Weekly Chat: July 25- July 31

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  • Good Morning Chicks! I slept late and finally got rid of my 3 day migraine. Well, most of it anyway. I'm going for cut and color soon and Jim and Brodie will stay home and relax. It's been a busy couple of weeks.

    Have a great day!
  • Will be off the forum for a little while.

    We went out yesterday, it was blazing sun with no shade. Mark is a sun worshipper, so I was a bit surprised when he was the first to say he had enough walking around, usually it is me. We headed back to the car, had the A/C on all the way home but he looked really poorly.

    Our doctor came to see him and he said that he was 99% sure it was the sun, but he thought he heard something in Mark's chest that shouldn't be there and has referred him to cardiology for X-ray, ECG & ultrasound and then go on to the cardiologist who looked after him when he had his heart attack in 2009. His pulse and BP are fine and the doctor said not to worry, it was probably the sun. The nurse in me, knows this is very true and could even be a faulty stethascope That's happened before now BUT the wife side of me is very worried.
  • Oh Jojo....I SO understand! If it's ok, I'll be praying for Mark's continued good health and for you too since I know you are worried.
  • JoJo, I understand your concern. I am also worried about Curtis. I will keep you and Mark in my prayers that it was just sun exposure and he's all right.

    Nancy, I agree that animals mourn. I am so sorry for your suffering. I wish I lived close by and could come visit.

    Vickie, thank you for the recipe. It looks delish!!

    Maryann, I'm worried about our energy bill, too.

    Got to close for now. Dinner's ready. Ya'll have a good evening.
  • Geez, Chicks! I'm worried about EVERYTHING. I'm worried about the economy and continuing to get our federal pension checks every month and my family and friends and our health. Sure did succumb to some Chicago style pizza tonight. At least I didn't have any lunch before I ate it. I'm done for the evening. Oh yeah....it's been hotter than blazes here and more heat is on the way. I'm worried about our gas/electric too. Sheesh.

    Hope you are all well.
  • Vickie..More later but I wanted to tell you that my son & I just had your
    Spicey Pasta recipe for dinner and it was amazing. I will fix it for my brother's family when we visit next week. I always like to cook when we go visit & they will love it.
    Thank you so much for sharing..
  • Jojo, thanks for telling us about Mark. I hope that all is well.

  • Vickie..I am a worrier too. Robin used to watch the news for hours every night and Glen Beck had me pretty sure that the sky was falling each day. I have to say that listening to music has been much better for my nerves than the news.

    JoJo..I am praying that things are fine. Sounds like he got good quick care .
    Maybe it was the sun and he just heard a harmless murmur. Take care of yourself too so you can care for him.
  • Do not listen to shock journalists!!! Never, ever!!!

    I am not a Pollyanna by any means, and can be very cynical. BUT, Chickies, lift your spirits, don't turn them over to anyone else. Listen to good music, feed birds, feed your body good food, and PLAY.

    And, I'm off to tap practice!
  • Good Morning Ladies

    The temps are 71 and with the humidity of 29.9,but it suppose to hot & muggy again. Hope the Melody Tent is just a name and has A/C in the building. The show starts at 3 PM until 6PM,which is the heat of the day.

    RHONDA-Thanks for the new pages

    SANDRA-If this heat continues we are going to have brown or black outs and if that happens there's not going to be an A/C or Fans to keep the heat from hitting us.So far we haven't had that experience,as they keep the trees trimmed and away from the electric poles.


    Have a great day
  • Morning chickie-doodles.

    jojo, hope everything is fine with Mark. Hoping it's only from the heat.

    Maryann, wish it would cool down here. Been close to 100 every day.

    I am slowly putting on the pounds. My dr. told me to lose, and the scale is rising. yikes.

    My sis has a mole that appeared on her face about 2 yrs ago. She finally saw a dr and they biopsied it. The nurse told her it looked like cancer and even mentioned melonoma. Now I'm worried for her. She will know this week if it is cancer. I go on the 9th to get my mole checked. To me, mine doesn't look like cancer, but it appeared less than a year ago and it's growing, so I need to get it checked. I remember burning over and over when I was a kid. We didn't have sunscreen back then.

    edit: it's basal cell, whewwww. She goes tomorrow to have it removed.
  • Hi there. I'm heading out for a cut/color/pedi/mani in a few minutes. A little pampering never hurt.

    Everyone have a good day and keep your spirits up. I'll do the same.
  • I have been hopping from one task to another the last few days. When I do that I stay busy but don't see the results.

    Pam, what a relief that it was basal. Hope yours is good news on the 9th.
    I am like you we burned & peeled all summer as kids. Peeling each other
    was a past time almost.

    Listening to old romantic songs that were Robin & my favorites.
  • afternoon ladies hope your all well? the weather here has got alot better the past few days finger crosse dit stays like it for my birthday friday

    How is the weight loss going ladies?

    I met my birthday today i lost a lb bringing my total to 31lbs lost since november woohooo im so proud of myself. ON MY BIRTHDAY FRIDAY IM HAVING A 80'S THEMED PARTY AS IM 30 xxx

    PS if you havent already twigged i was born on prince charles and princess Diana's wedding day