Weekly Chat May 31- June 6

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  • Mary Ann, I hate the humidity too but it's fairly low here today too so my windows are open. Over 50% activates the dust mites which I'm allergic too on a pretty high scale. Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the ame for us. Saves on the electric bill.

    Nee Naw, how EXCITING for you and your partner. Are you planning a big event? Planning my wedding was the most fun I have ever had. If I had to have a second career, I think I'd enjoy party planning. Are you nervous?

    I'm making homemade applesauce today and we put chemicals in the pool. This afternoon is the solar cover and we pray for it to warm up the water. I'm way too cheap for a heater. Plus, Jim and I don't know how to service that kind of stuff and it would just end up costing us more money.

    Hope you are all enjoying your day.
  • Hi all! I lost another .6 yesterday, so that puts me at 3 down total in the last 2 weeks. I'll take it!

    It's gorgeous weather here today too Vickie. I'm washing diapers now and will hang them out to dry soon. The sun gets out stains on them so much better than anything else.

    Think I'll take a little nap until my washer is done.

  • Vickie, we could use some cooler weather here in Texas if you have any to share.

    Curtis taught Sunday School this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't know he had it in him.

    Maryann, get those A/C's in, girl. We're experiencing 100* heat already down here and would be totally wilted without ours.

    NeeNaw, congratulations. I can tell you're excited.

    A friend is coming out to shoot with me tonight. Right now we're just chilling inside taking it easy. Life is good.
  • Hey chicks, we are in a room with my dad. The doctors turned off his meds and removed the breathing machine. He is being kept comfortable, and we are just waiting. It is amazing how someone who is so sick can hang on so long. We have decided that since my dad never did anything the easy way, he would definitely not leave this world without a fight. It is so hard to sit here and wait for him to stop breathing. My siblings, Mom, and I are all here sharing funny stories. At first it seemed kinda cruel then we realized that we were making the noises that he had been accustomed to when we were all together.

    I have not taken the time to read your posts, but I did want you to know what was going on. I'll check in whenever I can.
  • Oh Sloan...what a tough thing to have to experience!!!
    I am a Daddy's girl and losing my dad in 1997 really
    was hard for me to deal with..

    I am so glad your family is with you and you can all support
    each other.. I think telling the stories is a comfort to you and
    your dad..

    When my day comes I would love to hear my loved ones
    telling funny stories !!!

    Thanks for keeping us posted..

    We love you !!!!!!!
  • Sloan, I hope you can feel my positive thoughts and energy. I'm so happy that you are all there together. I'm sure it's what your Daddy would want. I'm sorry that you will all soon experience the sadness of your loss.
  • Sloan, I am so glad you are all able to be with your dad. This is important for all of you.
  • Good Morning Chicks! I weigh in at JC today and it will be just ok. I think I'm down .4 but I gained last week so I'll still be behind. I'm SO quick to change my ticker down but reluctant to move it up when I gain. I tell myself it's my mentality to get it back off. I need to stay out of restaurants. We have our once a week date night out but on a whim we had lunch out the other day. It's been forever and I tried to be good. I need to live my life but wish eating didn't make me so happy.

    Angela, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on your great week. You have a newborn and a family and you are back on WW and losing. How awesome are you? Many women would use that as an excuse. I'm proud of you.

    Love the rest of you chicks too. I hope you are all doing well and taking care of yourselves. I need to increase my water for my kidneys' sake. I think I may have to go back to my silly rules to get it all down. Like no coffee in the morning until I drink 16 ounces. That's quite the motivator. Then the same thing with lunch, dinner, and dessert. That gets the 8 glasses in! I'm good at following rules. Too bad I ignore the one about losing 100 more pounds.


    Sloan, prayers continue to be with you and your family.