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hey chicks.

about A&W, didn't know it was national. No, I guess the 1st one was in CA. The one I'm talking about was the first one in Michigan, or at least in the area I lived in. It still is the original building etc. Loved going there when I was a kid. I know they changed their menu over the years. I used to love the Mama burger, but not sure they still have it.

My scale says 166 one day, 167 the next. At least it's not going any higher. My husband gained about 1/2 lb and says the diet quit working. He lost about 8 lbs in less than a week. Never satisfied. Told him the beginning was just water weight. No way he did anything to actually lose that much except with diet and his excessive snacking. Told him Monday will show what he actually lost for the week.

Maryann, congrats on your loss. We seem to be moving in the same direction. Those are high winds you are expecting. It's been pretty windy here the last 3 days.

Hope you had fun with the gks Rhonda.
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Diet is going great, headache is gone. I am satisfied with the protein only & plan to go from 150 to 145 with the strictest phase, then add salads & veggies til 140, then add some dairy in.. By 135 I will balance things more and watch to be sure I am still dropping slowly. I really feel like I can do it this time...

Went to the flea market & thrift store with my cousin...scored a large leather
weekender duffle bag from Overland Outfitters for $5. It is a $200 bag easy..

Busy day and now I am going to curl up and read Cold Mountain that I picked up in hardback for $ .75 ..I love thrift stores..

I have decided that I am going to donate my stuff I want to get rid of to this thrift store instead of a yard sale. They use the money for helping homeless people get housing & food & medical care. I can avoid the hassle of a yard sale and feel good about it too !!!

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Hi Ladies

What a evening we had of howling winds and than again this morning. They must have be at least 60 MPH and now they still blowing. TG we didn't loose our power like some people thought.

Going out with a couple of my friends to dinner tonight and they have a seafood stew to die for, its expensive but I'm going to treat myself tonight.

Thanks ladies for your congrats my my lost pound. I think that I will continue what I was doing last week with my lowering my carbs to under 100,and not eating between meals have water instead. Like my sister told me about the hypnotist tape that she bought.She explained that the guy was on stage when she was on Fla. and told them that hypnotism can work on all phases.He has tapes on all kinds of vices. On the tape he says[[[WHEN YOU FIRST FEEL LIKE YOUR LOOKING FOR FOOD RIGHT AFTER YOU ATE, GET A GLASS OF WATER AND DRINK IT AND YOU'LL FORGET OF THE THING YOU WERE LOOK FOR]]]. I told her easy said than done. She lost a few pounds since she start a couple of day ago. I really don't believe in hypnotism so I don't think I will ask her for the tape.

PAM-That great that you hanging around the same number,it can get frustrating as I know feeling being stuck at the same number for 3 weeks.,but if will come off. Congrats on your DH success,but they lose faster than we do.

NANCY-Glad the diet is working for you,You'll reach your goal shortly if you stick to your plan. I find when I'm get hungry I just but Designers Whey Protein in a glass of ice cold water and shake and drink it down and walla the hunger goes away.Oh you can get some bargains from a Thrift Shop. My sister found a jar that matched her set and it was worth more that the owner that got rid of realized it.

Have a great day,
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Nancy, I'm with you about donating stuff. We have a place here that accepts donations, sells the stuff and gives all the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity (I might have mentioned that before). They are now opening a bookstore to do the same thing, and I'm going to do some volunteer work for them.

I am worn out, but happy. GK's on Friday, 20 people here last night, then today I met family for breakfast, took 7 yo great niece to church, out for lunch then to the candy store. I'm going to take a nap, then go to a meeting for my friend, the mayoral candidate.

My eating has not been the best this weekend, but it hasn't been awful either, thank goodness.
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Good Morning Chicks! I'm off to spend a rare day with my first Sister (she doesn't like when I say my oldest Sister!), just us. I'm taking her to my most favorite restaurant for my favorite salad. She is a healthy eater. It's called the Orchard Salad and it is fabulous, apples, apricots, cranberries, white cheddar, pecans on mixed field greens with an apple cider vinaigrette. Probably will eat all my calories at one sitting. They serve it with fabulous in house made artisan bread. And....they have a bakery to buy dessert to eat there. Then we are going shopping to Sephora for ideas and to Ulta to buy with our coupons. Can you tell I'm looking forward to it? Better run and have some breakfast so I don't eat too much bread. Oh yeah.....PT first. Darn heel.

Light and love to all of you.

Rhonda and too are motion machines!
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