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Tejas 10-24-2011 08:58 AM

Weekly Chat: Core/Simply Filling: Oct. 24-30

New Pages, everyone!

ontarget 10-24-2011 10:07 AM

Rhonda, thank you for the new pages.

I'm sick with a cold/sore throat, or maybe it's just allergies. Whatever it is, I don't like it. That said--I am dusted and am planning for a good day on program.

Have a Marvelous Monday, everyone!

beach bum 10-24-2011 10:57 AM

Good Morning Ladies:)

Called the doctor office where I had to leave a message for the nurse,about my stress test. Once I heard from her I will be able to get the ball moving. Now I have to wait for the plumber to take care of my home watering filter system.

Other wise nothing is new,except I heard a big thump,and than another, that woke me up this morning.I thought a racoons was in my garbage but that wasn't the case.Have no idea what happened. Hope one of the small critters didn't get into my chimney or basement window well.

RHONDA-:thanks: for the new pages,hope you have nice day.

SANDRA- Sorry your ill :getwell: and not feeling well. I hate sore throats as they always lead to something else.Feel better soon.

Have a great day

nancy237 10-24-2011 03:15 PM

I feel rotten today with a bad head cold. I got up about 10 and moved to the couch.. When I skip my morning coffee I know I am really sick. I just plan to sleep all day and maybe watch a movie.

ontarget 10-24-2011 06:46 PM

I think my problem is allergies. I'm going to get a shot tomorrow if the doctor will stick me.

Nancy, drink some OJ. I hope you get to feeling better quickly.

Maryann, wonder what made the noise??

Tejas 10-24-2011 08:04 PM

Ok, we've probably had this exchange before, but nasal lavage does wonders for head colds and sinusitis.

I've been busy today...tap practice, gym, planting bushes and plants in the front yard, hoping they will settle in before it gets cold.

jojo23 10-25-2011 03:00 AM

I'm back. My mum has been returned to the home. She is very frail and not eating but it's nice to have her safe and back where they know her. I have gained 3lbs, mainly through all the convenience foods, takeaways and bacon sandwhiches I have eaten. Going to the hospital, in another town, twice a day really disturbed our routine.
I got to my diet group last night, they still remembered me, and asked who had paid the ransom money:D I had a 1:1 with the dietician (she is calling to see my mum today to try and kickstart her eating) She thinks I'm doing OK but wants me to up my carbs (quite!) and concentrate on low... not no... fat. She has given me the Rosemary Conley recipe book and another Conley book on how to eat the low fat way. Although we have cut down our fat intake, this book gives loads of advice in a no nonsense way. We are both starting it this morning.
Sorry about the colds Sandra and Nancy, but hopefully you will have got them over and donewith early on in the winter and have a good resistance.

What ever was that noise Maryann? Did you find out?

Anyone who has any advice and suggestions about eating the Conley way, please let me know

nancy237 10-25-2011 08:52 AM

Just got back from having my blood drawn at the Dr for my physical next week. This Dr likes it before the appointment so he has the results to discuss. Last year I cheated and had coffee before my fasting blood work and my sugar was borderline & I had to have more bloodwork 2 months later. I learned my lesson & didn't cheat this year.

Since 1997 when I was divorced I have been scheduling holiday stuff around when I had the kids & then for the last 10 years we have tried to arrange around all 4 kids schedules. Robin and I had already decided it was time to begin a set schedule & stick with it.
So this is what I am thinking.... doing a turkey feast on Thanksgiving day(before we did it early or late to accomadate everyone) and Christmas Dinner on the 25th.. On Christmas morning we will have a fun breakfast . On Christmas Eve I am going to have appetizer type food and invite friends to stop by at any time.
Then Christmas Eve church service late.

I'd love to know everyones traditions because I am still deciding.

beach bum 10-25-2011 10:21 AM

Good Morning Ladies:)

Still haven't heard from the doctor. The nurse told me that it takes a few days before the report of the stress test come in to my reg doctor. But in the mean tine I can breath at night and I need something to take instead of the nasal sprays. I called Zicam and they told me that I have to stop for 7 days before starting the sprays again. I'm really getting frustrated.

