so many things,that all of us were amazed. Got home at 9:45 PM and was I tired.Than this morning at 5:05AM the phone rings and it was the sheriff's office telling us that an 84 year old altimeter's woman is wondering through the night somewhere in Falmouth and can't be found,poor soul is still missing.The just found the woman and are treating her in a hospital. So I will be heading to bed early tonight.

    RHONDA=Thanks for the new pages,I sure you didn't do too much damage not to get on the scale for a whole week .I went up 2 lbs since Sat W-I . Oh well there's always next month.

    SANDRA=Sorry about your tooth,and now have to deal with the dentist. Happy with my new partials,getting used to them day by day.

    VICKIE=Hey I agree with you dentist can be very expensive especially when you don't have dental insurance. I have a bill of $3,000 pending. Still waiting for the bill to come in.

    Have to go,have to straighten out my house for my canasta party this Wednesday have a great day
  • hey chickies.

    I'm so tired, I need a nap. DH had colonscopy, removed 3 polyps. He had 3 removed last colonoscpy in 2004. Has to have another one in 3 yrs. I think my sis had polyps removed and I probably shouldn't have cancelled mine, but I was afraid my insurance would reject it. I'll get one when hubby gets his in 3 yrs.

    Rhonda, you are too busy.

    Sandra, I held my own this week. No loss, no gain. Good luck tomorrow.

    Maryann, glad they found the lady. Take a nap with me, lol. Also, congrats on losing 2 lbs.

    Vickie, is the PT helping at all? You've been going for a long time. Surprised your insurance is paying for it.
  • glad the woman was found..Good that it wasn't the dead of winter too.

    Sandra..Hope your mouth isn't too sore..I need a veneer replaced. My Ex offered to do it but ugg, I just don't think I can do that..Up in my personal space & all

    Bath is almost done, carpets get cleaned tomorrow,,I am stuck on finding a mirror over the vanity because it needs to be very narrow to fit between the existing electrical hookups for the sconces..Oval would be too low to fit right either..I may just hang a larger mirror I have over all of it until I find exactly what I want..

    Decided wheat may be affecting my joints because this new diet this week had lots of wheat and I was more achey & stiff..Trying a wheat free week or two just to see..So now I have 3 kinds of cereal I can't eat..Good thing for college boys..they will eat anything I send to them..Bought the book Wheat Belly last night to see what it says about wheat sensitivities..My dr told me a year ago to test a wheat free diet even though I don't have allergies..

    I have been doing all my Paperwork in my bedroom, but this morning I set up a desk by a window in our bonus room, overlooking the pool & waterfall...
    I think I will like having a spot to leave my paperwork and not have it in my bedroom..
  • So far I'm not having any toothaches. That's a plus. And I'm back OP! That's a huge plus.

    Nancy, your bonus room sounds like a soothing place to be. I love waterfalls.

    Maryann, glad they found the lady. Bless her heart.

    Pam, congratulations on maintaining. Thank you for letting us know about your husband. I hope he's feeling all right.

    Vickie, I mean Good Vickie, congratulations on being back in control. Good Sandra needs to give up sugar desserts again.
  • have a good day, Chickies!
  • Hi Ladies

    Raining this morning and its coming down hard.Hope our Birdies & Flowers get some water as it was so parched out here.

    Had to go to Walmart quickly and pick up a cheap watch as my died last night.Than rush home to get the living room straighten up as that where we play Canasta,but met a couple from my choir that I haven't seen in a while so If course we talk for a least 1/2 hr.

    Now I'm home and posting to you gals instead of housework.Hope the group doesn't come over with a WHITE GLOVE. My handy man is coming this afternoon to put my toilet seat in as it was too late for him to come over last night.

    LADIES-TG that she was ok when they found her she was a little frightened but they brought her to the hospital and all is ok. I guess she back home again. That's why I LOVE small town USA people seem to care for it other up here comparing to the big city.

    NANCY-I have heard to wheat doing that to your joints. I change from wheat to multi grain instead. I have to look for that book wheat belly when I go out to Barnes & Nobles as I have a gift card from them.

    SANDRA-Hope the toothache stays away that's the worst pain I have experienced.

    -Thanks for the congrats. Wish I could nap,I just can't find my ZZ's napping. Luckily I have a very good night sleep last night.

    Have to go,have a great day
  • Home from WI. I gained 2.4 #'s. That's not as much as I'd thought, so I'm fairly happy. The good part is that I did go back to WW after missing a meeting and having a gain. In the past this has been my quitting spot. So far so good.

    at all of you. Have a great day!
  • Hang in Sandra!

    I had a great salad dinner, followed by strawberries and no fat whipping cream.
  • Thanks, Rhonda. Your dinner sounds good and right on track. I'm still hanging.
  • Sandra, we all have set backs. You are doing great. Next week you'll have a big loss.