SANDRA-Hope you cold get better.I went out doors on my patio and I didn't see anything. This morning it was quite again. Must have been a animal of some kind trying to get indoors and we started to get colder weather.

NANCY-Hope your feeling better this morning. I Think it has to do with the temps that are changing form season to season along with schools starting again lots of germs are around..

RHONDA-What is Nasal Lavage, never heard of that doesn't it really work for the sinuses. I just called the NOSE,EYES & THROAT doctor and I can't see him until 11/9[ new patient day] Hope my doctor can give me something for my sinuses.

JOJO-No never found out what the noise was. We have a lots of wild animals in our neighborhood as we have woods in back and in front of out complex.

Have go go and get my laundry done have a great day.

jojo23 10-25-2011 11:30 AM

This Will Make You Laugh Maryann
On my first visit to the USA and Canada, I had never heard of a skunk, let alone what one did. We were visiting a friend and as we were leaving to go home I saw a skunk in the garden. 'Oh isn't that little animal unusual' I said as I moved towards it, not realizing everyone else was going in the opposite direction and travelling at a pace Michael Johnson couldn't have beaten. The skunk spun around and let me have it... a lot. They made me sit in the back of the car on the way home and keep all the windows open:rofl::crazy:

beach bum 10-25-2011 11:49 AM

OH!!! JOJO that is funny,how long did the smell stay on you.????We had a skunk in our basement window well and it stunk was all over the back yard my next door neighbor at the time searched the whole building complex and he finally found it dead in the window well. Once we got rid of it,the smell lingered for a few days before it was gone. Never had the varmint ever spray me,and hope I never will.

ontarget 10-25-2011 03:22 PM

:eek: JoJo, didn't realize you had no "pole cats" over there. They are all around where we live. This is the time of year (breeding season) when the males are extremely mobile. We saw several "roadkill" on our 10 miles into town.

Nancy, Curtis and I have lived holidays much like you and Robin--maybe more so. We are always sort of "fitted between" events with the rest of the family. Before Curtis and I got married (1999), my mother and I spent many many holidays just the 2 of us. I admire you for setting your schedule and hope your kids come through for you.

Tejas 10-25-2011 04:59 PM

Poor Jojo!!! We learn very early to stay away from black and white "cats."

Maryann, nasal lavage is simply squirting warm water saline solution up one nostril, then the other. It DOES clear the sinuses but some people find it gross. I never did it until I moved here which has some of the worst allergens and pollutants in the country. Anything that works isn't gross in my view.

My holiday plans are in flux. I have held a Thanksgiving dinner at my house the two years we have been here, but this year we are going to my niece's mother's house. I'm thinking that I might have a Solstice dinner since people want to be with their families of origin on Christmas Day. Mine is either dead or incapacitated, and DH's is fragmented. Last year we did go to his grandkids' house to watch them open presents.

In the years after my mother died (1995) and I quit leaving Toronto to go to Texas for Christmas, I often held a Solstice party and had Christmas dinner at a friend's house. Or, I would have a New Year's Day late lunch at my house. In Toronto, Boxing Day (26th) was a big day so that also gave time for more parties.

pam920 10-26-2011 09:23 AM

morning chicks.

jojo, good to see you back and I know it's a relief to have your mom back at the home. Very funny about your skunk episode. I had 2 neighbors that had them as pets. They had their odor sacks removed. Not sure what they are called.

Maryann and Sandra, sorry about your sinuses. I am bothered with them when the seasons change.

Now that we are in FL, I will cook the two of us a small meal with the works. We are not going back to KY for the holidays. I suggested my daughter and family make the trip down to FL for Christmas. It's too hard on us to make that long trip if we don't have to.

ontarget 10-26-2011 11:04 AM

Good morning. I have a pan of chicken/dressing in the oven. Did ya'll get me to thinking of that or what? The shot worked. I'm feeling like my old feisty self again. Life is good.

Ya'll have a Wickedly Wonderful Wednesday.

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